Monday, healing karma

A second chance for a very rare numerology magic like 888 doesn’t happen often so do make magic, clear your karmic debts and be prepared to go to INFINITY and Beyond after conjuring up your eternally present reality.

I did the karmic cord cutting for a number of people. I thank those who contacted me and in private revealed their issues. I did ceremony on Friday and Sunday, Sunday night’s felt stronger, as we are also in the 888 energy today.

After an emotional karmic release one needs to visualize a healing balm, image, sound or word. I will pick a Tarot card for the day to guide you.

DAILY inspiration 2 of wands 

.2 of wands Tarot Tara Greene

Path of Light Tarot 

I searched for a long time to find this image. I like the inspiration of the two wands, as light and protection. The number 2 in the Tarot is related to the Hebrew Letter Chokmah the 2nd Sephiroth on the Tree of Light and relates to the Moon, the High Priestess, dreaming, receptivity, cycles and active imagination. The 2’s are always about balance, relationships both within and without, communicating and objectivity, one { source} sees itself through another. 


NO matter how dark the path may have been, how many times you tried, there is now a light that guides you. Protection, double the fire power and inspiration. Hold your light aloft for all to see. Blaze brightly. 

Jupiter in VIRGO is inconjunct with the North Node of the Moon in LIBRA in the a.m.

I still have to get used to the sound and feel of Jupiter in Virgo. Be very careful about where you are going, watch your budget. Relationships may be a bit squeaky.

But then Virgo Moon sextiles Saturn Monday then goes Void of Course at 10:16 a.m. PST

Moon enters LIBRA after noon.

energies are relatively LITE on Tueday except for those Cardinal Squares starting up again.

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3 thoughts on “Monday, healing karma

  1. So today, the Mayan calendar tells us is the combination of 11 and Toj. This is described as a day that brings us to new evolutionary crossroads, a day about the power of cause and effect which gives us a chance to accept responsibility for our choices and mend our actions through the Sacred Fire! Combined with the special 888 numerology of today, i am sending my intention towards all humanity accepting these high vibrations and taking steps towards our collective evolution!


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