Get down and dirty

There’s no place like home. Yes Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz said it best. I like L.A. a lot, I love the gorgeous Bougainville’s and exotic succulents and palm trees everywhere. California people are laid back an open. California is new, Light, rich, creative and all about consumption, opulence and appearances. There are so many homeless people especially in Venice, but I was surprised at the numbers up at the W Hotel up at Hollywood and Vine, such a contrast of opulence and poverty.

My brand new Salvador Dali Universal Tarot got me hauled in at customs. The officer opened my bag, tried to get the new manual out and looked at the cards.  Interesting. suspicious Tarot cards. but it was all ok.

The synchronicity of #13 continued. My daughter and I were consigned seats by the airline which werent together. The plane was full and we overshot our seats as everyone was trying to get on. Two people offered to take seats which weren’t ours. We let a family of three sit together then someone moved to let us sit together in row 13.

OK I get it DEATH REBIRTH TRANSFORMATION Saturn and the Death card keep shouting at me. OK i want to change, I want to let go. I want to redo my website. I want to change the way I work. I want to be fully enlightened. I want to trust totally.  I sailed for the first time ever and on the ocean,and got to steer the boat. I went on a very scary Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios with an 80 foot drop which my husband can’t believe I did as I have never gone on rides like that and my daughter was terrified of; I laughed and also thought it was pretty pathetic. Got on the L.A. subway for the first time. New is rebirth. Death is stagnation. 

After the absolute smoothest flight I have ever been on, Air Canada by the way, and a perfect landing. It was a piece of cake to get home. 

Moon speeded through Sagittarius. Was also a nice touch to come home under a Saggy moon as I was born in Toronto under one. A bit itchy night as Moon is inconjunct to Mars in Cancer. Its like planets during a divorce.

CENTAUR Moon trines JUPITER its ruler in the morning

Get up early and giddy  up out of here. Home on the range. Crack lots of jokes. and take it easy. 

Moon goes Void of  course until 11:47 am PDT/

MOON enters Capricorn at that time which I keep wanting to call Crapricorn these days. 

Hopi kachina Astrology Tara Greene

Earthy Hopi Kachina Doll Mudhead

Moon trines VENUS an earthy muddy  get down and dirty at zero degrees Virgo plunge to earth. Zero degrees TAURUS completes the aspect for a Grand Earth Trine. This will feel like a welcome relief. I have been feeling really space for days. 

Moon and Sun just don’t agree in an inconjunct at day’s end Cali time./ next day EDT.

Hump Day is complicated with a Mercury in Leo inconjunct to PLUTO. 

the big blaring ego of say someone like Kanye West who is totally unconscious of his deeper shadowy power drives.

got to go

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8 thoughts on “Get down and dirty

  1. Loved this post
    I too have been seeing the death card showing up in my tarot reading. Along with 10 of swords and judgment cards together. I can relate to your opening remarks. I sure hope with Saturn’s involvement it’s not a sign of death to male father figure but just that radical change may be coming or I need to make radical changes to my lifestyle.

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  2. I love the mud-headed kachina doll pic, so grounded, pure, healing, and brings synchronization for me, as today was the big clean-up day for a very large amount of mucky mud removed by angelic landscapers, after 480 gallons water (illegally deposited by arrogant neighbor) was finally pumped out of my drainage pond. Long story re: power struggle with wealthy, millionaire neighbors over water dispute, which was so toxic I had PTSD for months. But today, with mud removed, great Feng Shui, and blessings from your kachina diety, I finally feel at peace and healed. I love your blogs and read them every day; such a wide repertoire of universal insights channeled through blessed traditions and your own, unique gifts. Thanks for sharing so much, and I hope you find some easy solutions for your website transformation. Maybe one of your tech readers will gift you exactly what you invision. Blessings to you, and thanks for your great blogs.

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    • hey Kathy
      I am channelling what comes through me.Sorry to here about your stressful muddy bad neighbor episode. Mud is the spiritual ground stuff from which the lotus of enlightenment grows. Glad its over now. THanks for your input. Blessings Tara


  3. omg i did a tarot reading for myself (i am really new to the cards) last nite Wed pm. 10 card celtic cross spread, I also got the death card, it was in the Root of the Reading position and it was also reversed (whew!) I also got 9 of Cups and 10 of Pentacles and the outcome was Knight of Wands. I hope this means my transformations will all be so very good and positive!


    • hi Evelyn
      the cards take time to get used to and really understand. I personally don’t do reversals because my teacher thought that was a lazy way of interpreting things. Your roots are changing or need pruning? this can alude to all roots, childhood, unconscious, your home, memories etc. It like saturn in Scorpio right now. the 9 of cups is called the wishing card,and the 10 of disks is the highest manifestation card but also signifies the fulfillment and ending of that energy. Knight of Wands is the fire of fire, Sagittarius, my personal signifying card actually.You must act with passion to manifest your wishes hopes and dreams. IN astrology this would be likened to 11th house issues, 4th house- roots, Pisces and Capricorn and Sagittarius. Sounds good to me.

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  4. There are many many books on Tarot as it has exploded in the last 25 years or so.The first book I started with was Mary Greer’s Tarot Constellations,she also has 21 ways to read a Tarot card.and check out her website. Rachel Pollack is also one of the superstar authors of the Tarot world.
    It also depends on which deck you are using. Most people begin with Rider- Waite the most popular and traditional deck. I started with it then went immediately to THOTH tarot.
    My teacher also had me study Kabbalah so when you begin to learn the basics you need to do deeper.I had learned Astrology before seriously studying the taror so it gave e an advantage. My studies at art school gave me a deeper understanding of color, which is also helpful. I like the Jung and the Tarot book, there are so many perspectives. an interesting book by Cynthia Giles called The Tarot has a history.
    The Tarot school is also well respected. there are tarot conferences annually all over.
    There are online courses. the Tarot Association site has fifteen thousand subscribers and gives online courses. they are very popular. It takes time and you need to meditate with each Trump to let the archetypes come alive for you. Tarot is a path to enlightenment.

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