You’re an animal, shine on Easter Monday

Happy Easter Sunday! Resurrection time.

Yes the eclipse came and went and I feel the pressure has lifted. You too?

I am Spring Cleaning,and we do an eclectic mix in our household, Passover last night, Easter Sunday today. We are Holiday “whores” you could say. We celebrate everything. We are pan-spiritual. 

Moon enters Scorpio a fitting sign for EASTER symbolism.

Moon opposes MARS in Taurus later in the day. makes for stubborn horns locked mood. Taurus peeps will be snorting mad. 

April 6  carries a big wallop – there are tons of planetary contacts

Scorpio Moon trines Neptune early a.m. 

INTENSELY Sexual and spiritual. This can mean a night of intensely sexual imagery in your dreams and also connecting to ancestors and departed loved ones.Its a good time to meditate. 

 MERCURY in ARIES trine JUPITER in LEO – in the morning. 

this is good for waking up early, smelling the coffee, going out for a brisk run or walk and feeling GOOD, all puffed up and positive.

SUN CONJUNCTS URANUS – the Sun joins the Cardinal Cross as it does every quarter.

A new dawn but also can be looney tunes time. Good thing is a Holiday in many places. We love our technology yes.

It can be positive for GREAT NEW INVENTIONS!  Higher consciousness raising.  Thinking and identifying with gang, the group mind, the tribe.  People may be acting out in unexpected ways. So be prepared for random chaos and you can be alright. 


Miguel Vallinas photo Astrology Tara Greene

Miguel Vallinas photo 

MARS in Taurus is inconjunct to SATURN Retro in Sagittarius 

the bulls and the centaurs duke it out under a Scorpio Moon. Mars is running the show as the ruling planet of Scorpio. This can manifest in a number of ways:

Yes we are all animals instinctual, sensuous and this is a good thing as we are so cut off from this what with that SUN conjunct Uranus Technology lights the way and our dependence upon it.


Animal rights is a huge issues. Animals are getting legal rights as conscious beings. this is wonderful.

Ruminating, snorting and fuming below the surface as telling the truth only annoys the shit out of people. Warring over traditional versus new inspiring  educational theories.  Use Mars in Taurus as a way to feel into your body and integrate Saturn’s slow inspirational lessons.

Is it right to turn the elderly out to pasture? I sat before an old woman last night, she is tough has had a partial stroke and has lost control of part of her body but still soldiers on. Then I dreamed that I was a very old lady and it was scary and freaky. How do you feel about the elderly and ageing?

Moon squares JUPITER in LEO  in mid afternoon. 

Big egos and secretive furtive sleuthing slam up against each other. Secrets may out. Jupiter is moving almost not at all as it come to turn Direct April 8. 

Moon continues to quincunx Mercury, arguing about ideas

Moon sextile Pluto- Iron fist  or seductive spying?

Moon inconjunct URANUS – Use your laser vision to tell when the big surprise is coming

Moon inconjunct the SUN- feeling and ego are on two different planets, literally.

Please share widely.

All writing is copyright of TARA GREENE

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