Oracles, divination, mystic insights by Tara Greene

The energy felt so intense today. SATURN is now at the CRITICAL last 29th degree of SCORPIO since September 1st.

The 29th degree, read as the 30th infers the end the Omega and the beginning the Alpha. 

Omega Symbol for Scorpio 30. Former reflections appearing on a mirror.  Transforming/Inspired.

Angel degree: HAHEUIAH (ha-HOO-ee-YAH) Overcoming Jealousy, Protection

Everything that has ever been, and will be, IS. Exists in the ETERNAL INFINITE NOW. Hence the title of this blog, Infinity now. The past is still happening, still accessible and there is no end to parallel universes. 

Napoleon Brousseau Charcoal drawings

Charcoal drawing, Napoleon Brousseau 

This degree is of pure creativity that draws on ANY AND ALL SOURCES AS MATERIAL “PRIMA MATERIA” for what it creates.  It symbolizes extreme creativity perspective and receptivity and whatever it takes in is continually reconfigured into new patterns from which new experiences and understanding can be drawn. 


I woke up this morning realizing all the answers, all the names of God/dess are all here already, I already know them. I already have the keys. We all do.

If only we could be in this state of NIRVANA, where all is pure potential like a child, the FOOL, in the now. GOD/DESS is  totally creative Artist . Like Don Miguel Ruiz, of the Four Agreements talks about in his Toltec wisdom that everyone in his Indigenous shamanic culture everyone is referred to as an artist because All that Is, is an artist. The Universe is the canvas. 

Pleiadian Symbol: A man in a death’s head mask sitting quietly in a dark tree. by John Sandbach.

Azoth Symbol: An alchemist carefully weighing the ingredients of a formula then casually throwing in other ones.

The aurora borealis. (Chandra Symbol). To have seen the wonders of the spiritual heights frees us from any fears of what may seem ominous or threatening in the moment.

There may be huge AURORA BOREALIS Sept 4th due to large Coronal Mass Ejections that will be visible as far south as Arizona?

A perfect black cube sits alone in the desert. (Chandra symbol). Like MECCA.  A complete surrender to the processes of change and transformation will make us deeply aware of our limitations and self-imposed isolation, which can be, ultimately, a good thing if we allow this realization to reconnect us with the light…..

I sort of pulled out my lower back, its sore.  Then had a client come who described having the same lower back pain in the evening who has been diagnosed with arthritis although she is in her early 30’s.  It happens. 

I want to work on Donald Trump’s astrology chart and Wayne Dyer’s who had such a spiritual death, passing away in his sleep.

Also thinking about Syria and the horrible crisis there created by the U.S. and Russia and Assad, using the people as pawns in their war games. These refugees seeking asylum will also destabilize Europe and other countries who take them in, this is a complex problem and we want to be egalitarian and humanitarian but there are other hidden factors going on behind the scenes here. Secularism is the only way to have any stability in the world. We must stop all organized religious based ideologies, after all they are merely political tools for power. As much as I like Pope Francis, very much, the Vatican is a very corrupt place, and the climate change business also smacks of New World Order stuff. Yet the climate is a mess, too much pollution, resources being gobbled up, raping the earth. Are we merely in a natural cycle? Or a man-made cycle? The Plutocrats have so much money, they  can build machines to create earthquakes, change weather patterns and such for their own greedy benefit and to wipe out mass populations. 

 Interesting that the Pope will be visiting America during the Total Lunar Eclipse although he is scheduled to fly out hours before the eclipse happens.

Inspirational Card of the Day 

#30 Banbury Castle Flower of Life crop circle  

Image on Card #30 of the Crop circle Oracle by Joseph- Mark Cohen, a friend and colleague. 

The image shows a FLOWER OF LIFE design with a zodiac of petals in the middle. The Flower of Life was discovered by Drunvalo Melchizedek from 20 years of research as the template for creating all life in the Universe.

There is both a double spiral vortex and moments of still points as the circles dance amongst each other. 

Oracle: “Go ahead, spin little dervishes until you find yours still point within. “

Wow, profound on so many levels. The whirling dervishes are the order that Rumi founded in Anatolia, now Turkey in the 13th Century. 

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all writing unless otherwise  indicated in by Tara Greene.

more art from Napoleon Brousseau!


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PANDORAMA by Nina Paley 

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    I hope that you are well Love, Les

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  2. “These refugees seeking asylum will also destabilize Europe ” God see’s everything as the west created chaos. Now they have to deal with it. Shame shame shame. The good news is there is no visa bills in heaven. Shame is a human weakness that the devil controls. Cant defeat the devil when your running with him. Its like if you don’t listen to me im going to rat you out. Devil is matter not spirit. Bound to earth. Once you raise your hand and say i screwed up,im sorry the devil is defeated. All starts with forgiveness.Thou shall not judge. Who said that?


    • from a spiritual perspective there is no devil either. The “test” is to know that you have never left paradise and that this is all an illusion appearing real.. We must stay rooted in the spiritual essence while being in the dense duality plane of matter. There is the interplay of opposites. Good/evil. Ultimately it all comes from the physical dualistic apparent separation. The earth plane contains many dark evil entities that manipulate people. its all about power. Earth is also a prison planet on one level. There are many dimensions operating at the same time. There are wrong ethical spiritual karmic wrongdoings. Created by us. Yes forgiveness is important, a Pisces thing, Jesus was attributed to the Age of PIsces. In essence all of the bIble is essentially about astronomy/astrology and some historical psychological manipulation stories.


      • Jews and islam dont believe jesus was god in the you have a choice on who to follow. The old or the new. You should research the jews dont believe in jesus. Light body work to float you out above.light as a feather.laws of moses which jesus denied came from man not the stars. Difference between matter and spirit. Everything is a test and someone left you a path and story to renew your vows.this world is a corpse. The devil is karma that reinforces jesus teachings. Would not dis the new get out of this hell hole. Dont worry about me, take care of your mother.thats were the soul is born then corrupted thru men


  3. One of the best blogs in the world in high priestess training. Time for your fans to send you donations so you can write a book about your journey. A priest/priestess survives on donations. Not everyone’s path is designed this way. Priests way way back were all seers talking with the stars.Giving the path for humanity. The secret the churches have been hiding.So its time to reward the right people who can lead you out of darkness into light! Have a great weekend.


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