Karmic North Node, Earth Trines,Big winners

Jan 14 SUN, the golden one, conjuncts, ass-backwards Mercury Retrograde today @ 23+ degrees Capricorn. Time to rehash those old brilliant ideas now. Get out your old notebooks.

MERCURY trines JUPITER and the NORTH NODE in Virgo in the evening at the same degree. 

Wow this is very much a Karmic pointer, a golden compass. 

Do: re-dedicate yourself to an ideal, a practical goal, a spiritual and physical anchor to guide you when you get lost. 

If you have planets at 18-28 degrees TAURUS  you benefit from a grand trine.

I bet the three lucky tickets that won the POWER BALL January 13th who are divvying up almost a billion dollars each have planets or strong angles/angels in their charts conjunct these degrees I’d bet on it. 

Jupiter and the North Node will be within 8 degrees of each other in Virgo until late July. 

Jupiter ranges from 23 degrees – 13+ degrees at the end of its Retrograde on May 8th.

Jupiter and the NORTH Node have another conjunction  at 15 + degrees Virgo on JUNE 21 the SOLSTICE. The 15th degrees of all signs are the most powerful ones.

The North Node moves backwards  to 13 degrees at the end of July.

earth trines Buddha, Tara Greene astrology

Lord Buddha meditating  by Natalie Glasson

Use this time well. We need to stay very grounded this year. Lots of earth energy, it’s a practical down to business time. Be humble, ditch your ego. We are not superhumans, we are mortals.  This is real ground control. We are focussing on planet earth and not being spaced out  right now.I thought this image of the Buddha was most appropriate.

Check out where these degrees 13-23 degrees VIRGO fall in your natal chart to see what you need to review,what you need to discard, what you need to focus on, your health regimen and diet need to be paid particular attention too. That’s VIRGO Digestion.

The Moon is in PISCES making contacts to Venus in Sagittarius by square,- give more love.

and sextiling Mercury and The Sun @ 8:31 am PST  which is sweet kisses from the Source falling like rain like the Buddha pic. Moon  then goes Void of course for most of the day.

Have FAITH, forgive yourself, have compassion with the world. Do Buddhist meditations. 

This is an end of the monthly tour of the zodiac. Take time to think about where you were a month ago. Time seems to be dilating for me these days. Are you finding that too?

PLease share widely

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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MOON starts a new archetypal cycle entering ARIES @ 6:48 pm PST/9:48 pm EST..

Give it up or turn it loose, James Brown 1969


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