Out of Bounds planets, hipster Astrology knowledge.


As it sounds, if you were born with the Moon or other planets out-of-bounds; meaning they are 23 degrees 28 minutes North or South of the celestial equator,the Earths equator extended into space, then you are a loose cannon, unbounded, a free spirit, definitely different from most people, a genius or an outlaw. Astrologers have been researching this information and using it to help define personality characteristics more recently.  The Sun can never be out-of-bounds, explained below.


The pilot ANDREAS LUBITZ who apparently  crashed GERMANWINGS FLIGHT 9525

Has a number of OOB planets; his MERCURY -planet of communications -independent thinker, and his URANUS- individualistic, rebel, independent, chaotic, freedom. His SUN is very close the  most Southerly declination at 23 degrees 22 minutes 55 seconds. A mere 6 minutes away from the boundary-walks the line.  I’ll wrote a bit about that later.

O.O B. explained 

The Sun travels annually over a wide band of the celestial equator which ranges from  23 degrees 28 minutes north to 23 degrees 28 minutes south.  This is called declination which is a form of latitude rather than longitude. The Sun touches the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn- the Solstice points and the Sun crosses the celestial equator twice a year at the Equinox points. This is what creates the seasons. The Sun can never go past these degrees unless there was a pole shift, but the Moon and some of the planets can travel out of boundaries, hence the term. 

The Moon will go O.O.B. most frequently and reaches a maximum of nearly 29 degrees when the North Node is at 0 degrees Aries every 18.6 years related to eclipse cycles of course.  

The MOON has peak years when it is out-of-bounds in the past. 1913, 1931-32, 1950, 1969, 1987-88, 2006 and upcoming in 2024-25. A lot of social upheavals happened during these years. 

Saturn and Neptune never travel out-of-bounds and Jupiter only occasionally by a tiny amount.  

Generally speaking, and this applies to all planets, those in northern declinations are more outwards bound in effect while southern declinations are inwards and have a more personal effect. Two planets situated at the same degree of declination, both in the north or both in the south, are said to be in parallel, a parallel having a force like a conjunction. These two planets may be in different zodiac signs though.

I have just discovered that my Natal MOON, Mercury and Uranus are OUT OF BOUNDS which instantly clicked for me a whole bunch of information about the why and how I function. I think it is vitally important. 

DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR O.O.B planets are? 

You can look this up using an astrology program such as Astro.com after you put up a chart- all this is free- where it says additional tables click that and the declinations for all the planets and asteroids or whatever you input are clearly shown.

MOON OOB peeps

Moon OOB peeps are likely to have very accurate intuitions, a deep-seated need for freedom, a strong level of self-understanding. It is easy for them to freely express their own individual feelings, they see and sense things deeply as if they had x-ray vision.


Born with Mercury OOB you will never stop talking. They do have very important ideas and things to say. Its seems double Uranian like to me. Thinking and communicating out of the box.


Born with VENUS OOB makes one an over the rainbow romantic- Judy Garland had it. Clang Clang Clang went the trolley.

This placement delivers a very originally creative artistic person, a genius. This aspect can also bring very strong likes and dislikes. Homosexuality can also be linked. Many people with OOB Venus’s have multiple marriages. Or they can be intentionally single. Huge age gaps between lovers is another signpost. 

OOB VENUS women artists. BJORK! Nico of Velvet Underground, sexy singer Josephine Baker, diva Maria Callas, Helen Reddy- I Am WOMAN singer.

Also composer Erik Satie, artist Robert Mapplethorpe, songwriter Noel Coward, Liberace, Jean Genet and poet Ezra Pound.


This indicates deviants, criminals, outlaws, reckless, danger seekers, rebels.


The next planet to travel O.O.B. is VENUS. Everything that is Venus related- RELATIONSHIPS, MONEY, Balance, art will go wonky and unpredictable.

VENUS will begin travelling O.O.B on April 18th at 8:53:04 am (EDT) to June 1st at 6:30:59 pm

MERCURY will be O.O.B. from May 3rd at 8:16:30 pm (EDT) to May 19th at 12:45:25 am

Mercury will also be O.O.B.  from November 27th at 8:59:09 pm (EST) to December 24th at 11:14:55 pm (EST)

MARS will be O.O.B.  June 6th at 7:35:14 pm (EDT) to July 16th at 10:10:46 pm- circle with RED.



MOON is still in Cancer its home today. Moon squares Sun, trines Neptune-very idealistic, opposes Pluto, squares Uranus. 

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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FLY ME TO THE MOON- Julie London 

10 thoughts on “Out of Bounds planets, hipster Astrology knowledge.

  1. Addressing the astrology of the co-pilot’s murderous actions isn’t going to be easy, but if anybody can shed some light on it, it’s you Tara. The astrotheme horoscope for him doesn’t have the birth time, so an exact chart isn’t yet available. Here’s what impressed me in his horoscope cast for 12pm: lots of conjunctions, so the guy had a lot of energy. (With no place to go?) Mars, Pluto, Moon widely conjunct – a malevolent mix, but in good aspect to Venus? The only prominent stress aspects are Chiron opposite his mass Saturn, Uranus, Sun, Mercury conjunction, all also square North Node, along with natal Venus square Jupiter. No stressful transits were plaguing him. I note the plane took off under a Void of Course Taurus Moon.


  2. There is conflicting information on the actual birthdate of the co-pilot. My source was Astro.com, which listed it as Dec. 18, 1987 and showed a chart for that. However, wiki cites a german source saying it is Dec. 28, 1987. Astrotheme’s blurb, when you google ‘Lubitz horoscope’, says it is Dec. 18, 1987, but when you click it the chart you see is cast for Dec. 28, 1987.


    • yes I know I went and translated the German papers which said December 28,1987 there could have been a typo. I usually trust astrodatabank which rates birth info. Astrotheme is European so would likely be more correct. that’s an interesting thing in itself, more smoke and mirrors. Hmm I may leave that for a few days and then get back to it. Thanks for being such a great sleuth


  3. Thank you for this article.
    If a person has natal Venus OOB, is there any significance when Venus travels OOB? For example people having an easier time in a particular planet’s retrograde motion if the same planet was retrograde in their natal chart.
    Thank you!


    • hi Lynne,
      good question. Yes I believe that the energy would be good, liberating, feel like you are at home, when Venus is OOB by transit, if you are born with it.
      This is my perspective on people born under Retrograde planets and they do feel better when the planet is also Retrograde. Have you been following your OOB Venus? Where is it and what sign is it in? thanks for your query


      • Hi Tara, thank you so much for answering!

        So my natal Venus is in Cancer in the first house at 1°24’29” and retrograde, and out of bounds at 25°19’23” N. My natal Mercury is also in Cancer at 0°57’14” (not retrograde, thank goodness), but also in the first house and OOB at .25°36’29” N. (Both my sun and Asc are Gemini).

        Right now, my transiting Venus is in Taurus in my 12th house (not too happy about that right now, my nSun is in the 12th), and in the Progressed chart it is stationed right on my Asc in Gemini at 16° 3’42” (just barely in the 12th, my Asc is at 16° 5’36”).
        I am still learning, so I really am unsure of what it all means (especially since there is a lot going on with it), but maybe it can be an interesting case study of sorts.

        Thank you!


      • hi Lynn
        it sounds like you are quite well versed already. Astrology is a vast terrain to learn about. Venus OOB in Cancer in the 1st and RETROGRADE in Cancer with Mercury also OOB. First off I’d say Venus Retrograde on its own is very big indicating past life loves, mothering, children issues. Needing to take care of others, emotional insecurity, you are very sensitive but may hide it behind the Gemini persona. You are a Complex person with Sun in the 12th in Gemini and Asc in Gemini. 12th house planets are Very spiritual, you could be a house divided. Venus in Taurus in your 12th is a good time to get in touch with your body wisdom because the body remembers and never lies. Body work to let go of early childhood trauma would be one way to work this out and access hidden memories. Saturn will cross your Descendant in 2016 so that will be a maturing time for you and serious relationship time. send me your actual birth data-I need all the deets. Thanks Blessings TARA

        Thats pretty spectacular.
        I just recently got into the OOB planets. My Moon is also OOB and it resonated my right away that it is another reason why I sense things the way I do. there are many famous OOB Venus people. such as Charles Chaplin, Cher, Clint Eastwood, Judy Garland, Larry King, Liberace, Dean Martin, Susan Sarandon, Robert Schumann, Brooke Shields, Frank Sinatra, Tina Turner, Rudolph Valentino, Gene Wilder, Josephine Baker, Johnny Carson, William Blake, Louisa May Alcott, Louis Pasteur. Very creative individuals. Saturn will


      • Hi Tara,

        Thank you for the information!
        So my birth data is: June 1, 1980. 05:57, Aurora, CO.
        I’m curious to know what you see!


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