Inspirational daily card, love times two

Moon enters Aquarius April 12 @ 1:44 pm EDT- April 14

Aquarius Moon time carries our emotions onto a higher consciousness level. It allows us to have detachment and perspective in our feelings and to organize our lives. Working together for the group good, sound management and inventiveness is the feeling-tone. This energy brings emotional flashes of inspiration, a realization that hits you like lightning and the ability to scientifically examine the whole picture.  

nice ‘n easy day. 

Moon TRINE VENUS in Gemini

This promises light-hearted very heady, happy inventive communications,and a somewhat rad unexpected departure and a surplus of lovers in your life. Love the one you’re with.

Moon sextile Saturn 

…and it may be more serious than you expected. 

Inspirational Daily Card 

2 of wands

2 of wands Tarot Tara Greene

 Initiatory Golden Dawn Tarot

The two of wands balances out the initiating Ace. Now there are two points of view, conversation, communication, dialogues, choice and balance. The two’s relate to the Symbol of the #2 Arcana The High Priestess and  are androgynous.  

WANDS represent the element of Fire

The Fire element is synonymous with spirit, initiating, primal energy,  masculine, inspiration, passion, desire, igniting, creativity, ambition, expansion, determination. 

Wands show us the spiritual invisible drive at the core of our beings. We are all essentially spiritual beings. Fire is life, the animating spark, the Sun, God.

Two of wands can be seen as competitive or co-operative. The choice is always there in every situation. 

Just wanted to mention that a synchronicity of two’s followed. Thanks Matthew for the Doors suggestion.


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Love me two times- The Doors 

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