A Midsummer Night’s Dream, sex, fairies,fools


“Lord what fools these mortals be”- Puck 

Midsummer Liltha Tara Greene Edward Robert Hughes

Midsummer Eve by Edward Robert Hughes 1908

This evening, the night before the Summer Solstice is the Famous one Shakespeare wrote about. A day of sexual frolicking in the fields. The fairies are out in the forests. The SUN reaches his PEAK in the sky and begins to slowly wain and die.  He surrenders his power to the GODDESS the Queen of SUMMER and fertility who makes the plants grow to feed her children and to ensure new life. 

This Year Moon conjuncts Venus and JUPITER in LEO so very romantic, proud, daring, dramatic, big-hearted it will be. 

Mercury is finally over its storm period but will take till June 27 to pass its Retrograde station point.

SUMMER BEGINS in the Northern Hemisphere @ 9:37 am PDT/12:37 pm EDT/4:37 GMT
WINTER BEGINS in the Southern Hemisphere same time

The Sun King reaches the peak of his long journey begun Dec 21st. Called Litha by pagans and witches it is the Celebration of the triumph of the Light which also signifies its demise. The Light dies unto itself and sets sail into the oncoming fall. It is the Celebration of the Longest Light and Night and the Birth of the Season of Summer bringing the greatest vegetation growth.
Astrologically it is the Sun entering zero degrees of Cancer which marks the Summer Solstice. We Celebrate the Summer, romp in the Garden, Have a Solstice Celebration!

Wear a flower crown in your hair. Bonfires are built.  At Summer Solstice we state what it is we are pregnant with, nourishing, nurturing feeding,  our literal children or our creations, ideas, desires, feelings. We carry this and give birth, and the fields, flowers, produce grows, soaks up the sun’s most intense rays in Leo and is finally ready to be Harvested under the sign of Virgo the Virgin Goddess of the Grain. In agricultural societies all life depended on the food grown, the produce that would be stored, dried, preserved,for life to continue safely and securely.

The sign of Cancer rules the Mother and the mothering principle, ruled by the Moon herself. The Moon is the Goddess and women’s cycles.The earliest calendars discovered showed 28 dots on them and were created by menstruating women most likely or men following the moon’s  and women’s menstrual cycles. The moon means time.

Cancer is water,the womb, feelings, emotions, moods, instincts, the oceans, wells, home, safety, security, emotional needs, food, nurturing, safety, security, nurses, caretakers, support workers, caves, river deltas, roots, nests,the root chakra, the womb, memories, the Unconscious, your childhood, flow, the Goddess Diana, all Moon Goddesses, and all Female Goddesss pregnant with the Moon.

In the Tarot Cancer is the Sign associated with Tarot Trump # 7 THE CHARIOT

The Chariot Cancer Astrology Tarot Tara Greene

The Chariot Tarot Horse Goddess by Emily Balivet

In Ancient Egypt the Summer Sign was symbolized by the Scarab beetle before it was associated with the Crab. The scarab or dung beetle rolling a ball of dung and was seen to be like a God rolling the golden orb of the Sun across the skies. The dung beetle was the shepherd or charioteer assisting the Sun’s passage in the sky. The scarab is a symbol of immortality.  The sign of Cancer symbolized alchemy because the insect was a lowly creature, ordinary, lowly turning with its’ labours dung into worth = gold.

The esoteric meaning of Cancer is that the CHARIOT is the VEHICLE, the means of travel. The Chariot symbolizes the Body as Vehicle for the Soul.  Our Mother’s bodies were our personal chariot’s. They nurtured and carried us, gave birth to us through their vaginas, also  a road, a passageway, a tunnel to the outside world from inner earth.The Hopi Indians say they emerged from inside of the earth.

 Mother is the Universal source for all life, When we gaze at the moon we instinctively remember her womb.

So during the month of Cancer, feel your feelings and your body. Be near water, drink lots of water, feel pregnant,  swelling, expanding, bonded, needing to nest, eating well, resting, listening to your tummy.

Like the lotus which grows from mud, and the lowly dung beetle which rolls its ball of dung, the beautiful iridescent moon like pearl  is formed from a single grain of sand. You won’t be lacklustre during Cancer month. You can turn every irritating or single grain of sand into a beautiful pearl.

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all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

A Midsummer Night’s dream by Julie Taymor 




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