Trust your heart, act on it. Daily inspiration.

MARS in LEO TRINES URANUS in ARIES today mid afternoon EDT.

This will definitely keep you buzzing, restless and impatient today. It’s a big breakthrough day in the heart. At 19 degrees of Fire signs also affects Sagittarius and anyone with planets at these degrees.

Trigger happy day. Too much fire! Actions may be taken too rashly and impulsively. 

Mars in Leo at his most positive is the champion of the heart, the warrior of love. The Knight in Shining armor.  The positive Masculine will power in balance who honors and defends and protects the Feminine. The negative down side of Mars in Leo is expressed as   loud mouthed arrogant macho egotist, narcissistic, leader, politician, rap singer, boss or presidential candidate. 

The downside for men with Mars in Leo is literally having heart attacks because they are not living from their hearts’ truth. This happens to millions of men unfortunately every year. Guys check in with your hearts, this is your will center. You can see clearly what you need to do now.

see link for heart math institute below

This combo
 is great for big breakthroughs in the heart. Whatever you have been stuck becomes purified in the fires of the heart. Uranus is Higher consciousness, the Bigger picture. Brilliant insights are on the menu. Freedom for all. 



Trust your heart and ACT ON IT.

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