Scorpio soul searching weekend

Moon enters obsessive controlling Fixed water sign Scorpio,
This is the most intense of moods for the weekend, promising, sex, secrets, power strutting, control issues, goth, power games, s & m, depression, researching and detective work and deep psychological insights. 

Sun conjuncts Mercury Rx. Solar mind power


Minds will be LIT UP all bright and all chatty about old ideas which need to be revamped

There can be  lots of inspired conversations. You may remember where you put something you can’t find forever. Mercury although combust is also considered to be bathed in the Light of source energy.

Moody Scorpio Moon in inconjunct to that happy UP energy of course. 

Leave the black Scorpio’s alone to hide from the daylight under their rocks, dens, and caverns.

Moon trines NEPTUNE very romantic and idealistic and dreamy, creative, spiritual and addicting 

sexy and soul mate possibilities here. 

good for making dark art, morbid songs, revealing the dark shadows,

and watch out for being bewitched by drugs, alcohol, gambling a dark secretive stranger….

inspirational Card of the day 

King of Wands

kingofwands tarot of dreams marhetii

Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti

This is the fire of fire,  also a type of solar mind power energy

very masculine, covering the last decan of Scorpio to the first two decans of Sagittarius.

A beautiful King with his crown chakra aflame. He is an inspired and inspiring leader.

Find this strong inspired Masculine regal part of yourself. 

He is the epitome of all that is best about the Masculine

and he could be too impulsive, too rash, too fiery.

Scorpio is deep psychological unrelenting soul-searching questioning about life.  Sagittarius is the darkest time of the year in the Northern hemisphere. We need Sag. Faith to believe that the Light will return. 

Sagittarius is unfailingly often painfully honest,this King  can be overly optimistic, a good judge, but somewhat naive.  Look at where these qualities are strong or not inside of you. 

The King of wands is always inspiring. perhaps we need a foretaste to get us through an intense weekend. 

Sun will square Neptune tomorrow. This only happens twice a year. 

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