9/11 The way we were, the way it is

Rainbow emanating from new WTC Manhattan Sept 10 2015 by Ben Sturner

I found this image to be very healing and optimistic as the rainbow always represents a message from heaven, a blessing. The Rainbow bridge symbolizes all 7 chakras open, wholeness.

It’s 14 years ago today September 11 that the World Trade Center was attacked and destroyed. I didn’t see the first building go down. My husband called me at home from work saying “Turn on the TV, some terrorists have destroyed the World Trade Center.” I  turned on the TV, our daughter Leah was 3 and a  half. I saw the replays of the destroyed towers in shock and horror and then I saw the second tower come down at 10:29 a.m live. 

Of course everyone in the Western world was shocked. I feel sad for the thousands of civilian lives that were lost in the mass murder and the life long woundings of the families of all those people. 

In the TAROT  9/11 is literally symbolizes by the TOWER CARD #16

In the Tarot the Tower, symbolizes the God, DIS- chaos, destroying the ego structure, the false towers to come to a shocking realization, a kundalini awakening, It is an initiation. Before the Tower is card #15 THE DEVIL- see reference below, The Devil is your shadow, terrorists. After The Tower is Card  #17 The STAR sign of Aquarius and Higher Consciousness. 

Have we evolved in our collective consciousness to the archetype of Trump #17 or lower to Trump #15? Or have we got lost site of the entire Archetypal symbolism we are living collectively and in too literal a fashion  now have a man named TRUMP running for President 

In the law of sevens, which are governed by planet Saturn, we are completing 2 cycles from the original attack. I have thought about the Shemitah cycle and the Jubilee year of 49/50 year cycles and its relevance now in astrology. 

The four Blood Moons of 2014/2015 coincides with the Shemitah and the Jubilee Year. All land debts are forgiven, The Shemtiah year ends Sunday September 13 on the Partial Solar eclipse New Moon in Virgo {20+ degrees}.

The Shemitah year means a cleansing, a fast, a trust in Divine Providence. 

The Jubilee year, a Super Shemitah, celebrates 7 x 7 Shemitah years = 49th years. After the fallowness, it is the 50th year. The Jubilee Year begins on Yom Kippor, the Holiest Day of the Year on the last Blood Moon of 2015, September 27 on a Total Lunar Eclipse in ARIES which is the Ram. The Jewish Faith began in the Age of ARIES. That is why the ram’s horn is blown on Yom Kippor. 

The other 50-year cycle is that of CHIRON the Wounded Healer which we all experience since 1977 when Chiron, the comet/asteroid was discovered and his Archetype became alive again in the Collective Unconscious. The 50-year cycle signifies healing, forgiveness and compassion.

14 years is archetypally half a Saturn cycle. Let’s look at the original 9/11 and today’s planetary positions in the chart. Events leave ghost energies, energetic implosions which can be triggered by any major transiting planet. 

9/11 Astrology Tara Greene

The 9/11/01 and 9/11/15 charts together. 

Transiting Mercury {about to go retrograde in 2015} is almost in the same place it was 14 years ago. Pluto { Lord of Death, secrets, power, control, wealth, rebirth, transformation} is squaring Mercury/01 and opposing Jupiter/01 in Cancer on the M.C. {High Noon}. Jupiter was closely aligned with the U.S. NATAL SUN at 13 degrees Cancer, conjunct Fixed Star Sirius. The U.S. was founded my Masons. This symbolizes that 9/11 was an inside secret operation job. 

This symbolizes that new information {Mercury}will surface. 

Uranus /15 is also involved squaring all the angles of the 9/11/01 chart. Uranus is the Wild Card, the revolutionary, chaotic, freedom loving symbol. The quadrants of 9/11 may still have some major revealing that will come down. 

You can see the pre-shadow of the Cardinal Cross in this 9/11/01 chart. 

VENUS is also virtually in the same spot as she was 14 years ago in Leo { 4 degrees away}. Venus in Leo is money riches, power, ego’s vanity, drama.

Transitting Uranus is trining Venus then and now and Uranus trines where Pluto was in 01 at 12 degrees Sagittarius. Which is considered to be the U.S. Ascendant degree in the Sibley Chart the most commonly referred to Natal Chart for America. It WTC is still a very hot spot. 

Mars/15 is also conjunct Venus 01/ and 15 and is opposite where Uranus was in 01 in Aquarius. This indicates that there is another chaotic firepower keg which is being ignited now.

Jupiter in Virgo /15 is sextiling Jupiter in Cancer from 01, indicating an expanded knowledge and sense of family memories, embracing others as family, the yearning for safety, homeland, as a coherence. Transiting Jupiter is Trining Ceres in Capricorn from the 01 event. We must also look at how we have terrorized the earth and must learn to harvest her resources differently. 

The Sun 01/ and 015 are squaring Saturn 01 in Gemini at 14 degrees.

The Sun, the identity of 9/11 is at 18+ degrees Virgo and CHIRON the Wounded healer at 19 degrees Pisces is, directly opposite that Solar Identity, exact on September 12th . Chiron is also squaring where Chiron was in 01 at 23 degrees Sagittarius and where Saturn was in Gemini too.  It is time for emotional healing, forgiveness, compassion and Oneness. 

The Solar Eclipse on September 13 also affects the old identification by putting the painful memories into the Void, into a rebirth potential state. 


The interesting point for me is to look at when SATURN first conjuncts where Pluto was in 01 at 12 degrees 38 minutes of Sagittarius on January 14, 2016.

You know Saturn is also SATAN the Devil, the tempter of physical reality. The projection of “the other” as being the Devil when he is really our own shadow side. Saturn in the Tarot is The DEVIL card #15, falling for the illusion of matter over immortal soul. 

Then when Saturn opposes his 01 position of 14 degrees 45 minutes of Gemini  in Sagittarius on February 9 2016. Saturn Retrogrades back over his 2001 position on May 11/16 .

Om June 9/16 Saturn crosses over Pluto’s 01 degrees Retrograde of 12 38 Sagittarius..

On October 13/16 Saturn cross PLuto’s 01 position at 12 degrees + Sagittarius for the 3rd time direct. 

November 5/16 Saturn passed 14 degrees+ Sagittarius Opposite the 0/1 degree Direct.

These points are sensitive, vulnerable and should be watched..

Best to send rainbow blessing energy and visualize it onto the WTC . Let a rainbow beam out of your heart and send healing to everyone who is being terrorized in any way shape or form. 

what do you think?

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all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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4 thoughts on “9/11 The way we were, the way it is

  1. A Dialogue with the Spirit of Truth

    Dearest Spirit of Truth
    I feel like I used to feel
    when I realized that
    ‘all is not what it seems,’
    The story I created in my mind to
    escape the unbearable facts
    of my childhood.
    Spirit of truth speak to me.
    Is it true?

    Were we attacked by
    ourselves at 9/11?
    Was it an inside job?

    I used to joke that
    the pentagon was
    the high seat of Satanism
    in the US.

    Otherwise, why the shape
    of a pentagon?
    A pentagram fits
    perfectly inside.
    What a joke.
    I can hear God laughing.

    So speak to me
    Spirit of Truth.
    Was it an inside job?

    Alright, let’s talk about it,
    spirit replies.

    You feel it in your gut.
    You have detected
    the stinking thread
    of corruption that connects 9/11
    to what has come after.
    And it does smell of sulfur,
    the stink of fire and brimstone
    escaping from the gates of hell.

    And don’t they fit the pattern,
    Cheney and Bush;
    An evil personality
    taking a weaker personality

    M. Scott Peck knew what he was talking about.

    True or not, 9/11 has been used
    to create as much evil
    as if it had been
    caused for that very purpose.
    Which of course, it was.

    So now, here are some questions for you
    asked in the spirit of truth.
    Why do you want to know? Why do you want the truth?

    I don’t want to live inside a lie again.
    Been there, done that
    with Dad and Mom.

    How interesting the connection there,
    the parental role, parental abuse, parental lies
    and my country
    viewed in its parental role.

    What can you do with it? What can you do with the truth?

    For myself I can grieve it.
    I can have something to pin
    these feelings to,
    this anger and pain
    I carry about the misuse
    of my son’s service.

    How will knowing the truth help you?

    If we all know the truth,
    I won’t feel so alone.
    I won’t feel the way
    I used to feel,
    carrying the family secrets
    with no one to talk to.

    What do you think will happen if the truth comes out?

    Healing, my own and others;
    forgiveness even.
    Truth, you have always
    cleared the way for
    healing and forgiveness in me.
    How can it be so different
    at the macro, the national level?
    Those people, those poor people.
    Victims of fear and greed.
    Their families.

    And what if it doesn’t?

    Denial. I don’t approve of denial
    as a lifestyle choice.
    A temporary mechanism
    to lift us over a rough spot, OK.
    But not a lifelong choice.
    It’s unhealthy.
    More and more unhealthy
    behaviors develop to maintain the denial.

    How much of what happened
    after 9/11 developed to maintain denial?
    We’re surrounded by it.
    Climate change denial,
    overpopulation denial,
    it goes on and on.
    All I know is that this hurts.
    I struggle to find a way to live with it.

    Maybe I’m the terrible one.
    I know terrible things happened in the past
    and I kept my head down.
    Reagan and Iran contra and who knows what.

    My government has done so much harm
    in other countries for greed, for coercion.
    How silly to think it wouldn’t turn on us.

    So Spirit of Truth, any other questions?

    Yes, two. Who will you choose to be
    in the face of not knowing,
    not seeing the truth come out in your lifetime?
    Who will you be if it does?

    I hope to be a faithful person.
    I hope to find a way to continue
    to believe in love no matter what.
    I hope that love removes all
    that is not love from me
    so that love can clearly shine through me.
    I ask all this in the spirit of truth
    and without reservation.

    Susy Crandall

    My poem about the spirit of truth reflects the struggle I have had questioning the events of 9/11 and their causes. It reflects my experience with the healing effects of truth on a personal level and my belief that truth can heal on the macro level as well. It reflects my hope in my own personal power to choose who to be in the face of evil. I don’t want to be a bitter and hateful person. But I don’t want to have to live inside a lie either. Our government in my view has turned on us. It isn’t pretty. And most likely it isn’t over. 3000 killed on 9/11 + 1000’s of American soldiers killed in ridiculous wars + 1 million+ Iraqis and Afghans killed for oil + ad infinitum. How long can it be before our government decides it needs another ‘Pearl Harbor?’ Generally, for serial killers, it’s the first kill that gives permission for all the rest.

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  2. What do i think, well i did watch that zeitgeist film. It seems crazy to NOT see how strangely that event played out. And did u know a plane crashed into the Empire State building in the 50s? And it surely did not crumble the way the two towers did.
    I was 18 that day, working (telemarketing) and everyone was hanging up on us more than usual. Soon enough people had shouted “turn on the tv” before hanging up. So bosses called it a day and i returned home with the vague knowledge that the Pentagon was on fire, in time to see the second collapse.

    ***Tara thank you for this beautiful message with a special synchronicity for me. My 10yr old son and i were driving to try a free yoga class last night and discussing spirituality. He asked me “mom do you think i am on the path to ever become enlightened?” And as he said this i saw a rainbow in the sky, which i pointed out to him as a definitive affirmative message from Divine 🙂 reinforced to him again after school when i showed him your post from today 🙂 🙂


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