The Keurig, the Chemex, and Dietary Gnosticism, Alchemy of food

Everything is interconnected. I read this blog and loved the authoress’s take on it. Food is always a psychological, emotional and alchemical process literally as well as  physical necessity.

On the subject of coffee which we down quite a lot of in my household. We do not use Keurigs or any other pre-fab food. Keurigs make mountains of eco-waste and instant convenience usually means environmental and psychological dystopia.  We use French press coffee. Only organic coffee.

We cook everything from scratch in my household. We threw out the toxic microwave years ago. They have been banded in Japan and Sweden for over ten years. It is slower yes. My daughter complains there is never anything to eat quickly which is true. It is so much more wholesome healthier and satisfying to cook everything from scratch. Ok we are just starting to get into making bread. My husband makes incredible pizzas from scratch.. it is slower yes. but much more rewarding. I like the alchemy of cooking

2 thoughts on “The Keurig, the Chemex, and Dietary Gnosticism, Alchemy of food

  1. I was lucky enough to have been raised on a hobby farm with a huge vegetable garden us children had to tend all summer long while our friends were swimming and having fun and then we helped to harvest in the fall. I resented all that labour as a child but am very grateful for that experience as an adult. I think it must be very hard for people doing research and development around our food and ways of surviving on the planet when in many cases they would never have been in a relationship with nature to understand how to live in harmony with her.
    Recently, I started really looking at the food on our plates when we eat and thinking of every element on it and imagining it from its inception. Thinking of the seed being put in the earth by someone and all the energy the earth provides for its maturation. Doing that makes my heart full before my stomach even begins to receive it. It’s become my prayer and it can bring me to tears with gratitude. We have so much and the things we have that we don’t need to survive can be making the lives of those in poorer countries harder. When I shop I ask myself how much garbage I want to buy before I purchase things that I don’t really need to live with. After all, even though it looks like a wonderful bobble when we buy it, it is in fact garbage and is depleting the planet’s resources needlessly.

    Sometimes I an overwhelmed with the destructive lifestyles we live here in North America.


    • Lucky you growing up on a farm and living close to nature and understanding her cycles. North Americans have a very comatose self-destructive lifestyle. They are totally out of touch with nature which has largely been made worse because of cell phones, ipads ec. There are children now growing up with no idea od being in the present. Everything we do has a consequence, a footprint. It is very immature to not be aware of this. The 3rd world countries which have always had indigenous respect for nature now want to jump in the sinking ship of the lie of progress. The earth cannot support 7 + billion people consuming at the rate North Americans do. Luckily that “progress” also can be used to create non-polluting solutions and many which will clean up the dirt.But there is a terrible legacy and lifestyles and philosophies must change en masse. In other words people need to wake up and become responsible for their actions. Thanks for your feeback. blessings


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