Freaky Friday, perfection is coming

The intensity of the energies is weighing on me even though on another level it seems light-ish. Feeling rather tired. It was a beautiful sunny hot day here with lots of ocean breezes.  I am grateful to be in Venice California which really is paradise and pretty mellow.

I’m in a different type of space, you know how it is when you are staying in a friend’s home… Miss my dog Jasper, miss my garden growing so abundantly. Starting to feel like I am actually in California. Shifting realities always awes me. Do you feel that way? So many people move around so much these days.

California is a dream, and all about money, materialism and shopping which I am not into. Especially here in Venice. And it’s a carnival. 

Moon is in Leo friday BUT it will feel rather convoluted and perhaps FREAKY. 

Moon trines Uranus.

Be open for unexpected rushed to the gates of freedom.

Aspects are generally good saturday.

Energy shifting is in the works what with Venus entering VIRGO and Moon conjunct Jupiter in Leo and then Venus .

Things will be even more Virgo til TUESDAY as Moon enters VIRGO July 18.

VIRGO astrology Tara Greene

a mix of  emotional Cancer, loud overblown Leo and humbly on budget emotionally..

Fire and earth -two very distinct elements. 

I’ll shoot a short card of the day video tomorrow and upload. 

Let me know how you are feeling. 

blessings TARA

Please share widely

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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8 thoughts on “Freaky Friday, perfection is coming

  1. good morning Tara! Enjoy California for me lol!! Mind blown again as your astrology reading lines up so perfectly with the sacred Mayan Calendar, today is 6 Tijax and 6 brings trials while Tijax is among other things the energy of a good shaking that is needed to discern your true path.
    Also I told all my friends about your warning of sadness in the wee hours on tuesday, and they all agreed yesterday it was an excellent assessment.
    I will be telling my co workers again today, Watch Yourself! 🙂


      • I have been following the Cholq’ij through the work of Carlos Barrios and also his daughter Denise (they are Mayan Daykeepers) since before the 2012 portal. It is a sacred book that is a road map to the evolution of consciousness of all creation. All the times it is “strangely” accurate have led me to see it is actually synchronicity. Astrology is also completely compatible with it, as the world’s astrology traditions were supposedly devised using information from the Cholq’ij as input.
        Your assessment of today being generally a good day meshes perfectly with the information I have about today, 7 Kawoq. energy of global consciousness, groups, and collaboration, combined with introspection, internal growth, spirituality. There is a lot to it however, I don’t profess to be an expert, just someone who has a copy of a sacred text 😉
        Have a great day in Venice Beach! I visited there once and it was wonderful 🙂


  2. Hi Tara: You sound a little home sick! Just enjoy the vib there, a mini change of scene for you! Another new experience…a hot time to be travelling, especially to California! I feel really good, free, healthy and grateful! I love the breezes while riding my bike! Life is good…going to the Folk Festival tonight on Jericho beach!


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