Carpathian Shamans – Ukraine Molfar & Polish Whisperer’s Magical Rites

Carpathian shamans and Polish magical shamans. This is my genetic background. Russian, Romanian, Polish.

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Carpathian Shamans (Hustul) Magical Rites

By Baba Phoenix of AshLand

A Molfar (мольфа́р) is a Carpathian Shaman in the indigenous traditions of the Hutsul (Ukrainia) culture. Called “witch” in certain eras, these Shamans have magical gifts and sacred abilities that tend focus on healing, seership, herbalism and relations with nature. Within these Molfar are also a rare few who are born to enter a more advanced path; this is of the folk-magic of Pre-History’s Dreaming shamanic tradition.

These magical shamans have different names according to the respective cultures in which they are born. In Poland the women shamans are called Whisperers and the more advanced and magical shamans, Wind Whisperers. Like their Ukraine Molfar neighbors, more women in Poland are beginning to return to the roots of their ancient practices that existed before the spread modern religion and subsequent corruption of ancient shamanic practice. The Mongolian and Siberian folk shaman traditions (which are often referred to…

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2 thoughts on “Carpathian Shamans – Ukraine Molfar & Polish Whisperer’s Magical Rites

  1. Dear Tara,
    Lovely synchronicity: I read the article about Carpathian shamans in the weekend and now I see it reposted here by you…
    I have been following your posts, love your insights in symbolism and mysticism that you add to astrology. I am Romanian myself, so just wanted to sa hi 🙂

    Best of luck,
    Monica from Bucharest


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