Scorpio Selfie, Horoscope of the soul


Most people shudder and step back from those blazingly intense X-Ray vision eyes if someone says that is the sign they were born under.  The charizmatically dark, obsessive, secretive, dressed all in black, wearing sunglasses at night,  8th house types most likely won’t even tell you that is their sign anyways.  

Oct. 23 Welcome to Scorpio time.  Intensely soulful and obsessively, relentlessly, transformative. 

Halloween Sabats, witches casting spells that is all Scorpio energy. Graveyards, bewitching, mesmerizing. Writing this blog is my obsession, I cant quit..No matter how tired I am I must write daily. 

What’s your obsession?

Scorpio Horoscope Tara Greene

Have a seat, it’s Scorpio Time.

-sexy, Goth, fascinated with death, secretive, power-hungry, spys, shared resources, taxes, wills, ZOMBIES, shit, garbage, pornography, transformation, death-eaters, cannibals, necrophiliac’s, undertakers, horror movies,vampires, blood, semen, orgasms, metaphysics, serial killers, torture, water-boarding, the sacred “other.” and that infamous Scorpion sting. 

Scorpio’s boiling hot revengeful emotions,may leave you with PTSD

will scald you to the bone, Scorpio timez ain’t light,they’re a heavier tome,

they  play detective, use handcuffs,s & m, pornography, GOTH and EMO culture,

hi financial rollers,stocks, bonds, OPM – other  people’s money, inheritance, 

I like the OPM pun- yes dangerous drugs, OD-ing, suicides, depression,and drugs taken to hide the symptoms.

Obsession, Film, Tara Greene astrology

Rules body parts -colon, sex organs, clitoris, penis, anus, prostate and their afflictions. STD, ghonoreah, AIDS,

COLORS, Black, dark brown, carmine red,

Halloween occurs in Scorpio time, as does the DAY OF THE DEAD, Zombies! welcome to my Nightmare.

We are under the dictatorship rule of planets MARS traditional ruler and PLUTO modern-day ruler.

MORE Cool, or is that cruel? SCORPIO STUFF

Careers – Insurance, pharmaceuticals, debts, actuaries, scientific research, locksmiths, butchers, doctor’s, tax collectors, pawn shops, undertakers, psychologists,

SCORPIO countries-You living in a SCORPIO place?

Algeria, Bavaria, Catalonia, Spain, SYRIA, South Africa, Korea, Morocco, Norway, Paraguay,

SCORPIO cities: 

Washington, D.C. ,Baltimore, MD, New Orleans, Milwaukee, WI. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada,

Frankfurt, Germany, Fez, Morocco, Messina, Sicily,Newcastle, Dover, Hull and  Liverpool.

Where the planetary rulers are now has a strong influence on this years’ Scorpio season.

They are both in earth signs, Mars is in VIRGO @ 17+ degrees opposite Chiron the Wounded Healer.

 Pluto is at 13+ degrees Capricorn.They are booth deeply rooted in the earth now and that can cause earthquakes, and nuclear leakages. 

On the Scorpio ingress. This is a very busy Scorpio ingress with a watery compatriot in the Pisces Moon.

MARS in Virgo OPPOSES CHIRON- we are going deep into body memories for healing.

ON the physical plane and mental planes is where the greatest re-purposing is happening.


Push me pull you energy. Be careful about getting triggered or being too much of a loose cannon. This is quite explosive energy because it is held back. Your digestive tract may be irritable during this time period.

Scorpio Sun Trines NEPTUNE Oct 30! Light up your Soul. Your dreams, 

Now this should be interesting. 

“YOU HAVE A BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT” would be what the Fortune Teller would say about  a Sun/Neptune Trine . But in Scorpio it is shine the light on your Shadow to reveal that it is all Light. 


Nov. 2 VENUS AND MARS create the beast with two backs in VIRGO. 

This is that earth moving kinda stuff. 

11:11 is a SCORPIO NEW MOON at 19+ degrees Scorpio. 

will write about that further. 
Scorpio time is a regeneration time. TAURUS is in the opposing corner, Leo and Aquarius – in square mode, they’re being pushed.

At the Full Moon in Taurus Oct, 27 complete projects. The New Moon is naturally always Scorpionic. There will be a big turning point on that date. 


Oct. 23 Johnny Carson, TV Star, Pele, soccer player. Weird Al Yankovic,

Oct 24 PewDie Pie YOU TUBER, Drake, Rapper, 

Oct 25 Katy Perry, Pablo Picasso, Ryan Reynolds,  

Oct. 26 Hilary Clinton, Keith Urban, singer, 

Oct 27 Sylvia Plath, writer, 

Oct. 28 Caitlyn Jenner formerly Bruce, Bill Gates,  Julia Roberts, Joaquin Phoenix, 

Oct. 31 Vermeer, Dutch Painter, 

Nov. 2 Marie Antoinette, K. D. Laing, singer, 

Nov. 4 Matthew McConaughey

Nov. 5 Vivien Leigh,- Gone With The Wind. Bryan Adams, singer, 

Nov. 6 the beautiful Emma Stone, Maria Shriver, Sally Field

Nov. 7 Albert Camus, Marie Curie who discovered radioactivity, a Scorpio related trait.  Joni Mitchell 

Nov. 8 Gordon Ramsey, chef, Bonnie Raitt, singer, 

Nov. 10 Richard Burton, actor. 

Nov. 11 Leonardo DiCaprio, Demi Moore, Dostoyevsky, 

Nov. 12 Grace Kelly, Ryan Gosling, Charles Manson, Anne Hathaway, Neil Young, 

Nov. 13 Whoopi Goldberg, Jimmy Kimmel, 

Nov. 14 Prince Charles , Josh Duhamel, Veronica Lake, actress,

Nov. 17 Rachel McAdams, RuPaul, Martin Scorsese, 

Nov. 18 Alan Moore, writer, Owen Wilson, 

Nov. 19 Jodie Foster, Joe Biden, 

Nov. 21 Bjork, Voltaire, Goldie Hawn, Rene Magritte, artist,

Nov. 22 Scarlett Johansson, Oscar Pistorius, murderer. Jamie Lee Curtis, 

I found it interesting that out of 56 Scorpios, 5 are very famous Canadian singers. And a  couple of famous Canadian actors too. Do you know which ones are CANUCK SCORPIOS? Lots of comedians too, the barbed wit. Who are your faves? 


All writing is copyright TARA GREENE

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3 thoughts on “Scorpio Selfie, Horoscope of the soul

  1. oh drake is canadian i know and kd lang, my mom’s fave when i was growing up!

    One of my faves on this list is Weird Al, not canadian but such a talent. He did a Saturday a.m. show when i was a kid, i just re watched it on hulu. Realized i shouldve paid more attention to it, he touched on so many basic important lessons! I had my kids watch 🙂 his brand of weird as portrayed in the 90s is ahead of his time, pretty much the new cool we see now in pop culture. Being genuine and kind as opposed to acting snide and superior.


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