L.A. in July, Book Tara Greene Now.

california tarot astrology Tara Greene entertainer

California here I come.

I intend to come to L.A. in mid- end of July. It’s been a number of years since I’ve visited and worked in California. We have old friends there and I have cousins as well.

If you would like to hire me or host me for a workshop or talk on discovering and working with the

Tarot archetypes and their meanings and Your Tarot soul and Personality cards,

Discovering Astrology , Astrology for relationships, Astrology and your children,

Women’s Spirituality, Goddess workshops, Life transitions, Mysteries of the Blood Moon, Dark Goddess initiations,

New Moon ceremony on the 15th.

I can come to your venue, or office and provide guided Meditations, or talks.

The workshop cam be 1.5 hours or a half day.

Hire me for a minimum of 2 hours depending on location. 

I will be staying in Venice Beach near the ocean. Would be nice to do an Abbott Kinney cafe thing.

I have work on the 18th and want to fill out my time there.

NOTE: Transportation will need to be arranged for me in L.A.

Looking forwards to meeting you in Cal.

PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP taragreenetarot@gmail.com

text me 416 2305347

Yes we can make this happen.



Get a reading with Tara http://www.taratarot.com




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