Endings, love, Saturn in your life.

September 3, a Taurus Moon makes us feel stubborn sensuous, lazy, grounded and practical.

The Moon squared {kicked butt} with Venus and Mars  today so there may be some powerful taking it on the chin from Venus Retrograde in Leo today that brings it all home.

As Venus is barely budging in the skies now preparing to Finally turn Direct Sept 6 we find all the love, money, values, economy, relationships, fairness { the Syrian refugee crises comes under this banner as well}  and especially the treatment of women, coming to a head.

People are being called on their treatment of women. Justin Bieber for one. Women in Saudi Arabia have been allowed the vote for the first time ever during this Retrograde. They still can’t drive themselves but that is a huge step forwards. 

Mercury will inconjunct Neptune in Pisces tonight @ 8 degrees Libra /Pisces
Really look at a balanced approach to your dreams. You may need to shred that fantasy. Venus  rules Libra so Mercury is under her Retrograde leadership now. An egotistic VENUS in LEO self-aggrandizing drama will not hold water especially in a month from now.

Mark this date on your calendar

October 8 VENUS enters VIRGO and is promptly Squared by Saturn in Sagittarius

Infinite Love, astrology Tara Greene

This puts the onus on completion of relationships,serious, mature long term goals and a major turning point in education, justice, money, the economy and karmic love. The Reality/Fantasy gap will be looming large for everyone November 26, Thanksgiving in the U.S. when SATURN squares Neptune and Venus will be in Libra, her own sign. 

Someone I knew always said that Saturn always wins whatever sign it is in. Saturn is REALITY, physical 3D density, lead, consequences, karma, time, maturity, serious, depression, the father, the past,endings/beginnings. 

For some this is the perfect time to get engaged, move in together, get married or plan for one. 

Moon opposes Saturn on Friday. The energy lifts over the weekend as Moon enters Gemini then Cancer.

We are only 10 days away from the Virgo Solar eclipse Sept 12/13 EDT

13 days away from JUPITER in VIRGO opposite NEPTUNE- Sept. 16, major reality vs illusion energy.

2 weeks away from Mercury Retrograde September 17

2 weeks away from Saturn entering Sagittarius until 2017 as well. This is a major cusp, a huge turning point.

the Generation born in the early 80’s have Jupiter and Uranus together in early Sagittarius. They will have Saturn touch these planets soon. This makes for a should I stay or should I go energy. Saturn will nail you down. You must make some long-term commitments now.

Saturn enters Sagittarius September 17 and will end the year at 11+ degrees of Sagittarius.

SATURN< FATHER TIME, will aspect by  conjunction, plus a couple of degrees, all of those people in the world born in any year during the first 14 days of Sagittarius Nov, 22-until December 5th/6th.

me included. Do you think I write too much? Are  my articles too long? I got some feedback to that effect. I am getting burned out here, I love to write and there is simply not enough time in the day and I am really feeling Saturn sitting on my IC/MC. I have to focus on my website redo and my book. I also need your support through donations to keep doing the writing that I have done. I appreciate the reblogs. Let me know what you think.

It will aspect by square – a 90 degree HARD aspect all VIRGO and PISCES people in the entire world in any year born during the first 14 days of these 2 mutable signs. 

VIRGO’s born between August 22/23-September 6-Virgo is earth, the physical world

PISCES born between February 18 until March 4th- Pisces is water, the emotional/spiritual world

Saturn will aspect by opposition, all GEMINI peeps born in the first 14 days/degrees of the sign in any year – Gemini is Air, the duality of the mind. 

GEMINI born during May 22 until June 4th.

Check out your natal chart to see which houses your Sun is in for further clues as to where, what and how this aspect is affecting you and your long-term goals, and plans. I can help you understand these major long term cycles and help advise you on directions.

Please share widely

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

get a reading from Tara http://www.taratarot.com

 BODY And SOUL Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse 





12 thoughts on “Endings, love, Saturn in your life.

  1. Too long? Your articles are just right . . . you have a lot to say. I was most impressed that only a day or so after your computer lost a lengthy article, you dusted yourself off, got right back on the horse and continued writing your insightful articles. Thank you!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. why would someone waste their time complaining that your articles are too long. Reminds me of a lady who came into my job at the bakery and complained that the cookies tasted like butter and sugar…(?!?!) Some just want to complain, they mistakenly derive pleasure from it somehow.
    I say Thank You for any info that you feel you can share with us all 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I don’t think you write too much nor that your articles are too long. They’ve “saved my bacon” since I’ve subscribed. I laughed on the day we were ending bits and pieces of Karma because my Higher Power had me shake the hand of a roommate that was leaving, that for some reason I kept allowing back in to my life, and say, “Our contract is over and so is our Karma.” I’ve been meaning to ask for prayers from a reading two days ago and to send you some “green” as we might say. Not sure I know how to do paypal so would send you a check. It would be in dollars and not sure that’s good. My friend and I laugh because we say, hey I was born in 1935 so go easy with me and my computer skills. So did I miss an actual address here? Now to what you need to do for you…..I’m your cheer leader, do what you have to do, want to do, need to do….that’s what you’d say to me I’m sure. big hugs and a cuppa tea, bbs

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  4. So appreciative of and so enjoy all of what you say, whether its long or short seems irrelevant to me. I’m really feeling the 29th or are we now 30th degree Saturn in Scorpio. It has been a very unpleasant sojourn the entire transit to be honest. All the best with your website and book Tara xx


  5. Hi Tara,

    I always read your articles & they leave me begging for more, not less!!! I would be interested in learning where my natal planets will take me in the should I stay or go category. Both my boyfriend & I were born in 84… And do u accept checks?

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  6. Your articles are NOT too long – quite informative and they make for a good read. Transiting Saturn on your IC? Huge turning point for you as it enters the second sector, all good things.


    • hi Brent
      Actually I lost part of the 11:11 articles earlier today. Saturn i stransitting my Saggy SUN in my first hous. Neptune is in my 4th just past my North NOde. I am feeling tired physically from Saturn and must redo my website. Neptune makes me get lost, and dream, and procrastinate and unfocuses me. I love Saturn and honor him and he is exalted in Libra in my 11th house. SO I need Saturn’s discipline.
      blessings TARA


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