Neptune Retrograde,Daily Inspiration,New lovers

NEPTUNE planet of soul mates, Hollywood, dreamers, addictions, artists turns Retrograde June 12  early in the morning until November 18. As with all Retrograde planets its review, re-dream, relax, reunite, rewind, reinvent, relinquish, resurrect, reincarnation.

hollywood icon sign Tara Greene

Watch for old dreams, loves, spiritual buddies and synchronicities on all levels over the next few months.

Moon enters earthy stubborn, grounded, sensuous Taurus June 12 @ 7:16 am PDT/10:16 am EDT

Taurus likes security and is stubborn so don’t expect rash emotional moves.

Moon in inconjunct Saturn in Sagittarius

making us less than fearless. 

Gemini Sun squares Chiron 

If you have planets at 20-22 degrees Gemini you will feel the most vulnerable. Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius peeps too get squared or opposed. Be curious about other peoples’ plights. 

Moon square Venus in the evening

A romantic night, Venus rules Taurus so the lady wants to be indulged in every pleasure possible. A beautiful meal, flowers, music, soft massages,  dancing, partying or watching movies,or  playing music  on the couch is OK too.

A great way to start the weekend which is bullish until Sunday afternoon. 


Prince/Page of Cups Tarot Tara Greene

Knave of Chalices Metamorphosis Tarot


A wonderful new beginning emotionally. All Pages are young innocent and inexperienced, a maiden or younger boy energy. This unconventional Knave of Chalices/or Cups from the Tarot of Metamorphosis, a lovely deck, is very angelic, bathed in golden Light and following a bird in flight. The emotions are taking off, and are very Light in nature. 

Chalices or cups are symbols of the Yoni, the womb, the Feminine, the vulva. As a vase they symbolize receptivity, emotions and water. Both men and women have a receptive adaptability.


Meditate on these questions.

What is being born with in you? What emotion or feeling is young and still forming? A fascination with something new?A new outlook? 

Follow the Holy Grail of your own desire. 

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