Chiron Retrograde, Quincunx overload

WTF is a Quincunx you are asking? We’ll get to that keep reading…

Chiron the wise, wild and wounded Centaur is a comet/asteroid which symbolizes our vulnerabilities, weaknesses and humanness turns Retrograde June 24 @ 21+ degrees of Pisces. Chiron will help us to heal our old wounds and addictions, especially as he will be in tandem with Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio over the next three months. This is great.

Remy Martin Tara Greene Astrology

CHIRON the CENTAUR in PISCES as Remy Martin model

All planets turning Retrograde are at their most powerful. They are at standstill. The exact Retrograde chart moment most shows some difficult aspects and obstacles we all must surmount during the next five months until Chiron turns Direct November 27.

Chiron is in a wide square to the new-born Cancerian Sun. There may be a long difficult birthing process, a lot of pushing will be required, all squares apply pressure. The pressure is to keep the unconditional LOVE flowing from the deepest wellsprings of your own inner beauty. To keep connected to the unlimited source of love itself. 

Chiron is opposite to LILITH at 23+ degrees of Virgo. Oppositions create great tension. Lilith in Virgo is about our innate connection with the earth, our ancestors with what our guts and bones know. Lilith is the archetype of the Goddess who is Mother Nature Herself, wild, free, untamable,fully sexual. Chiron in Pisces is spiritual, ephemeral, we can get lost in the images and our own conscience perceptions and projections of Spirit. This aspect reminds us that our Bodies are our temples and to stay firmly grounded and in the physical dimension. No running off to the 5th, 6th or higher dimensions without staying in the body. 

Chiron is trining Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio HEALING THE WOUNDED MASCULINE

Chiron was Chronos/Saturn’s son and so father and son are helping each other and helping the wounded Masculine to heal. Some myths say that Chiron was memorialized for his service by being turned into the constellation Centaurus, others say it was the constellation Sagittarius. see more about the Centaurus constellation link below:

The Sun, the Moon and the Nodes of the Moon are in square 

Follow the Moon in Libra and the North Node

the symbolic male female Sun/Moon love battle is being fought. Libra stresses the balance, peace justice, relating and need for beauty and art in our lives.

Mercury in Gemini is squaring Neptune in Pisces

Use the balance of the intuitive and the rational mind to follow your soul’s dreams.

5 Irritable Inconjuncts/ Quincunx aspects 

Inconjuncts or Quincunx’s are 150 degree aspects between two planets in totally different elements and modalities which have vastly different means of expressions and languages. It will take great listening and empathy skills to get the two or more planets to be able to come to an understanding or agreement.

1. Chiron is inconjunct to Venus and Jupiter in Leo

– healing the wounds of the heart, ego, vanity, jealousy, the addiction to the drama itself,

2.Pluto in Capricorn is inconjunct to the Goddess of Love and the King of the Gods uniting in power sign Leo.

– healing wounds of needing to be in control, using the material plane as a substitute for love,

3. Saturn in Scorpio is inconjunct to Mars at the critical 29th degree of Gemini

-male power and control issues especially around Sex, mental hair-splitting, immaturity versus responsibility.

4.Lilith in Virgo is inconjunct to Uranus in Aries

-new respect for women, the body’s knowledge the environment and simpler lifestyles

5. Saturn is widely inconjunct to Uranus in Aries

– the old patriarchal structure versus freedom, equality, Aquarian ideals, new inventions, liberation on all levels of culture and society. 

Call upon Chiron to help you. The healing is by being strong enough to go through your own buried pain, pain that never was experienced voiced or felt. Being vulnerable enough to drop your own inner defenses, crying is great, cry a river, pray, call upon your Guardian angels. Know that the dark night of the Soul is one of the stages of healing. It is the symbol of the Moon #18 in the Tarot. FAcing the fear of annihilation by calling upon the psyche;s own infinite strength.


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