Inspirational Daily Tarot Card + Astrology

12/13/15 Under an earthy Feminine Capricorn moon, another Cardinal Cross energy day. With Moon to Pluto, square Uranus and Mars. 

Moon later trines JUPITER in Virgo. Good for Taurus as well. Stay grounded. 

Inspirational Daily Card

Queen of cups Tarot tara greene

The Tarot Lukumi by Emanuele Noltro Luigi Scapini

La Reina de Copas or Queen of Cups, shows the beautiful Yemaya.  She has Orishas – spirits/deities – as it’s Santería-based theme.

The Queen of Cups is your connection to the Unconscious realm of your own psyche, feelings, intuition and psychic energies. She is the Guardian of the Holy Grail, She is the Holy Grail. This card symbolizes receptivity to being very sensitive to the feeling of others. A Mother, or mothering of others, causes. The home and homeland security, family roots, memories, daydreams, sentimental. Deep  emotions of nurturing, nourishment, emotional needs, oneness, children, fertility, food,  tears. She symbolizes the womb and the oceans, rains water, ocean life and fog. 

The dreamscapes are her realm, she is the fount of the imagination and psyche. She symbolizes the need to tap in to your intuition and also the need for meditation and for psychic protection.

She governs June 11-July 11 in the Year. 

The key is to receive and be an open vessel. Feel everything and stay open and open your heart wider. Choose connection over separation and love over fear.

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