Jupiter Retrograde, Don’t shoot the judge.

Never mind don’t shoot the messenger. Mercury is Retrograde now.

Jupiter follows Mercury Jan 7 turning Retrograde until May 9th retracing his steps in Virgo.  

Don’t shoot the Judge, the philosopher, the gambler, the High-roller, the optimist, the teacher, the law, the Head honcho. 

Jupiter Retrogrades happen every year like clockwork. 

JUPITER is the most expansive planet, governing success, good fortune, happiness, he is jovial. He throws lightning bolts and is called Yahweh in Jewish myths. AKA,  THOR in the Nordic Myths. His figure has become prominent again through the Marvel comics super hero movies. Chris Hemsworth is a huge star embodying the Thor archetype with his hammer. CHRIS HEMSWORTH voted “the sexiest man alive in 2015” plays THOR/Zeus/JUPITER

Jupiter’s backwards moves means you need to go back jack and do it again. Get your feedbag on, fulfill yourself. Make sure you get paid for passing Go, come to a total body orgasm, smell the roses win the lottery. Clean up the world. Regrading the slopes, the slippery slopes. 

If you aren’t feeling fulfilled in any area of your life during Jupiter’s RX  that’s the time to work on getting it right.

 Jupiter does things to excess and during this time you can learn to practice more self-control. People who owe you money, or time will be more likely to repay those debts. Do repay whoever you owe during these months. 

JUPITER is greatitude and faith.  If you have never kept a GRATITUDE daily journal now is the time to do so. Just write 3-5 things you feel grateful for every day. This period can rekindle your cynical faith in humanity again. Saturn is squaring Jupiter during this Rx period remember. 

Be generous with your time. 

Rehab your addictions,

In Virgo, they are workaholics,  hypochondriacs, fitness freaks, yogaffluenza, health food, and vegan/ raw/ paleo/ clean/ self-righteous judges, and perfectionists in general. 

WHAT TO DO WITH JUPITER RETRO in Virgo  until May 9th

As with all Retrograde planets

Review, rethink reorganize, revise, revisit, relegate, rest, reintegrate, revenge, reorganize, etc etc.

Jupiter in Virgo is the nitpicky perfectionist, If you missed a spot, you can go back now and clean it up even more.

Jupiter governs two signs Sagittarius and Pisces

and he will slow down Neptune and Saturn’s influences in both of those signs now. Redo the numbers, make sure things compute. 

The Economy should slow down, foreign trade treacling down.

As Jupiter rules laws, many laws will be repealed, such as President Obama trying to get the procurement of guns to be made more responsible and difficult to get. Challenges to overturn laws will also be prominent.

Jupiter rules foreign lands so re-tracing the former war zones,

Educational reform, and legal rehashes over court cases and changes in REFUGEE status in Europe will be rescinded now. Many Refugees may be sent packing. All the women who were groped by Muslim men in Germany and all the sexual assaults on western women that have been happening is a huge warning. 

Jupiter in Virgo Rx is the job disputes may need to be revisited.

If you have a work-related issue that you feel you need to testify for or against then do it over the next few months.

Movies which feature Virgo patience for detail and definition in content or execution will be popular. 

Revisit a health issue and make sure you are diagnosed correctly.  Re read old fave books. Recycle your old books,

Sagittarius and Pisces and Virgo rules countries will slow down. America is one of them being Sagittarius on the Ascendant. Australia is another. China, Norway, Algeria, Morocco. 

China’s market really crashed just yesterday.

Go back and redo your diet, discipline, health routine. It will be easier now. 

Go back to somewhere you traveled to a long tome ago.

Pick up studies you wanted to finish now. Revisit your old alma mater. High school and college and old friend reunions are a good use of the energy.

Relationships that you thought were done may restart. 

People with planets at 24 degrees Virgo especially but all Mutable signs Sagittarius Pisces Gemini will feel Jupiter’s backwards pull the most. Just go back Jack and do it again.

Jupiter turns Direct at 13+ degrees Virgo in May and retraces his tracks until August 12th. He will be in Libra September 9. so it’s mainly back stroking for us all. and that’s OK by me. 


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

 get your RETROGRADE Overview reading from Tara http://taratarotweb.tripod.com/id78.html

6 thoughts on “Jupiter Retrograde, Don’t shoot the judge.

  1. Hi Tara, I had a dream about asking you about intercepted houses in the zodiac. My Virgo 8th and Pisces 2nd are intercepted, no planets in them though, my pluto is in the 8th but in Libra. Does this mean retrogrades are more challenging in intercepted houses? Can it make it more difficult to reap the benefits of the transit, or retrograde? Thanks, xx


    • hi Jo,
      how awesome that I was in your dream. Intercepted houses are considered a karmic factor. You need to repeat the lessons where you have the same sign on two cusps. I need to see your chart visually. Interceptions means that there is no cusp or handle into that sign or house and the affairs ruled by that sign and house. You would also look at where the PLanets which rules Virgo-in your case- Mercury and Pisces- Neptune are in your chart. They are also unable to express themselves in their signs. Also the aspects between those two planets. Second house Pisces is your psychic tools, your spiritual goods, what you have and own, and your spiritual self-worth.Boundary issues may be a big deal in your life. Money may come and go, or illusions about money and addictions, compassion, and martyrdom etc.Spiritual values are extremely important to get clear about. you could be a creative artistic person who makes money from their artworks.
      Virgo 8th house is the practical, work a day world where all is being transformed deeply and psychologically. Nit picky and obsessive about the details, about hygiene and sex. Very good about budgeting. Inheritances, actuaries, people who work with good of the dead, Antiques, tax collectors, morticians. Seriously. You would make a great accountant, doctor any type of health worker or psychologist. Virgo is very intellectual and humble, the house of servants. Much death and rebirth around health in this natural Scorpio type of house. Do you have problems with your health? especially woman’s reproductive or menstrual issues? I would not correlate Retrogrades being more different because of this as they are two different factors.Yes Retrogrades indicate past life issues too but they have a different nature. Does that make sense to you? Pluto in Libra in an intercepted house in a different sign is interesting. A Pluto rules obsession.you may be obsessed with relationships, being seen as nice, and always analyzing your social position. YOu are a complex person. You may feel like you are always trying to get to the root cause of things, trying to figure it out. You may feel somewhat imprisoned by your ideas, social standing or belief structure. Its complicated and nuanced. Let me know what you thinkg


  2. Tara thank you SO much for all that detailed information. Yes it was amazing to dream of being instructed to ask YOU. is there a private email address I can reply to you on? Thanks Jo


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