Good Luck quadruple Fire Trine day

This is a super UP positive blessed LUCKY DAY for all SAGITTARIUS Leo and ARIES peeps and if you have fired up planets or Ascendant/ Descendant/MC/IC points  at 12-20 degrees of these signs.

4 trines in ONE DAY! That’s 4 x 3 = 12 x’s the opportunities.

My recommendation is buy a Lottery Ticket at least. 

DO send out positive intentions for travel, educational, legal, matters and to be positively inspired with Sagittarius.

Tell jokes, make people laugh,

Listen to a FIRESIGN THEATRE album

comedy astrology tara Greene

ask for new adventures, new inventions and higher consciousness to break out and break free with Uranus.

ask for new ideas and new ways to communicate with Mercury by thinking Positively

ask to shine on brighter, day or night with the Sun and Moon.

Sun also conjuncts Mercury today at 18-19 degrees Aries which is an exalted degree, 

If its your birthday Today- Kristen Stewart, Hugh Hefner, Jay Baruchel, Jesse McCartney,Elle Fanning, 

you are going to have one hell of a happy year. 

the energy shifts tomorrow and Saturday big time as VENUS ENTERS GEMINI- O No!

will write about this further.

Grand cardinal cross energy weekend coming up, you know the routine.


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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