Sober up Gemini

Wow the times are intense. Another great rock musicians singer songwriter Glenn Frey of The Eagles passed on Jan 18. The legendary band sold millions of records and are in the Hall of Fame. RIP Glenn.  

Saturn was on his Natal Mars in Sagittarius at 14 degrees conjunct the Great Attractor , and he had been suffering for many years with rheumatoid arthritis and other complications. Both Pluto and Uranus by transit featured in his demise with his natal Neptune at 13 Libra and a Capricorn Moon at 21 Capricorn. Glenn had Jupiter at 28 degrees Sagittarius conjunct to the Galactic Center, he was a visionary, a cowboy, a “Desperado.” Someone who would “Tale It To the Limit.” He also helped write “Hotel California,” ” One of These Nights,”  and “Lyin’ Eyes,”

The Eagles many hits include: “Peaceful, Easy Feeling.” “Witchy Woman” “Already Gone”  “Tequila Sunrise.” “Heartache Tonight”  “Take it Easy.”  “After The Thrill Is Gone.” “Best of My Love” “Love Will Keep Us Alive.”  “New Kid In Town” Life In The Fast Line” and after the Eagles broke up ” You Belong To The City” from Miami Vice and “The Heat Is On” from Beverly Hills Cop.  Thank you Glenn for bring us so much amazing music, a soundtrack to millions of peoples lives.  

There’s quite a jam session going on in Heaven now.  Bowie, Glenn, Amy, Jimi, Freddie, Jim, Kurt, Janis, John, George, Roy, Johnny, etc etc. Imagine what that music sounds like… 

And life continues on.

Moon enters GEMINI which lightens the energy up. The Airy Moon puts our emotions in our heads. Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet is still Retrograde until the 25th. Just re-do, relax, review,. Mercury Retrogrades are good not bad. 


I read something another astrologer wrote earlier. He said his clients asked is it safe to have sex with Mercury Retrograde. LOL. What misconceptions-no pun intended- people have and attribute to Astrology without understanding how things work. Sex does begin in your head it’s true, and when Mercury  is Retrograde do you find yourself thinking of past lovers, times? 

Wait until Mars goes Retrograde. 

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Moon squares Neptune in the late afternoon 

Mercury is still Retrograde until the 25th. Feeling foggy and having to retrace your thoughts may be what preoccupies you for most of the day. 

Gemini Moon inconjuncts Mars in Scorpio @8+ degrees Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio is HEAVY, don’t deny it. We are back in deep shadows and soul scorching territory. Go deeper into your soul’s longings. We are being dragged into the void. Go with the direction Mars drives us.

Moon opposes Saturn in Sagittarius late at night PST Jan 20th – EST

The mood will be sober. Gemini’s need to sober up, don’t you think?

 Saturn is at 13 degrees of Sagittarius, conjunct to the Great Attractor. Let Saturn Lord of Death draw you into his chilly, leaden, old, historical, spiderwebbed, dusty, abode. Saturn is a great old teacher, and if you sit respectfully at his feet, you may learn something.  You will debate with Saturn, you may have to bargain for you life. It’s the only thing worth fighting for. 

Last day of CAPRICORN  Sun enters Aquarius JAn 20 @ 7:27 am 

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2 thoughts on “Sober up Gemini

  1. My best friend and lover – Jeremiah J. O’Leary- passed away on Wed. Jan 6, 2016. He, too, was a talented musician and guitarist. He was a Cancer Sun Sign. (I’m a Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Pisces Ascendant.) We were together almost 7 years, and this man made a huge difference in my life and gave me some of my happiest times and most awesome memories. He also helped me to heal some very deep soul wounds and helped me learn to love and to trust a man again. I miss him terribly, but I know he is also JAMMIN’ OUT up there! We rode motorcycle as well, and I just want to say it again…Baby, it’s been one hell of an awesome ride! WOOHOO! Forever, Susie K 🙂


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