Void Moon,Inconvenient energy, Daily Card

November 4 the Moon is Void of Course all day. A good day to meditate and take care of mundane things. The Moon enters Virgo  @ 6:22 pm PST/ 9:22 pm EST.

The healing energies are still in the air from yesterdays Jupiter- Chiron opposition.

Jupiter in Virgo is approaching an inconjunct with Uranus in Aries on the 5th

An inconjunct is like the inconvenient truth, two parties who simply realize they are totally incompatible. We need to learn to be the translator.

This Virgo energy makes us feel like no matter how hard we work we never get ahead. Uranus in Aries wants total change yesterday, no patience. Then we feel frustrated, angry and need to blow off some steam. Heads may role from the top down,. Even though Jupiter in Virgo has some gumption, he is not standing in his fave sign and acts humble which also doesn’t befit him. 

Card of the day 

king of Pentacles Tara Greene tarot

King of Pentacles/Coins/Disks  from Decadent Dream Tarot 

oh the synchronicity. This card governs  over 20 degrees Leo up until 20 degrees of Virgo. That is where Jupiter is right now. 

This is a card about wealth masterminding. Mastering the physical world in all its aspects, money, responsibility, your body. The Kings are mature and wise. Jupiter is the king of the Planets. How well are you managing you shit? Literally. Your daily routine, your bowels? your savings? These are all Virgo issues which Jupiters’ presence magnifies. 

This card is about worldly success and abundance.How much of this do you have in your life? What do you need to do in order to manifest it? It takes discipline and hard work to govern the material world.

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