Pray for Paris, Astrology of Terrorist attacks

A terribly tragic day, November 13, as eight terrorists in many locations killed over 150 people and seriously injured 80 in Paris. The City of Light is in mourning.  Seven of the attacks were by suicide bombers. People at restaurants were gunned down by baklava wearing men dressed all in black with machine guns. Explosions were set near a football match.  A group of young people watching a heavy metal concert were bombed near last years attacks.

Nous Sommes Francais. 

Police believed all of the gunmen were dead but it was unclear if any accomplices were still on the run after the string of near-simultaneous attacks. French President François Hollande declared a State of Emergency. Paris was under curfew for the first time since World War II and the country’s borders were closed.  President Obama came on the news to support the French. As has Canada. This is the 2nd time Paris had been under terrorist attack since the Charlie Hebdo attacks in early 2015. This is the French 9/11.

Eiffel Tower Paris, Tara Greene

The City of Light turned off the lights in the iconic Eiffel Tower to mourn its dead. Cities all over the world showed their solidarity by lighting up the red white and blue colors of the French flag on buildings in major cities. I saw Toronto’s CN Tower lit up in sympathy with France.

CN Tower #ParisAttacks Tara Greene

No official terrorist group, like ISIL, or AL Qaeda has yet come forward. Although there was a Tweet that all other major cities need to be on guard. The terrorists were very well co-ordinated and the French surveillance is amongst the best  on the planet which means its getting harder to trace this subterfuge. There have been increasing terrorist attacks over the last two weeks world-wide as Western forces continue to bomb Syria. The West also claimed it had killed Jihadi John, the media beheading British born terrorist earlier today. 

I send prayers for all of those people murdered, especially the very young people attending the rock concert and all their families whose lives were senselessly taken from them in this attack. It makes me cry. 

They were discussing on the news the possibility that  this attack was caused by young radicalized Muslim men who had gone to fight in Iran or Syria and who were then allowed back into France without detention!  Which is pure insanity! Is no one awake?  No one knows so far if that is true. 

As I predicted last year and continue to predict for 2016 that large scale detention camps will be set up in all major European cities and in the U.S. to detain Muslims and any suspected radical groups as a result of these acts of terror. Borders will be closed all over Europe. Astrologically Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces will be a huge wake up call for strong borders and to stop Sagittarius refugees and an end of the Pisces compassion that has been shown by allowing religious fanatics so much freedom. This then allows them to become Pisces martyrs and internal enemies {this is like cancer cells } and we also then become their martyrs. 

It seems very common sense to not allow radicalized Islamic fighters back into the country they left. In the near future any person who goes to fight in a foreign country as an enemy of freedom and who has foreign military training would never be allowed to set foot back into the country they left. They would automatically lose all rights of citizenship as enemies of the state. They will be labelled as treasonous and extradited. Their families would be detained or extradited as well. Saturn is the cosmic cop, teacher and taxman. Somehow it smacks of 1984 fighting a perpetual war against a hundred headed hydra of an enemy. Very sad. Yes people are sending love and praying for peace but the Terrorists only hate and want to destroy. 

Strangely earlier in the day, an ad came up and I never usually read them but this time I got engrossed. It was an Air Canada ad;  ” a dream come true, soak up the great food, the culture, walk around the City of Light.. ” this was around 3:00 pm. EST. Hmm, Paris I thought….

Lets look at the Astrology of the terrorist attacks. 

I’m using the founding of the 5th Republic of France on October 6 1958 at 6:30 pm. Others use a Oct 5 chart but Liz Greene and Nick Campion use these charts. This was when the seal was applied in Paris. 

France is of course Libran, with its Sun at 12 degrees, exactly square to the U.S. Sun. France has been under the Uranus Pluto Cardinal squares.  It has Mercury and Venus, in her rulership and the North Node in Libra.  

France’s Moon  at 21 degrees Cancer in the 4th house, its’ all about food. It’s so Feminine, home loving and all about nurturing,  very emotional and sentimental.  The French are not known to be fighters, but defenders.  

A fiery Aries torch light up their Ascendant with the South Node in Aries on the Ascendant.  They are passionate and aggressive.

Mars is at 2 degree of Gemini in its second house square Pluto in Virgo in the 6th house of servants. The Revolution was the revolt against the Plutocracy by peasants remember. This is a hard placement, the defences and aggression on the country are always shifting, there is a lot of  back and forth bargaining and a split-personality . Death and change is very much in the streets.  Virgo is neighbourhoods, communities and Paris is a city of arrondissements or communities.

 France has a what you would expect; a beautiful, creative, super romantic artistic combo of Jupiter and Neptune in the 7th house of relationships in Scorpio. Its sexy, erotic, intense, the home of 20th century art and there are mistresses and intrigue, Inspector Clousseau? Neptune rules photography and it was invented in France. 

Saturn is the highest elevated planet in France’s chart at 20 degrees Sagittarius and France will have its first round of its second Saturn return on Christmas Eve 2016. Saturn in Sagittarius is a  just society. Saturn in Sagittarius speaks honestly, is International, likes to have serious fun in life and will mature more now in its 2nd return. Saturn has only one hard aspect and that’s from its Moon in Cancer indicating that it is defensive and protective of its homeland

Chiron is in Aquarius opposite its Uranus in Leo.  France has its own way of operating. It is proud to have led the world in Revolution. 

The first reports of shootings came on November 13 at 10:05 pm CET.  Yes I had written don’t be afraid of November 13. A lot of terrible things happened in the world this day. Two Isis attacks in Lebanon, an ISIS suicide bomber blew himself up at a Baghdad funeral and there was a small tsunami in Japan.  This day and will be further attributed to it. 

Paris attacks Nov 13 2015, Tara Greene AstrologyThe two combined charts. 

# 1. Transiting Saturn is opposite France’s Natal MARS in Gemini and squaring Natal Pluto in VIRGO. Very difficult. 

The T. North Node and Mars were just conjunct at the zero degree of Libra on the 12th which is a huge explosive trigger point. The North Node is at 29 degrees Virgo which is also a critical point and trining the most awfully reputed Fixed Star in the Zodiac ALGOL, Medusa’s head. 

There is an asteroid called ISIS and even though it was named after Egyptian Goddess ISIS, and I don’t like the popular culture defaming the Goddess name, I’d rather call it IS, the media uses it.  I thought I’d put it on this chart to see how it fit  the French chart. 

The ASTEROID ISIS is at 20 degrees of LIBRA exactly conjunct the French SUN! and Mercury, communicating. It’s nearly on France’s Descendant where it interconnects with all “others.” I think that’s a strong clue as the Universe uses puns. 

Transiting Jupiter Chiron opposition is squaring France’s natal Saturn in Sagittarius. Which makes it more vulnerable now from Foreign { Sagittarius} religious {Sagittarius} killers- Saturn. 

Revolutionary chaotic explosive planet Uranus is transiting France’s 12th house of “self-undoing” shooting oneself in the foot, karma and hidden enemies. 

Uranus will cross Frances’ Ascendant and square its natal Moon in Cancer . France has its 2nd Saturn return in 2016. France will show a radically different face to the world. It will not be mothering foreigners anymore. Uranus ruled Technology will be used everywhere on everyone. If the French want to maintain freedom, a Uranian idea, they must have Saturn boundaries.  A Saturn border for a like-minded tribe { Aquarius}  people pledged to one common goal.  This is what the Dutch have done. Even though it appears racist it is not. Its about defining boundaries of a country’s ethics, identities,laws and freedoms and asking everyone who wants to live in a country to upholding those liberal goals that everyone is equal. Saturn in Sagittarius is a fight between foreign religious fanatics and secular societies. The modern Uranian way is secular . Aquarius is a human intellectual sign. We are all humans. The domination of science will become ever stronger when Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023-2024.  

9/11 was triggered under a Saturn/ Pluto opposition.. Saturn was at 14+ degrees of Gemini and PLUTO was at 12+ degrees Sagittarius. Saturn will oppose that place and cross Pluto’s, half way round that terrible cycle during 2016.  The piper will have to be paid. Harder measures will be put into place to fight terrorism. Unfortunately Freedom may have to be curtailed in order to maintain freedom. 

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All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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9 thoughts on “Pray for Paris, Astrology of Terrorist attacks

  1. Do the Chart for when King Henry the IVth of France was inaugurated, that will give you the clues to what is surfaces of the darkness back then in France and how it relates to this ~ Phoenix


    • many astrologers explain the reason why things happen after the events. Its not always about predictions and Western Astrologers dont like to predict so much. In fact for disbelievers, showing what the causes were from the astrology perspective helps people to get it.
      thanks for your feedback,


  2. Tara I love these articles you do, the astrology reinforces the meaning of the event. I so agree with all you said in above reply. It all adds up and you cant make this stuff up! Keep doing these Tara, they are insightful, piercingly honest and……as above so below!! Love Jo xx


  3. Tara, your data on asteroid Isis is off – checking the ephemeris I confirmed a 13 Libra position for 11/13/15. But it’s still on the French Sun, and exactly squared Pluto (terrorism), as well as traveling with Nemesis (vengeance, undoing) at 15 and Apophis (Egyptian personification of pure evil) at 16 Libra. Note also the exact opposition from asteroid Fanatica (fanatics) at 29 Leo to Atropos (death) at 29 Aquarius, in broad T-Square with the transit Sun. Pallas/Icarus at 4/5 Cap squared Mars 0 Libra shows the detailed planning and coordination (Pallas) of the attackers (Mars) who had such reckless disregard for life (Icarus). Asteroid Martir (martyr) 18 Leo exactly semisextile Jupiter (renown) 18 Virgo and exactly squared Mercury (planning again, and most of the victims were young people) 18 Scorpio. Asteroid Paris is rising at 23 Cancer.


    • hi Alex
      thanks for your input, I totally respect your work and have your Black Hole book from many years ago. I was using Astrodienst software which is usually very accurate. I didnt want to go into too much detail about all of this but thanks for your careful scrutiny. It is amazing how synchronous it all is. It was a horrible event. There are alaso Fixed Stars involved in this very tightly as well. thanks


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