New Moon, 11:11 Inspirational daily card

I’ve been meditating tonight and got inspired about some new Super Galactic information I want to work with. 

I’ve been attracting some amazing clients lately. I am very grateful. Of course all the information is confidential.  Will write about that later. 

11:11 New Moon   Inspirational Card of the Day 

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8 of Pentacles/coins/ disks – Medieval Scapini Tarot

The #8 and the #11 are interchangeable in the tarot. That is a long controversy. Some decks have the flow from Trump #7, The Chariot which is the sign of Cancer, followed by Trump # 8 as Leo the sign of following Cancer which makes sense astrologically..

Some decks changed it up, most notably the Thoth Tarot which has #8 as JUSTICE, the  sign of Libra and #11 as Strength , sign of Leo.

They are both powerful numbers. The number 8 alway alludes to infinity, the power of now,the master number 11 which is 11:11 today has to do with Mastering the power to know that all time is now as well. You can access all memories both past and future at any time. Yes future memories. I’ll write about that another time. 

8 of disks Tara Greene toronto

a different 8 of coins this one for Tarot Pink for Cancer by Carmen Waterman

This is a card of craftsmanship, perfecting your creative gifts whatever they may be on the earth plane.  It is a symbol of abundance, merging with the work you love, following your bliss. 

I wish you an infinity of Blessings on this blessed day. 

PLease share widely 

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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