The Great Attractor,how to hook up and be one.

The Great Attractor Astrology Tara Greene

The Great Attractor

Perhaps in the not too distant future, in the Real Age of Aquarius, after all existence of the concept of the Bible, prophets, Patriarchal religions, Churches, synagogues and mosques have been remade into quaint art museums, and the word God has been wiped from humankind’s memory banks we will be saying our salutations to this, The Great Attractor. 

The Sun is now on the middle degree of Sagittarius, and conjunct to The Great Attractor. What is the GA?  The Great Mystery, this is the word I was told the Indigenous people’s address the great unknowns as. We do not know. What we do know about it is this: It is a super massive Galactic gravity anomaly in intergalactic space within the vicinity of the Hydra-Centaurus superclusters at the center of the Laniakea Supercluster that reveals the existence of a localized concentration of mass tens of thousands of times more massive than the Milky Way.

The GA is  gobbling up  our tiny Milky Way Galaxy along with the large Virgo Cluster, the Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster, other groups and clusters and the Local Group –  us and our 30 plus galactic companions all headed towards the Great unknown, aka Abell 3627 at the center. 

It’s located at 14 Sagittarius 02 22  in Longitude and in Latitude: 38 S 54
Sidereal Astrology 19 Scorpio 18 11
Right Ascension: 243 53 12   Declination: 64 S 55

The GA is so huge it bends light around it, yet it lacks an event Horizon for it to be a Black Hole. It is like a Quasar. It retreats as it has an extreme red shift yet it also has a huge ultraviolet aspect indicating light is also advancing.  In other words it appears to move in two directions at once.  It throws curveballs with light, so that we can see what is behind it.  This image invites us in to be totally curios, about this totally quixotic manifestation. The light scatters and creates refraction patterns around the gravitational core – the object’s center of mass. As it rotates, as most gravity bending objects do, the pattern shifts in a kaleidoscopic manner. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. These light refractions are intriguing, and they also contain illusionary effects, called radial arc, giant arc, Einstein Ring and the Einstein Cross. WTF are we seeing? We don’t know. We are just being hauled into it by its great Attractor beams.

In 2005, astronomers conducting an X-ray survey of part of the sky known as the Clusters in the ZONE OF AVOIDANCE  (CIZA) project reported that the Great Attractor was actually only one tenth the mass that scientists had originally estimated. The survey also confirmed  that the Milky Way galaxy is in fact being pulled towards a much more massive SUPER SIZED cluster of galaxies near the Shapley Supercluster, which lies beyond the Great Attractor. Beyond the beyond.

I love the names the astronomers and astrophysicists have given them. It is all metaphors. 

The Zone of Avoidance is the part of the Night sky that is obscured by the dust of the Milky Way Galaxy.  This is all beginning to sound to me like a Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoon show. 

The Zone of Avoidance could be another name for Evil, the Devil, Ignorance, or your lower nature, the klipoth or shells, in Kabbalah. A split off part which is a necessity. Should I stay or should I go?Well we don’t even appear to have a choice in the Bigger Picture.

The Great Attractor which I can hear being sung by The Platters, which is an image of our milky way galaxy, to the tune of The Great Pretender is a symbol of our past and our future, of a place of great psychic insights, a deja voodoo spot. It represents the great unknown of our origins.

People born Dec 5-8 have their suns conjunct the G.A. and who are they? 

Kim Kardashian’s Ascendant is 13 degrees 44 minutes of Sagittarius. She is defintely a Great Attractor. Her newly born son with Kanye West was born December 5 has his Sun conjunct to Kim’s Ascendant at 12 degrees Sagittarius.

ELVIS PRESLEY had his Ascendant at 12 degrees Sagittarius, BTW

Dec 5

Walt Disney, Fantasia, 

Little Richard, wooh Tutti Fruiti, taught Paul McCartney how to WOOOH

Rob Hand famous astrologer historian and  researcher,

Frankie Muniz- Malcolm in the Middle

Milton Erickson, Hypnotherapist, psychotherapist

Werner Heisenberg, founder of quantum physics, the uncertainty Principle, of course

George Custer, Custer’s last stand of course

Joan Didion- American journalist and writer, Slouching  Towards Bethlehem

Dec 6 

Ira Gershwin famous songwriter 

Judd Apatow, comedy TV and film director

Robert Houdin, magician who inspired Houdini

Comedian Steven Wright – ” Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.”

Byron Katie- “The work” author, 

Dion Fortune famous occultist, theosophist, psychic,

Noam Chomsky, brilliant thinker,MIT linguist, political activist,

December 7

 heavyweight whisky gravel voiced singer songwriter actor, Tom Waits,

Larry Bird, basketball star,

December 8 

 Jim Morrison, The Doors, 60’s charismatic singer, singer,songwriter,  poet. the END poet song can now be seen in an entirely new prophetic Light.

Nicki Minaj rapper Queen

 Mary,Queen of Scots, 

Sinead O’Connor, singer, political activist

Georges Melies, brilliant artistic early film director, the film Hugo by Martin Scorsese is about his life 

Sammy Davis Jr. part of the Rat Pack, Black, Jewish,multi-talented entertainer

David Carradine- Kung Fu Tv series originator, 

Lucian Freud, Sigmund’s grandson, British painter,

Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin, 

Jean Sibelius, Finnish composer

John Lennon was murdered on this day. 

The Great Attractor is the location of the Planetary South Nodes of both Venus and Uranus. Crazy Stupid Love anyone?

The Lunar Nodes are used by Astrologers in natal charts and transiting lunar nodal aspects, but the planets have nodes, too. The intersections of the planetary orbits with the ecliptic, forms nodes which are very fixed, even slower moving than the so-called “fixed stars,” whose precessional movement takes 26,000 years to make a zodiacal round.  

The U.S.  Sibley chart, the most commonly used Natal chart of America has a 12 degrees 21 Sagittarius Ascendant. The U.S. attracted millions of immigrants to her shores every decade in the mid-1800’s. 

The South Node of Uranus is 13°59′ Sagittarius; the South Node of Venus is 16°40′ Sagittarius.

If you have Sun Moon Ascendant or planets around 14 degrees Sagittarius then Take Note.  You can polarize people and have a great impact on them.  They people can give the impression that they hold the key to the mystery of the universe, correctly or not but they may be oblivious to this fact themselves. 

SATURN will contact the Great Attractor at 12 + degrees Sagittarius  on January 9 2016 the same time Saturn will also conjunct the U.S. ASCENDANT. This is a major turning point in how the U.S. shows itself to the world, its aims its persona. Saturn makes it harder, colder, drier. Saturn crossing the U.S. Ascendant is a time of karma, maturity, limitations and obstacles.

In Sagittarius Saturn  relates to restrictions, laws, justice, travel, religion, politics, freedom,  or incarceration, education, honesty, regarding foreigners, immigrants and international policies.

Remember that at 9/11 Pluto was at 12 degrees 38 minutes of Sagittarius {conjunct the Great Attractor}  and Saturn was at 14 degrees 45 minutes of Gemini.

  Saturn will be hovering over those South Nodes {past events} of Uranus {Freedoms, revolution and technology} and Venus {values, money, women} up until March 25 at 16 degrees 24 minutes of Saggy. 

Saturn will RETROGRADE over the Great Attractor on June 18 2016  and move over this 12 degree + GA point Direct on October 6 2016 

On November 22 2016 Saturn conjuncts Venus South Node at 16+ degrees Sagittarius. 

The last time Saturn  touched the GC was on December 3, 1986 UT.  for one pass. 

Obviously we are in for some major karmic lessons now, 15 years after 9/11. It doesn’t feel good to me.  I have been predicting this for the last few years. the FEMA camps were built to corral  all Muslims. Many thousands of Muslims will be deported. Immigration will stop to the U.S. All those boys born in 1986 who have the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Scorpio on that day. With Mars in Pisces and Jupiter in Pisces -Very emotional, psychic, sensitive,impressionable, malleable, squaring Saturn. With Uranus opposite Chiron in Sagittarius/Gemini, using tech to fight others, and the North Node at 19 degrees Aries are having their first Saturn return. It will be intense for the women too. 

What this means:  A chance to connect to some incredible “out there, charismatic light-bending, mind-freaking, multi-dimensional energy over the next few days and during those dates in 2016 as Saturn holds us down concretizes us to that Zone of Avoidance. 

One of my great mottos is Don’t avoid the Void. The GA is the Void. There is a deeper wisdom for all who feel called to fall into the dark matter. Consciousness cannot be bent like Light, or can it?

What bending or multifacted holistic interference patterned thinking does your consciousness and the world’s consciousness need? 

I have my Moon connected to the GA at 12 degrees 5 minutes of Sagittarius.I will be tuning in to see what I can find out about the GA. 

Let me hear from you Great Attractors. 

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene references to Philip Sedgwick’s articles 

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26 thoughts on “The Great Attractor,how to hook up and be one.

  1. I have Neptune at 7 degrees Sag, mystical, watery, dreamy attractions? Thankfully my Mars is at 26 Sag conjunct the Galactic centre. Mars on the GA, lots of energy for both positive and possibly negative outcomes??
    Thanks again Tara, such expansive astrology!!


  2. Neptune square neptune has been horrible!! As a fixed sign (Aqua) I have found this transit very ethereal, out there, nothing solid, just a blank canvas, where to now?, whats the dream? I have had no insights, no deep intuitions re this either. We are about to move interstate (Australia). My neptune transit over in Jan 2016 so I feel this move is part of the new direction. My uranus opposition uranus is coming in May. I’m not sure whether to be relieved and happy or to be cautious. I’ve heard its pretty powerful. I need something powerful to wake me up. I feel ive been in that neptune slumber for way too long!! Many thanks, love what you do xx


    • hi JO well the Uranus opposite Uranus is the main mid-life crisis transit. A little fireworks will wake you up. The name of the game is now change, radical energy, freedom, revolution, make-overs, freedom. It usually make you feel very wired compared to the sleepwalking of a Neptune square Neptune transit.Been there done those transits already. Uranus is like lightning can make you very sleepless and restless. blessings Tara


  3. Thanks, loved your article. It’s left me wondering how the sky must look to beings living just the 200 million light years away, near the center of our Milky Way. The sky must be ablaze with stars, thousands of times more abundant than ours. I wonder what their astrological observations have revealed to them there, for the mechanism must surely work throughout the universe, but probably manifests in myriads of ways.


    • yes we can only see a tiny part of “reality” from our perspective and with our limited conscious minds only able to use 10%. There is another branch of Astrology called Heliocentric which uses the Sun’s perspective as the POV. Theoretically with software you could most likely be writing astrology posts from Pluto or Venus or Jupiter’s POV. We are always fascinated with the stars and the cosmos because we are part of it. It is our mutual home and source of all life.
      Be mindful also that whatever we are watching through HUbble telescopes is NEVER happening in Real Time even with our closes neighbouring galaxies. We cannot even know what is really happening out there. Think about this, it always boggles my mind. A lot of human consciousness is so myopic and the only thing we can really know is ourselves. But we really we pretend we know things but we hardly really know anything at all. LOL


  4. Sorry – I meant having Lilith at the same degree (14 degrees Sag) as the Great Attractor.. would it have any influence? Thank you.


    • WOW. That is very powerful, you should be channelling the farthest out reaches of LIlith’s energy. I have my Moon at 12+ degrees Sagittarius too. Saturn’s been sitting at that all of February and will Retrograde back over 14 degrees in mid May, and cross those degrees again going Direct in late October and early November. Get serious about broadcasting your Lilith energy.


  5. The MC in my natal chart is conjunct natal Neptune at 14° Sagittarius in exact orb. Now they are conjunct The Great Attractor 14° Sagittarius 10th house and trine natal Saturn in Leo at 15° 6th house exact less than one orb. Natal Pluto in Libra 14° 7th house is sextile all this in exact orb as well .

    I still have no idea what The Great Attractor does in a natal chart . I do have to say it seems super cool to be able to claim a personal point and natal planet are in exact conjunction with it .But I cant let that swell my ego a whole lot because the natal planet is Neptune.

    Which Neptune is my natal chart ruler by default since my natal Ascendant is in Pisces conjunct Venus which is the planet that has the strongest influence in my natal chart but Neptune is the ruler of the 1st house so always has the final say so. Funny enough Neptune is in Pisces and indeed transiting my 1st house.

    So my point was that there will be lots of people with Neptune 14° in Sagittarius. Everyone born in 1977 and most of 1978 will have Neptune in Sagittarius conjunct The Great Attractor. Not rare and unique if everyone on the planet that is around the same age will share this. So I can feel a little more personal and attuned with it since my MC is in exact conjunction with it as well . Or thats what I am going to tell myself anyway.

    Though honestly my natal chart with just the planets, points\angles and main asteroids from transits right now is making my simple little mind controlled by poor Mercury in retrograde conjunct Mars in Capricorn 11th house natal head spin. Its a sad situation my natal Mercury is in .

    Having to deal with all this never ending new info that my Pisces Ascendant and opposite Virgo Moon feels is very important and crucial. While Mars conjunct bullies Mercury to think and be faster with everything.While at the same time Virgo conjunct Vertex void of course natal Moon 7th house is scrutinizing every detail pain stakingly slow and still not error free .Mercury is frazzled and my head is swimming worse than a punch drunk crash test dummy.

    Before I forget my main point in making this post brings me back to the Lunar Eclipse coming up on June 5th of this year. It will be conjunct The Great Attractor at 15°42 Sagittarius very close to exact orb .Would love to hear any insight or thoughts and opinions on what all this could mean. I have only revealed the tip of the iceberg on all the things going on in my own personal astrological findings. Email me at


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