“I don’t like Mondays.” Daily Tarot Inspiration

Oct 26 ” I don’t like MONDAYS” the 1979 song by the Boomtown Rats featuring Sir Bob Geldof was written for days like this.

Monday’s high energy ARIES MOON may put that damper on last nights expansive love beauty and fortune energies from Venus and Jupiter with two quincunx’s. That means ‘bad sex” in other words.

This is in the wee hours of PDT and EDT so your dreams may be kinda down or challenged romantically to say the least.
Moon conjunct URANUS for the early birds watch our for crazy speeding drivers, and unexpected chaos wherever you look. I’ve been in situations like that. Get away from it asap.

Moon opposes Mercury, we are in the Cardinal Cross energy again.

Moon inconjuncts Mars too. Mars rules ARIES Moon. O No Mr. Bill!!!!!! 

O No, Astrology Tara Greene

WTF is this inconjunct? Technically it is two planets 150 degrees of 5 signs apart. They will be in different incompatible elements. They need to get a divorce but are tied together. 

The Moon will enter Taurus late on Monday/ Tuesday in Eastern Time.

We are approaching that solid Taurus Full Moon. Things are gonna get easier, child. 


Cosmic Tarot Tara Greene

2 of Disks Cosmic Tribe Tarot by Stevee Postman 

Balance your assets, these can be financial, emotional, mental, spiritual or metaphysical. “You are a butterfly and you are destined to emerge from a cocoon and fly little caterpillar.” 

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MAMA SAID, the Shirelles 

Timer, Ooo Child, Up On the Roof- Laura Nyro Live 1971 


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