Today was good, tomorrow better.

New Moon in Cancer it was a big historic day July 15 2015  

Pluto got his close up as did his Moons. We have boldly looked at and photographed a  planet which has symbolized Death and power, secrets, fear and control in the face! And we found that the planet and all of our fears seemed to have a heart on it. Awww. A perfect metaphor. It is all a symbol. I love it don’t you?

Live transpersonally.

New quarks were discovered! called Pentaquarks, Penta = 5 = Venus.


This Cancer New Moon with Mercury planet of communications and Mars planet of sex, anger and energy was opposing Pluto, lord of death.  My computer {Mercury} crashed {Mars/Pluto=death.} OMG I was freaked. Computers do often take up the energy of what is going on in your life. Thanks little computer for doing that,

I am in L.A. in Venice Beach and was aware of the heavy energies of the DARK MOTHER energy of this New Moon. The Moon is in her own sign so she is also strong and self-nurturing is there and available too. We need to be able to hold the tension of the opposites. It felt exhausting on some levels but I also felt very protected. Did you?  My daughter managed to get my computer to restart and some of my desktop is up, but my files are all different and some things are screwed up. 

There were molotov cocktails in Greece over the austerity measures. More secrets will out. The banking scandals, the corporations that move and shake entire countries millions of people and whole countries. The swindling, corruption everywhere. We can look feared archetypes in the face. We have just done so.

I couldn’t post my little card of the day video I made on the Beach today because of computer crash. But it had this card.

Inspirational card of the day  

tarot card reader tara greene

Prince of Cups Thoth Tarot /Scorpio

The Prince of Cups is a totally proper guide for this special unveiling of Pluto day.

The Prince of Cups symbolizes Scorpio. Pluto is a powerful transformer, the greatest one, death itself.  Pluto is the symbol of enlightenment. We are waking up and being transformed. Dark matter, dark mother, it is the same world, the same words. 

I remember a wonderful children’s book that I read first to my son Elijah and then again to my daughter Leah. It was called Funnybones and it had charming illustrations of the family of skeletons, a mother, father and little boy skeleton and their dog skeleton.

children's books Tara Greene

Perhaps we can honor the bones of our ancestors, and our history which has been overwritten to serve the power mongers of the few.Perhaps when all the skeletons are out of the closet, which Pluto in Capricorn symbolizes that is in process, the skeletons can rest and play and be harmless and we will not be afraid of death.

The Prince of Cups is a youthful energy. We are just beginners. 

The suit of cups are like Cancer energy, open, receptive, the Grail, water, flow, dissolving hardness. 

Be open.  The Deep, Dark Mother New Moon in Cancer energy says

“Let everything happen to you. Beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final.” – Rainer Maria Rilke.

July 16 

Moon trines Saturn an appropriate serious maturing day. Let the impact of yesterday’s actions, sit and distill their impact and importance.

Moon enters LEO early in the morning

Wake up with the courage of a LION.

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All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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2 thoughts on “Today was good, tomorrow better.

  1. thank you for all the effort and caring you send to us… much about today’s message lifts my spirit….hugs, Barbara Steinbrenner…and I’m a cancer, 80 on July 2nd…..surrounded by Cancerians…..


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