New cycles of desire,Mars conjunct Sun

I took a well deserved day off June 14 as I have been super busy. Yes Saturn is now Retrograde in SCORPIO  June 14 @ 8:35 pm EDT.  I want to sit with the energy for a few days before I announce our SHADOW DANCING  support group . Saturn will make us, the collective, deal with all of our unconscious shadows for the next three months. I strongly suggest you face this ponderous SOUL task now or wait 29 years.  email if you are interested. This will be a teleconferencing teaching and mutual support group. email

The heavens give all the signs. MARS, Scorpio’s  traditional ruler, and only ruler in Indian Vedic Astrology joins up with the Sun June 14 to bring Light to our dark and heroic journey.

Sun and Mars conjunct in Gemini at @23 + degrees June 14.  

The passion of the mind and the Soul of Light ignite in balance. Gemini is the element of Air and the mind, it is a dual human sign and Sol/the Sun is soul’s symbol, the Light.

Mercury is finally direct, although still in its shadow period until June 27th. The Sun in Gemini illuminates, clarifies, expands and energizes our minds and our mental desires and actions.  

Mars rules SEX, passion, energy, desire, the masculine, war, aggression and defenses.  Mars affects both men and women who also have testosterone in their bodies. We all have passions, drives, aggressive and powerful sexual desires. Each of us has both masculine and feminine energies. That is why GEMINI is the symbol of the Lovers in the Tarot.

GEMINI in the TAROT is symbolized by the LOVERS Trump #6

the Lovers Gemini Tara Greene Alex Gray

“Kissing” painting by Alex Grey 

Mars conjunct the Sun symbolizes a return, a birthday, a completion of a heroic journey which began April 18, 2013.  Think back on what was going on in your life then. What were you creating, passion about, doing then? Is that passion still alive?  Has it changed? How and why? What was driving and motivating you then has come full circle. Sun conjunct Mars in Gemini reminds me of the story of Icarus flying too close to the Sun. 

Mars is anger which can also be channeled in a positive way and used as a positive guide. If you need courage, strength, determination, power, “the big guns” ambition, confidence, machismo, then Mars benefits you with these gifts. Fight the good fight, run for charity, stir up positive passion in others. Use Mars to protest against greed, lies, avarice, war. Mars is pure fire it ignites whatever it touches.  Mars in Gemini is talk, talk, information, questions, debates. 

Today begins a new action cycle START ME UP and LIGHT MY FIRE which reaches its 1/2 way point May 22, 2016 with Mars at 2+ degrees of Sagittarius and ends on July 29 with Mars at 5 degrees of Leo 2017.

Begin to plan now. Feel your desire rising for where you want to be. Let your libido and your passions ignite and guide you. Get a notebook or start a special page on your devices. 

Where is 23 degrees Gemini in your natal chart.?This implies a new beginning from that specific house and its attendant meanings. 

NOTE: GEMINI peeps born  June 13- 19th this transit really affects you strongly.


June 13: Actor Chris Evans, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Kat Dennings

June 14: Donald Trump, Boy George

June 15: Neil Patrick Harris, Helen Hunt, Courtney Cox, Ice Cube

June 17: Venus Williams, Barry Manilow

June 18: Sir Paul McCartney, Blake Shelton

June 19: Macklemore, Zoe Saldana, Paula Abdul, 

Plus all the MUTABLE SIGNS -VIRGO born September 15-19, PISCES born March 21-16 and SAGITTARIUS born Dec 14- 19 you will also feel this energy very powerfully. You dont have to be born under a Mutable sign to feel it motivate you. If you have planets at 21-25 degrees of these signs it powers you up. 

Call on the planet Mars to guide you in a meditation.  You may want to sit with this energy until New Moon June 16 when the Moon joins Sun and Mars they are all conjunct. I’ll write about that separately.

Here’s the astrology chart which you should print and keep as your starting map over the next two years.  

Sun conjunct Mars astrology Tara Greene


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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