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 November 3.
That big, proud, passionate, loud, heart-centered Leonine Moon is inconjunct to Neptune, Pluto and Chiron today.
This may be a painful day for those who are ego identified. If you are feeling defensive, vain, greedy, power hungry, selfish, upstaging others or whose heart is blocked. You may be disappointed, rejected and wounded.But that is the way through the pain. You are not your ego. Read Eckhart Tolle’s books. 
JUPITER in Virgo opposes CHIRON in PISCES at 1:56 pm PST/ 4:56 pm EST
Jupiter in Virgo rules the gut, the upper intestines, what we digest. Yes your guts may be acting up today as a result of all the tension held in. We are also not perfect, that is what Virgo longs for. We are but imperfect humans who need to have compassion for ourselves and for others. Love yourself and work humbly on correcting your illusions, delusions, addictions and denial. The healing balm is in feeling fully your most vulnerable hurt wounded places.
HEALING Card of the Day
5 of swords Tarot Tara Greene
5 of Swords Tarot of Metamorphosis
All of the number 5’s are challenging. The five of swords is usually too much mental/ Air / Mind which are swords indicating too many negative thoughts leading to mental defeat or too much mental overload which all this Virgo energy implies. Virgo is ruled by Mercury now in Scorpio. .
Learn to command your thoughts. This is like cognitive therapy. Your greatest power is to be able to choose what you think and how you communicate. Everything is consciousness. Mind comes first, then emotions, then physical. Choose your thoughts, be more disciplined. Dont cut your self to shreds because you think you are or have screwed up. It’s all a learning process.
WEDNESDAY the Moon is VOID OF COURSE for most of the day.
Chill and stay in the healing mode.
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