Blow your mind, brilliant healing insights

Major planetary energies this upcoming week. I’ll preview Sunday and Monday’s energies.

It’s a URANIAN week with high mental winds,  high-octane intense energies, a super charged New Moon, major dramas, tension, stress, opposing factions, more stress, aggression, impulsive displays of emotions, and mental physical emotional body activations.

As I am getting ready to travel to L.A. I will write less and perhaps do videos when in California. Ya got any requests? What would you like me to be writing about? 

Sunday July 12 

Brilliant insights are available with the Moon in Gemini and the Sun squaring Uranus. Let go of the ego, journey into the unknown. 

July 13 Inspirational Card of the Day 

Tarot card reader Tara Greene The Tower

July 13

Moon continues on Gemini and is very active as befits a Gemini moon of course.

Moon aspects Uranus Chiron Jupiter Venus And Saturn this day alone. 

Mercury,Gemini’s ruler is in Cancer and Trines Neptune 

Creative and spiritual awareness and insights are there. It is through following your feelings that the magic happens. Trust your intuition. It’s OK to daydream today. 

SUN trines CHIRON – a delightful healing aspect 

Centaur by Gustave Moreau tara Greene

Chiron the wounded healer with dead poet Gutsave Moreau  19th C.

Major healing can occur today. Bringing to light old vulnerabilities enables greater spiritual awareness that We are the LIGHT. We are the Source. We are the healers, we are already healed and whole. This is great energy and very positive as the Heads will roll energy is coming right up.

Moon enters CANCER its home sign  late in the evening PDT.

We will want to stick close to home and please our tummys. Call your MOM.

A very serious sobering days end as VENUS squares Saturn in Scorpio Rx.

Venus is a the last critical degree of Leo moving at a snail’s pace and in Leo she is as dramatic as she can be. Venus, the Queen of Love Money, luxury and beauty is the Queen of Hearts now. And you remember what she famously said in Alice in Wonderland don’t you? 

Yes and heads will roll in many directions. I know that has an awful connotation  what with ISIL beheading Infidel captives. Many bigwigs may get the sac for one reason or another for various screw ups and snafu’s and breaches of security. 

On a more personal level relationships can hit big walls, and tests of their strength now, with many seemingly secure relationships getting rocked. This energy will pick up speed as the planet changes direction as Venus Turns Retrograde on July 25 for six weeks until September 6.

Saturn is depression and many people may be feeling alone, down, in the black, getting old and feeling abandoned, lonely left out…etc.  The aspect occurs July 14 in EDT in the wee hours. 

As Venus goes retrograde in LEO we must retrace our relationship choices, which were based on selfish, egotistic childish desires, the negative side of LEO; Witness the divorce of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. 

Monday has Moon trine Neptune – dream on.

Moon conjuncts Mercury 

talk about your feelings.

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Heads will roll- Yeah Yeah Yeahs 



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