Saturn in Sagittarius, horse sense reality Astrology

Saturn enters Sagittarius Sept. 17 2015 until December 20, 2017, that’s a two-year reality shift.

I can hear the applause at 7:49 pm PST/ 10:49 pm PST/ as Saturn FINALLY leaves Scorpio for the next 28+ years.  Yes its been a huge emotional karmic soul wrenching slog and for some it has brought real results. Saturn is the Get Real planet.

Yes REALITY is getting some horse sense and going the way of Centaur hipsters. Get your riding chaps out and dust off your cowboy boots. Are you ready for a very honest serious adventure? 

Tarot Sagittarius Tara Greene

Sagittarius/centaur image by Bobbe Bessold 1980

Saturn is serious business,the Old Boys network, the Patriarchy. Saturn is Cosmic cop, the Law. Sagittarius, the 9th sign and last fire sign is also concerned with laws, ethics, justice. Saturn is very restricting, and conservative and there may be some major backpedaling in Higher Courts. 

Saturn and Pluto are NOT in mutual -reception with Saturn in Sagittarius,meaning that certain Plutocrats and their cronies who thought hey controlled the laws, state, etc. have lost some power and their nobless oblige. This is a good thing. Saturn in Sagittarius ethics will turn them in now.

As Saturn enters Sagittarius, Saturn is the guest in JUPITER’s house/sign.  Jupiter  in Virgo-2016  squares Sagittarius testing Sagittarians to walk their talk and embody their aspirations. Jupiter also governs Pisces traditionally so JUPITER is the BIG DISPOSITER this year, ruling both of these mutable sign.  The two just opposed each other Sept 16/17.  Which is also a nice harmonic send off  to Saturn into Sag. A Bon Voyage. A good omen. Sagittarius loves omens, divination, oracles, augury.

Jupiter in Virgo, a Feminine earth sign is debilitated opposite Pisces.  Jupiter must learn to be comfortable on earth, to be humble, to not throw too many thunderbolts at the earth. To learn from the Goddess and try to settle down for a bit and be her mate. 

SAGITTARIUS will reap some very grounding rewards with Jupiter in Virgo although it wont be so easy with that square. Writing, publishing, organizing, de-cluttering. Getting their hoofs clean.  PISCES especially gets the reality check BIG TIME this year and into 2017. Are you ready to come down to ground your sensitive souls Pisces? Saturn will teach you about boundaries that’s for sure.


Saturn was last in Sagittarius from 1985-1988 and if you were born then Congrats!  you will experience your 1st Saturn Return, a time of full maturity as adults. A time of testing and obstacles. Those born in 1956- March 57 will experience their second Saturn Return in 2015 becoming elders, wise and ready to teach the younger generations.

Saturn is FATHER TIME, conservative, Karma, testing, restrictions. The builder, cosmic cop, head of karma, seniors, depression, corporate structure.

Saturn rules long term plans, archaeology, abandoned places, the bones, death, enemies open or closed, frozen places, engineers, mines, real estate, Capricorn and Aquarius traditionally, sobriety, careers, fathers, senators, the Patriarchy and lead, the densest metal. 

Saturn in Sag. will make those Colonialists, who have overrun other indigenous cultures- the White Race- pay. The Canadian Government under British rule seriously abused the Indigenous Populations. The Catholics also need to pay back the millions of people they converted to Catholisim and torchered and destroyed. In China too.

SAGITTARIUS is the SAGE. The Centaur half human and half instinctive horse sense. The wise teacher of hidden mysteries, philosophies, religion, politics, inspiration. The International jet setter, gypsy, hipster. Sagittarians love to be in the know and drop names like crazy.  Sagittarius is fiery, spontaneous, good-humored, optimistic, hypocritical, judgmental, loves animals, adventure, a risk taker. Naïve, easy-going. ALWAYS tells the truth much to their own detriment.

If you can’t take the truth better go to another planet for the next two years.


restlessness. adventure, risk-taking, easy going fashion. comfort first.

Not more conservative Bible thumpers! GIVE ME THAT OLD TYME RELIGION and conversely throw out that old tyme religion. Saturn will be more restrictive in Sag. for some and also a higher intrinsic knowing of what spirituality is for others.   Ancient manuscripts and archeological discoveries will be made which proves that advanced cultures existed hundreds of thousands of years ago. This will reverse many fundamentalists beliefs about taking the Bible literally as the word of god. We will also discover our E.T. heritage. Yes the long awaited star ancestors will reappear.


Sagittarius loves to preach. There will be religious wars. Yes the Crusades all over again. Muslim
extremists vs the rest of the free world. ISIL is a reality and growing. People will be willing to die for their beliefs. There will be very stiff laws in Europe and the rest of the world either separating refugees because they are needing to integrate into Western liberal lifestyles. Sagittarius is a Universal sign, we must all have the same philosophy and aim our arrows in One direction- GALACTIC CENTER.  
There is no organized religion there. We are all STAR PEOPLE.

 Gandhi had Saturn in Sagittarius as did Che Guevera. It may be tough as Saturn TESTS the media, the laws, ethics ut ultimately this will be a good purify test of validity.

Sagittarius seeking mystical connections.Nostradamus one of the most famous visionaries was a Sagittarius as was William Blake. People will be taking their mystic spiritual visions very seriously. 

Elder teachers will be sought out as well as more traditional spiritual and esoteric training. 

Continue reading about Saturn in Sagittarius

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Sagittarius song REFUGE OF TH ROAD- Joni Mitchell  


16 thoughts on “Saturn in Sagittarius, horse sense reality Astrology

  1. Great post – thank you!

    My friend (Sagittarius Stellium) …she has progressed Saturn on the galactic center now (26 degrees Sagittarius.) She is about to expereince her first Saturn return. She tried to get on a plane this morning but was told it had technical faults and would not be flying! Very interesting.


  2. So damned relieved that Saturn has gotten the bum’s rush from Scorpio. But now the truth hits the fan. Thanks for your writings Tara, it’s made the last few months understandable and bearable.


  3. ***PISCES especially gets the reality check BIG TIME this year and into 2017. Are you ready to come down to ground your sensitive souls Pisces? Saturn will teach you about boundaries that’s for sure.

    Tara, could u please explain this in detail for my sanity, lol… My 1st Saturn return in Scorpio was simply horrid. Lottas Love♡


    • Well for the entire world the Reality vs the Illusion will be looming large starting November 27. Your illusions, delusions, fantasies, projections, addictions,escapism and denial and where you play the martyr will be hit very stone cold hard by Saturn to wake you up. I am not expecting this to be pretty at all. So be prepared. I will write about it in more depth. It is a BIG REALITY CHECK THAT WE ALL NEED. The blind will see, although again they might not find it pretty or beautiful.
      Blessings TARA

      Liked by 1 person

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  5. Saturn wrestled with me for the entire duration of his time in Scorpio. Career and relationships. On the career front every attempt Ive made has yielded no fruit and Im serious when I say every attempt. As far as relationships, Saturn gave me the willpower and emotional empowerment to finally after years and years of awful family dynamics to delete. No going back.Saturn is hard core no doubt but I felt the most certain and steadfast than I ever have in my life, throughout this seriously hard core transit. That was the grace and the hallelujah of Saturn. Dig deep, I’m sure all of us found a jewel somewhere inside us, buried deep, but glistening all the more once discovered!!
    Tara, your astrology as was expressed before has been and continues to be insightful, healing, reassurring and interesting. Biggest thanks for all you do xx


  6. Hi Tara, I love the colour of peridot. My fiancee’s birth stone is peridot and we wanted it in my engagement ring but were told by jewellers its a very soft stone. Id have to say its the colour connection. Thats what I’m getting. What happened synchronistically for you? Hope you are feeling better today. Thinking of you in Sedona xx


    • hi Jo. I was surfing through FB and I came across a post by a woman I had studied Past Life Regression with Deborah Skye King. She was in Hawaii and spoke about needing to find a peridot and was lead to a peridot green beach on the south end of the Big Island in Hawaii. and she explained what Peridot is good for. Sedona is so amazing it is magical and being here just opens all your chakras.
      blessings TARA


  7. Hi Tara, wow thanks for that. Just checked out the beach on the web, amazing!! I was going to mention Pele in my previous reply but wasn’t sure if she was related. Peridot’s are her tears, I’m delighted to have discovered that!! So glad Sedona is good for you xx


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