Do you believe in Magic? Sun Trine Neptune

Under a dualistic Gemini Moon which is pretty active as befits Gemini’s windy energy.

Moon will confound Pluto in Capricorn in EDT in a quincunx early in the a.m.

and will square Jupiter, Chiron, Venus and Mars in Virgo

You need to get your head out of the clouds and down to earth. I know life is so full of so many choices and so many ideas, things, distractions. The over-analysis, and the fear of commitment needs to be grounded in simple, practical, action baby footsteps.  

Act on your ideas, make them real, they have to work, to live. Just do it.

SCORPIO SUN TRINES NEPTUNE at 7 degrees Pisces/Virgo.

Do you believe in Magic? 

This is a Grand Trine if you have planets at 7 degrees or within 5 degrees + or – of Pisces, Virgo and Cancer.

The Sun is the Greek God Apollo who every day drove his Sun chariot across the sky. Apollo was He was the God of Prophecy, Healing, Music, Archery and Light. Here is a modern version of the  Sun God in our culture. 

Apollo,Sun, Astrology Tara Greene apollon-01

Neptune is the Roman God of the Oceans, called Poseidon in Greek mythology. Neptune rule spirituality, endings, the ocean, the dreamworld, illusions, delusions, twin flames.  We know him from the Disney movies The Little Mermaid. 

Neptune Art Astrology Tara Greene

The Scorpio Sun shines its  light into the darkness. We can’t see the light or the stars without darkness. In duality, which is what Gemini symbolizes this is the reality we live in on the earth plane.

New Agers are often too much all light and Love and set themselves up for a terrible fall as it is imperative to process one’s shadow, by recognizing it, owning it, loving it and freeing yourself from it so that then you are able to be in the Light, to return to the Light, our source, That is our soul’s purpose. 

That is what Neptune governs, the soul, as does Scorpio. All the water signs are emotions, and emotions are the karmic glue which keep us in this earthly realm. Cancer is the soul coming from source into birth. Scorpio is the Soul touching its true nature and growing and transcending its heavy emotions. Pisces is the Source from which we all come, the nothing and the everything. It is the MAGIC itself. 

Scorpio Sun has us dig deeper into our souls to discover we already are Magical dreamers..

It’s big imaginative creative psychic and spiritual dreamy day.

How Scorpio deep is your desire to manifest your sacred spiritual dream? 

In the Indigenous Medicine teachings I received there are three types of dreams,

  1. is a personal dream, which is self-explanatory,
  2. there is a sacred dream. This is the one you dreamed of from spirit which is how you manifested here on earth.That dream contains the gifts and ideals you wish to create on your earthly walk.
  3. 3. There is the collective dream. This dream ties your personal and collective dream into a larger consciousness or collective dream of all the people. What do we all collective dream of the most? Peace on earth?  Enjoying love and abundance? Heaven on earth?

Scorpio Sun will clarify

Those Neptunian illusions, delusions and deceptions in all areas. In the political more nefarious scheming, plotting, lying, pay-offs will come to the surface under Scorpio’s laser vision detective researching nature. New sources of energy will be made available, through water. 

Use this energy in a Magical ceremony at 2:06 pm PDT/ 5:06 pm EDT.

Friday is Venus’s day and Neptune is her “higher octave.” so this would be good for soul mate attraction. Simply love yourself and affirm that you already have the Beloved within.  Use copper Venus’s metal, roses, sweet perfume, apples. 

And do pay attention to your dreams. As this occurs on the day before All Hallows Eve October 31st when the veil is thinnest between the worlds this is very powerful magic energy indeed. All sign can feel it. It may make you feel quite ungrounded as well. 


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

If  you are awake early tomorrow. I will be interviewed live on Canada AM TV Friday October 30 at 7:40 a.m.  on CTV newtwork

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Do you believe in Magic? 1965 live The Lovin’ Spoonfull


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