Psychic energies,Water Trines, everythings fine.

An easy Scorpio Moon day? Sounds like an oxymoron. Scorpio shit is never easy. You know it’s obsessive, heavy, controlling, secretive, intimidating, controlling, and shadow bound. 

But we get a break today,before the New Moon of Trance end dance. It’s a wake the dead dance. 

Mercury, Scorpio’s Messenger at the moment and Pluto Lord of Death, change and transformation are dancing a jig. 

They’re in a sextile,which sounds like it should really be a dance move video, OK I’ve TradeMarked it here in public. 


It becomes GRAND if you’re a Cancer at around 7-10 degrees or have Cancerian planets there. 

This aspect puts your psychic energy into overdrive. Do pay attention to your intuition, don’t freak out, Use your innate 6th sense and listen to it. A great day for meditation and clearing space before this New Moon.

Do be careful with any drugs today, recreational or Rx and alcohol consumption as your judgement will be off. 

YOu may be seeing soul mates, fairies, rainbows and E.T.’s Also very creative energy for artists . Talk to your guardian angels. They are always there. 

Definitely purge your body and soul, through deep bathing in Himalayan salts, or long hot showers, or steam baths. If you could get to some Hot Springs this would be ideal. Imagine yourself there.  

Set your intentions to dream big new practical dreams as SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS, a very serious but fun Father Time sort of ” Santa Claus” – { Jupiter is Santa Claus, ruler of Sagittarius} of sorts is ready to help make those wishes real. But only if you work for them. – see below. 

SUN sextiles JUPITER – speak of the devil, may care God himself. 

This is a very positive energy. Again you gotta make those sextiles work. 

Moon sextiles Pluto in the evening only in PST /next day EST

This is deeply Scorpionic and rich. Go to sleep with the intention of clearing through the forest of confusion and the debris of past life emotions. 

It;s all Scorpio all day tomorrow. The New Moon is 9:47 a.m. PST/ 12:47 pm EST. 

Good time to embrace death as your ally. 

Inspirational Daily Card

Ace of Pentacles, Tarot horoscope Tara Greene

Spiral Tarot Ace of Disks/ Pentacles/Coins/Earth

All the Aces are the most powerful of potencies. This card shows Venus with her pentagram symbol reaching towards the Cosmos, all decked out with beautiful peacocks as her veil or cloak. Peacocks are sacred birds related to Hindu Goddess Saraswati. Goddess of creativity, arts, and also to the Roman Goddess Juno. Juno in my estimation symbolizes the Feminine Form of the term genius, which is part of the root word Djin or genie.

Venus as Earth Mother is like the Trump #3 The empress, and she is also of course the Goddess Ceres, isis, and also known by hundreds of other names. The thousands of iridescent eyes of the peacock’s tail feathers, symbolize shape-shifting awareness, inner insights and being ever watchful and awake. This also related to the all seeing eye of Horus, to the Egyptians.  Peacock feathers are magical allies as birds have always symbolizes souls. The roots of the word iridescence is IRIS,  the seeing aperture of the eye, and Iris, the Goddess of the rainbow, also related to Juno, Peacocks, and the 7 chakras. 

June Peacock Tara Greene astrology

The peacock complaining to Juno, Gustave Moreau 1881

Synchronistically the Asteroid named for Juno will be at 20+ degrees Libra, in a semi-sextile, a 30 degree easy aspect to the New Moon itself, as well as in square to Pluto, opposite Uranus in Aries,and inconjunct to Chiron in Pisces. 

Put a picture of Juno on your alter at the New Moon. Get some peacock feathers and use them as well. Call upon Juno’s wisdom to gift you with inner insight, to bless you with the Rainbow of peace and to open your chakras ans inner insight. . 

This card symbolizes a new physical beginning of new life, guided by deep inner insight.Very Scorpio.

please share widely 

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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