New Years Eve, split moods, horoscope

New Year’s 2016 will take place under two very different moods depending on where you are in the world.  The moon will transit from VIRGO to LIBRA creating two different moonscapes. Some time zones will experience New Years under a Void-of-Course Moon!!!

2016 new years blessings

If you live in PST or MST you will usher 2016 in under a LIBRA MOON. But the rest of the world will usher in 2016 under a VIRGO MOON. This is an interesting split in the realities and moods of Western North America  to the rest of the world. 

BTW there will be a huge magnetoshock to the earth starting Dec 30 and Dec 31 because of two huge solar mass ejections from the sun. There will be amazing aurora borealis visible as far south as San Francisco if the weather is clear. You may feel tired, dizzy and nausea. These CME’s create earthquakes and they happened already in California and Vancouver B.C. last night. There may be more to come.

DECEMBER 31 is my husband Napoleon’s birthday and a very major one for him. Happy Birthday.

We are under a nit-picky perfectionist VIRGO MOON for most of the day. A virgo Moon vibe is not over the top. It’s reserved, orderly, organized, on budget. We want a healthy, nutritious, smart, grounded, natural New Year’s experience. We may be running around making sure everything is JUST SO.

The Moon opposes Chiron in the wee hours making us nervous, worried and feeling vulnerable. The perfectionist Virgo Moon makes us want to have everything done before we can relax for our New Years ever celebrations. 

Moon conjuncts JUPITER early in the morning so it may be a very nerve-wracking day. Jupiter is optimistic but in Virgo it’s overdo all the nitpicky stuff.

Moon trines Mercury in eve. 9:33 pm PST /10:33 pm MST/ 11:33 pm CST/ JAN. 1st @ 12:33 am EST and further east.  

THE MOON IS VOID OF COURSE from those times above. 

THE MOON is VOID OF COURSE until 10:41 pm PST/ 11:41 pm MST/as Moon enters LIBRA.

JANUARY 1st NEW YEAR’s MOON IS VOID OF COURSE for CST and EST and further East

check out world clock time zones here

MOON enters LIBRA JAnuary 1st @ 12:41 am CST/  1:41 a EST etc. 

All of the West coast experiences a very social LIBRA NEW MOON. 

a void of course moon is like being in twilight, in liminal spaces, its very magical, quiet and it’s very spiritual. 

It’s like the Moon is holding her breath.  She is not engaged with any other planets which is rather lonely feeling for the Moon who always wants to nurture or take care of someone. It is a kind of mini-dark moon phase where the Moon retreats into herself to recharge before she enters a new sign and then needs to engage in a new way. As we are going into a Numerological Hermit year in 2016 it may be a good idea to go solo, or leave the celebrations early or go out in nature or somewhere quiet with friends so each can tune into their own center individually but in a group  respecting privacy and solitude. This would be a very unconventional entry into the New Year. No loud parties music or champagne popping. 

Take the time to be quiet and tune in with the Void Moon.It is perfect.

To fully go into  a growth phase, a seed must be planted in complete dark. This is what this lunar phase is bringing us. To be “in the dark” is a good space, It is a space of unknowing, of trusting, of turning inward, a great time to meditate and to connect with higher invisible forces.

Do a group meditation, go for a walk in nature. Connect to the earth and the sky. 

Give thanks and be grateful for all 2015 brought you. Be open to new experiences in the new year.


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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6 thoughts on “New Years Eve, split moods, horoscope

  1. The #9, the Hermit, year 2016, I also am reminded of the Wizard of Oz. The main message is that what we need is already inside of us. And, my niece played Dorothy(so well!) in her high school version a few weeks ago, and also watched The Wiz on NBC with my kids when it aired recently. It just feels like synchronicity and a BIG message.


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