Scorpio sexy sextiles by Tara Greene


The New Moon is a get going moon. Uranus was visible in the sky on October 11th. Uranus is the Wild Card and as the last New Moon before the Canadian election indicates unexpected chaos energy. Technology is speeding our lives up even more. All of this VIRGO energy so prevalent now with Venus, Mars, and Jupiter there until October 2016 means we need to be rooted, grounded, earthed, embodied. Get the job done, pay attention to the details and be accountable. 

Mercury is just moving ahead slowly now.  Venus and Mercury are in Mutual reception as Mercury rules Venus’s sign Libra, but Venus is in her Fall in Virgo. What does that mean?

Planets are classified to their strengths or weaknesses and can be exalted, in detriment or fall. These are ancient classifications  for any planet in certain signs. A planet is in Fall when it is opposite to its sign of exaltation, where it is most glorious. This is the least favourable placement because it restricts and limits the planets nature making it unable to express itself positively.  

Venus in Virgo will bring out that very sharp critical side of Virgo along with the worry and nit-picking. With Saturn in Sagittarius as well, Sagittarius is a very judgemental sign and Saturn and Venus are squaring off each other right now.  We need to use  Mercury in Libra’s diplomacy to help  navigate through this potential mine field and also call upon the balancing energy of the Sun, Moon, Juno and the North Node, still in Libra with True Moon’s Nodes.

THE MOON is in Scorpio

and that always takes us deep into our shadows and Unconsciousness. 

sexy sextiles astrology Tara Greene


Scorpio Moon sextiles VENUS MARS PLUTO AND JUPITER. woo -hoo

 A sextile is a 60 degree aspect between planets. This makes them so helpful to each other.

and Moon trines NEPTUNE in PISCES – uber romantic. 

There is more Mars Venus and Neptune and JUPITER positive ROMANTIC DREAMY contacts until saturday. 

Please share widely, Your comments are most welcome. 

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