Back to the Future, Deja Vu day

I have to say that I am immensely proud that the Justin Trudeau is now our new 23rd Prime Minister of Canada. Our country is now painted red the Liberals colours. Yes Canadians spell British style. 

Canada's handsome Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Now do you want to live in Canada?

The Prime Minister designate started off by telling President Obama today in his first media release that A. he will be pulling Canada out of bombing Syria.

B.  he will be meeting asap with the Premiers to discuss the message to the World Climate Summit re/ reducing greenhouse gases

C. he will accept 20,000+ Syrian refugees in short order.

Not a bad start. 

Look out world, our tattooed, big-hearted,boxing for charity, pro-marijuana smoking leader is out to pack a punch. 

Trudeau, Tara Greene tarot reader

October 21 2015 is BACK TO THE FUTURE DAY

 Oct. 21, 2015  is the day that the characters Marty McFly, Emmett “Doc” Brown and Jennifer Parker famously journeyed from 1985 to 2015 in the sci-fi film trilogy’s second installment in 1989.

“Back to The Future Part II” envisioned a colorful 2015 with flying cars, hoverboards and self-tying shoelaces. While those doodads are hardly prevalent today, the film did accurately tease the rise of such technology as flatscreen televisions, biometric scanning and hands-free gaming. It also predicted the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series — an actual possibility with the Cubs contenders in the real-world playoffs, although maybe not for long.

“Back to the Future” Day is being celebrated Wednesday with an appearance by the original cast at a Lincoln Center screening in New York, as well as several fan-centric events and more than 1,700 theaters hosting screenings across the country.

“Back to the Future” filmmaker Robert Zemeckis’ trilogy has left a lasting impression on pop culture in the 30 years since the original film debuted, spawning a theme park attraction, video game and animated series.

Beginning on Wednesday, the town of Reston, Virginia, is ceremoniously changing its name to Hill Valley, McFly’s fictional hometown. 

DEJA VU day today. I have often thought that time moves backwards. 

DO YOU EXPERIENCE DEJA VU? what does it mean to you?

Aquarian energies are qunincunxy later today from Moon to Venus and  Jupiter in Virgo. 

Earth wants practical results, Aquarius is innovating and idea minded. 

Oct. 22 MERCURY IN LIBRA Squares PLUTO in Capricorn 

This aspect throws us back to the past and packs a communications wallop. Power struggles, trying to maintain the status quo is challenging. REVISITING the Grand Cardinal cross energy again of early 2015 @ 13+ degrees. What has changed since then?

The detached rebellious Aquarian mood continues until late Thursday. 

Aquarius moon in quincunx to Mars in the nigh time

This may produce high energy, angry battles in your dreams and restless,dreams of escaping, running to freedom or away from a trap. Be aware of great ideas and flashes of brilliance and breakthrough solutions. 

Friday is juicy  with VENUS TRINE PLUTO MARS OPPOSITE CHIRON and SCORPIO TIME starting. I will write about that soon. 

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3 thoughts on “Back to the Future, Deja Vu day

  1. I signed up for your daily blog recently and have been enjoying you. I’m wondering what kind of control you think our governments actually have over what goes on in the world? It seems to me that no matter who is elected into power there are other forces, (corporate ones), that are deciding our futures. Justin Trudeau may be a wonderful person but from my experience that is going to make little difference in how things are done behind the scenes. I’m thinking it’s going to take a serious revolution to make the changes needed to give back the people their governments. With Pluto in Capricorn the revolutionary “feeling” has been simmering for some time now and will start to show itself in other ways soon. Possibly when all these large trade deals are exposed and those approving them have to explain themselves.


    • hi Kate thanks for following my blog.
      i totally agree with you about corporations controlling every aspect of government the media culture and the unsuspecting public in every way for the last 50 years and it is worse now than it ever was in some ways. Justin Trudeau seems to be operating from a very different ethical place than Harper and certainly conservatives represent the 1% and Trudeau is a Liberal. We will see how much power he really has. Journalist Chris Hedges an American who was interviewed after me on Vice Tv on Oct 19 about the Canadian election would definitely agree with you he feels a revolution is immanent. Astrology wise I would say yes the cooker is about to boil over. The future is like that dystopian movie for teens that is so popular Catching Fire.
      But there is Edward Snowden and Julian Assange and Anonymous. When the people see what is going on and they dont have what they once thought they were due then they will rise up. But they have been medicated and put to sleep by culture, sex, video games, food, vaccinations and the internet too. Each individual must act to wake up others. start with Food it is primary and water.


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