‘The Martian’, Out-of-This-World Astrology Entertainment for Events

2015’s Holiday Event theme is out of this world.  

In the hit movie of 2015 The Martian (based on the science-fiction novel of the same name by author Andy Weir), astronaut Mark Watney finds himself stranded on Mars—as a party of one. Get inspired by the space flick and let guests experience the mystery and magic of the stars and the planets reflected in their own personal Horoscope charts with cosmic extraterrestrial event activities.

Are you secretly a Martian?

Find out how Martian you are when you have your personal Astrology birth chart deciphered.

I’ll show you your personal map to the stars.

Professional ASTROLOGERS will amaze you with your interactive Horoscope. Astrology is ancient knowledge, used by Royalty, billionaires and presidents. All we need is your birth date, location and time of birth.. 

Each individual astrology Horoscope chart had this much information.

Disco Queen astrology

Amazingly exact Horoscopes describe your personality and what’s going on in your life to a T. I am a professional astrologer and writer for 24 years. I am consulted by the media for my accurate predictions every year published in newspapers, on TV and on the net. 

I also have a galaxy of Stellar palm readers,tarot, aura, psychic, tea leaf readers, magicians, cirque, artists, D.J.’s handwriting analysts and musicians who I work with.

Get the best, hire Tara Greene who has delivered 29,000 cosmic readings.

My upcoming 2016 predictions will be out soon on media, newspapers, and at The Cosmic Intelligence Agency. http://www.cosmicintelligenceagency.com/category/agent-129-tara-greene/

What will 2016 bring for your company?

Did you know that all Companies,like people, have birth charts, I can come and speak on how the unfolding events of 2016 will affect your company’s business. What communications style to use, how to advertize, colors, trends and more.

Need to decide when to act? Every event has an astrology chart. 

Plan a 2016 Astrology workshop at your company.

I deliver stellar awe-inspiring cosmic and useful information. Many large corporations consult astrologers for insider information and financial advise. Why are you missing out? 

ONLY 39 days left until Xmas.

Book Tara and her Galaxy of enlightening out of this world performers. Guaranteed to make your event stellar. 

book me now: taragreenetarot@gmail.com

through my website http://taratarot.ca/

phone 416 461 1999  text 416 2305347

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