The Hero’s journey, Perseid Meteor Shower

The Perseid Meteor showers are annual very prolific meteor  showers appearing to us to be emanating from the Constellation Perseus. They peak tonight August 12 and tomorrow.

In Greek Mythology Perseus was the legendary founder of Ancient Mycenae and to the Perseid dynasty of Danaans, was the first hero. He was a hero who defeated various archaic monsters which are psychological complexes personified and archetypal symbols which became the founding myths of the Twelve Olympians.
Perseus beheaded the Gorgon Medusa whose head was crowned with dreadlocks as she was an African Amazon which was misinterpreted as snakes. Although serpent power was connected to Goddess tribes. He also rescued and  saved Andromeda who was chained to a rock from the sea monster Cetus. Perseus was the son of the mortal Danaë and the god Zeus. He was also the great grandfather of Heracles, also a son of Zeus.

The hero's Journey Tara Greene

Perseus Cycle 7, The Doom Fulfilled, 1888 by Edward Burne-Jones 

The modern-day Percy Jackson books for teens and films is a modern take on the ancient myths.

Joseph Campbell, author of many books most famously The Hero with a Thousand Faces described the Ancient archetypal stories that are repeated over and over again everywhere in the world from ancient camp fires in caves to the big screen Hollywood blockbuster of today and tomorrow. Harry Potter, Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Lord of The Rings, aall the marvel comic characters, Superman, Batman, and Aladdin, are part of these stories

The Hero/ Heroine’s journey is this:

The Hero/heroine is introduces in his EVERYDAY World where they receive the CALL TO ADVENTURE.  At first RELUCTANT, to cross the first gateway or threshold. Eventually the hero/heroine meets with Tests, allies and enemies. They reach the   darkest most forbidden and scariest place, usually a labyrinth, Hell, or other Nightmarish place. Here they must face the Supreme Ordeal. The hero/heroine seizes the sword, Grail, jewel, Lamp or other treasure and is then pursued back to their place of origin. The hero/heroine is resurrected and transformed by the experience of facing the Dragon, defeating the giant, escaping the whale, tomb, or near death.  They return to their ordinary world with a treasure, boon, Elixir or benefit to offer the world.

 During the peak of the Meteor shower tonight and until Friday, the as above, so below symbols are to make  wishes to be the hero/heroine of your own life; to be more courageous in facing your own demons and shadows where you eventually discover the treasure within.

This also ties in with Saturn still hanging in there at 28+ degrees Scorpio. Saturn is the dragon, our own internal projected demons/daemons. I am struggling with my own Saturn stuff here. So please patience is a Saturnine virtue. We may do the belated support group on Google.



all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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6 thoughts on “The Hero’s journey, Perseid Meteor Shower

  1. Hi Tara,
    For some reason Saturn in Scorpio doesn’t feel as full on as he did the past 2 years though I am still struggling with trying to figure out what to do with my career, (Saturn in 10th house in Scorpio). Even though I’m sure there is stuff to deal with it feels like ‘been there done that’ and I don’t want a repeat!! I am feeling similar broody melancholy emotions and difficulty catching my breath sometimes (dont have respiratory issues). I think its psychosomatic. It left when Scorpio went into Sag.
    Don’t worry about the support group, I get SO much from your daily emails and find them very knowledgeable, interesting and reassuring. And a great help in these times!
    Thank you and go well in Sedona xx


    • Thanks Jo. Interesting that you don’t feel Saturn as heavy now as it was over the last two years.It also depends on if Saturn is still making hard aspects, square, quincunx, oppositions to your natal or other transiting planets. Yes your career direction of course with Saturn in the 10th. What is your 10th M.C. cusp? I do like to keep my word. I am also trying to get my old website finally done. I am under Saturn exactly squaring my MC. I.C. and I am feeling it. Cant wait till Saturn stays in Sagittarius. blessings TARA


  2. Yes Tara- reading your messages feels like a support group! It is truly amazing (as someone who is just now beginning to follow what the planets are doing) to see how these effects are playing out in my life! Sun in Leo combined w Venus retro and my husband is a Leo. Has anyone else noticed people breaking up? And a lot of celebrity breakups?


    • hi Yes Venus Retrograde is all about reviewing, releasing, revealing, re-evaluating, re-lationships. Yes lots of break ups and downs in the love-department for sure. I am seeing many clients needing to finally release their old karmic patterns. The hero’s journey feels very deeply resonant to me.
      blessings TARA

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