The real reasons Zayn Malik quit One Direction

I don’t know anything about Zayn Malik, but I have a teenage daughter, that is why I am aware of this. I am sure that not many of my readers are One Direction fans. I wanted to divine what the stars have to say about the real reason why he chose to quit now. This affects millions of One Direction teenage fans who could possibly be committing suicide or cutting themselves. Please don’t do this.

Recent rumors of substance abuse, not being able to handle fame and an accusation of cheating on his fiancée recently could that be it? Let’s find out.

The planets don’t make us do anything, we have free will, but their transits motion and patterns affect us as individuals,creating stress and impulsing us to change our lives.

Sighting stress and wanting to live a normal life, Zayn quit after five years after being discovered by Simon Cowell in 2010 who made the band into what it is.

Born January 12, 1993 Bradford England at 10:00 am Zayn is of Pakistani/British Muslim and English and Irish descent. 

Zayn Malik astrology Tara Greene

The handsome young Capricorn is grounded, mature, hard-working, very sensitive, career oriented, creative and spiritual with Neptune conjunct his Capricorn Sun in the 11th house of groups, and serving the collective. He is also a unique independent person who is a bit of a rebel who must march to his own drummer with Uranus conjunct the Sun and Neptune. 

I’ll talk about the WHY now and if you want to understand Zayn’s character more you can read on. 

1. ZAYN is caught under the intense pressure of the URANUS/PLUTO squares and Grand Cardinal Crosses which have been in effect since last year. The last of the 7 of these since 2012 just happened  March 16. This is an evolutionary soul wake up call for Zayn. He has four Capricorn planets being affected now and the effects will continue into 2016 and beyond. It also affects his entire generation, each in their own way. Uranus wants freedom and Pluto means the Soul’s deepest desires must come first in choosing what empowers his life. These are once in a lifetime transits.

2.  Zayn needs to go home as the Moon symbolizes the mother. Illness can also be a factor with his Moon in Virgo, his stomach and nerves in general are afflicting him under these stresses. URANUS and PLUTO are squaring – 90 degrees and opposing his MOON at birth which is all about “others.”. 

3. Zayn is feeling very stressed anxious and angry. He needs to retreat. URANUS AND PLUTO are also squaring and opposing his Retrograde MARS at 15 degrees CANCER exactly. Retreat is his first response. 

4.Freedom, chaos, deeper soul needs are calling him to change his relationships because URANUS And PLUTO are also squaring and opposing his natal JUPITER at 14 degrees LIBRA in his 7th house of romance and business partners. This guy  is getting walloped by these outer planets.

5. Zayn has felt lost because NEPTUNE the planet which dissolves one’s ego has crossed his natal Venus {love, women, money} and is moving up to oppose his VIRGO Moon. Neptune makes one feel foggy, lost, delusional. Neptune can make one prone to glamour, substance abuse, and fantasy projections by others. He needs to find solace in being alone { Pisces } behind the scenes and comforted by spirituality, silence, an intimate connection with one woman and his own creativity.

6. Zayn has been feeling vulnerable, exposed and wounded because CHIRON, called the wounded healer has been opposite his Moon and squaring his highest career point the M.C. for a while now. 

7. Zayn is under intense pressure to mature and to take responsibility for his actions as SATURN, planet of obstacles, karma, restrictions is squaring {90 degrees } to his Ascendant and his Venus in PISCES. 

8. He needs to be free. Jupiter the planet of expansion and freedom is in his 6th house of health, and stardom in Leo and is s opposite his natal Saturn in Aquarius which symbolizes groups. He needs to be free to explore his own creativity. 

Zayn Malik Astrology Tara Greene


A serious thinker with Mercury also conjunct the other three Capricorn planets. 

With his MOON, symbolizing feelings, moods, intuition, at 15 degrees of Virgo in the 7th house of marriage he needs to be in a committed relationship. He is already engaged. We get the picture that this young man is a perfectionist, a worrier, humble, likes to please others, and has a very delicate digestive system related to the amount of stress he is under.

With the Moon opposite to VENUS in PISCES conjunct his Pisces Ascendant and Lilith, this shows Zayn’s great appeal to girls, who project their fantasies onto him. He is a chameleon who can become whatever others want to see. He is also a big sensitive psychic sponge with no boundaries who cannot deal with the adulation of millions of fans taking a psychic piece of him with their adulation. He feels it energetically as intrusive vampirism. Pisces rules glamour and perhaps Zayn is just checking out how it all works. He is a romantic of the highest sort and it can be hard for him to follow his own path.

VENUS conjunct Lilith on his Ascendant means that relationships can be broken very suddenly for fear of being confined or dictated to. Also the introjection back from fans that he could be a “demonic cheater” as Lilith was accused of. 


I am sure Zayne has a very bright future. He can do whatever he wants. I wish him all the best.And those broken hearted teenage girls, don’t take it so seriously. Such is life.

LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK, leave a comment…..


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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31 thoughts on “The real reasons Zayn Malik quit One Direction

    • The Moon symbolizes the unconscious, memories, emotions, instincts and moods. A Moon Lilith person would be one who is very much in touch with the unconscious shadowy empowered Goddess/woman who others are totally attracted to and also terrified of. Projections is really NEPTUNE”S realm. But the Moon relates to that as well. Moon conjunct Lilith depends on how conscious the person is of their own inner shadow, how much they unconsciously accept the Patriarchal denial of women’s empowerment, sexuality, freedom and independence. Lilith struggles to be free. It is a process of accepting the Death bringing aspect of the Goddess. Its quite a complex process. Thanks For asking


    • Lilith does a lot. She is a very powerful Feminine Force. Relationships tend to stop abruptly. No talking about it. Lilith is also very sexual and charismatic but people are also terrified of those with strong Lilith. For a man like Zayn he is totally fascinated by an independent strong woman who he cannot control


  1. Actually Zayn and Perrie are not in a relationship. They are a fake couple only in the public eye. They have been set up by their management to boost Perrie’s career. Keeping this in mind how would interpret Zayn’s chart. Can you say what transits he was going through that made him become part of such a big deception that his team orchestrated? He’s supposedly with Perrie since 2011 I think? But that’s only in the public eye, she’s not his girlfriend in real life.
    Also, he does hook up with women but the women he was caught cheating with, are paid to pretend as hook up by Zayn’s management. The idea was to create a scandal bring sympathy and publicity for Perrie. If you do celebrity horoscopes you will know fake relationships are common in this industry.
    But I think Zayn had enough of all this and has genuinely quit the band because they have been using him to promote Perrie for past 3-4 years. I think with the transiting Pluto-Uraus square opposing his Natal Mars might have triggered his reaction to stand up for himself and not allow himself to be used to promote her by slandering his character. And I guess he was too tired of her latching on to him for fame, and as long as he is in contract with his team he couldn’t get rid of her, so he finally just quit the band itself to get rid of his management and her.
    However since he is bound by contract, and they can sue him for breaking a contract, he might have agreed to quit but allow Perrie to continue to pretend to be his fiance so that she can have the attention of being Zayn Malik’s fiance. On her own she cannot be famous, hence so much drama. Also they have done this before to Zayn, so this is not the first time. Only this time he has stood his ground and quit the band to be free from such manipulative management. But unfortuanately for him, they are still using his name to promote Perrie, and I don’t know how long they will using his name to promote her. Do you see him getting justice? Can you see his transits and progressions and say when he can redeem himself from this serious character assassination only to promote his fake girlfriend. In fact if he sues his management, he can win the case for harrassment, because they have harrassed him and put a lot of pressure on him to fake a relationship with her to promote her career. Also they have forced him to admit that one of his tattoos is her, when in reality it is not her at all, it’s just a comic girl, because he likes comics and art. But law suits will take a long time and when an artist files a law suit, their managment and label can stop them from working with anyone else until the law suit resolves. That will take years and he can’t be doing nothing for years. That could be the reason why he hasn’t filed a law suit. But I hope the truth will come out one day someway or the other. Can you see something in his chat that will indicate the truth of his relationship and the real reason he quit will come out one day?

    Or can you see Perrie’s transits and figure that Karma will finally catch up with her some day? Or will she just continue to gain benefit from Zayn for a long time? I’m curios!


  2. They have done such type of slandering to his character before when Perrie needed publicity. Sometimes they create cheating scandals to create media buzz for Perrie. Sometimes they write lovey dovey articles to say that he worships her and is fully controlled by her. He would do anything for her, even alienate fans who don’t like her. He will chose anything over her. even his band and his mother over her. So they have confliction stories planted to keep them together and keep the buzz.. But all fake stories and fake photoshoots to show they are a loved up couple.

    So I’m curious to know what is it in his chat, that he got caught up in all this and because the real victim in all this conspiracy.


    • hi Eight,
      well people are complex. Zayne has a very maleable impressionable PISCES Ascendant. Neptune has been crossing that Ascendant during One Directions rise. Indicating that Zayn could be made into any image for the public. He can become what anyone projects onto him. He is a huge psychic sponge. He also has VENUS in Pisces conjunct to Lilith the dark feminine, the one who is considered dangerous, sexual, manipulative. People with strong Lilith Venus conjunctions have relationships which start and end very suddenly with no talking things over. He is a man with a strong animus meaning a string feminine soul. Neptune is also sitting right on his Venus/Lilith right now making him the receiving end of the slander just like Lilith. She is actually the Original Female Goddess before there was ever a Patriarchal idea of a male God. She is whole and complete unto herself and answers to no one. This has been one of the reasons why Zayn had to quit. He is also in danger from any drugs, alcohol or other addictions. And he can easily be addicted to any powerful woman or organiation manipulating him. I think Zayn is trying to break out of the whole band because they are largely told what to do how to act etc.


  3. “Yes I think Zayn will start to see some great reviews for his music starting his fall ” wait so zayn will release something anytime soon? and so in may 2017 a album gets released?


      • can you explain the big changes or how he will seem different like is it his personality or looks/interests


      • hi Zahraa
        he is under specific planetary energies which are in the process of helping him become truer to his soul nature. He is breaking away from being in the collective mind=set. This is a good thing. He will take himself as far as he can go. He may experiment with many things. He may not be successful with them all. ANd he is not out to please others so much anymore.


    • It really depends on how hard he works. Jupiter will be in beneficial aspects to him at the end of 2015. Saturn the great obstacle maker will be testing him as the planet crosses his 10th house M.C. at the end of -2016-and stays there for 2017=2018. He is still young. I feel he will find himself. He will also have Neptune moving up to oppose his Moon in 2017-2018. Neptune rules creativity for all musicians and artists. That is a very dreamy romantic artistic period for him. Zayn has his natal Moon in Virgo in the 7th house of marriage and committed relationships. He is a hard worker and diligent. He is in the process of bringing his particular creativity into shape his way. He is extremely romantic and a dreamer


  4. Hiii, I was just wondering if Zayn would partake in modeling and acting? If you can make out a specific time he would do those things if he does. BC I can’t just wait for his own music without him doing something in the meantime aha thank you !


    • I have a few questions:
      Is there someone trying to ruin his public image?
      Is it true that he doesn’t have a nice personality off cameras?
      Is his engagement real or just a stunt?


      • hi Z. I think the other bandmates feel really threatened by his leaving. There could be politics going on behind the scenes and he is prone to this kind of thing anyway. there may be a painfull time coming up for him in the summer, perhaps a legal battle even. seems like he has a very nice personality. He becomes what anyone wants him to be naturally. All Pisces Venus people have this capability. He doesnt even realise he does it. I think he is under the spell of any strong woman bewitching him now. The relationship may not last once Neptune moves off of his Natal Venus. He is a guy who needs to be with a woman though.


  5. Hi, what do you mean by he has tnis ” Zayne has a very maleable impressionable PISCES Ascendant and He is a huge psychic sponge.” If you don’t mind me asking could you please elaborate that a bit?


    • “Zayne has a very maleable impressionable PISCES Ascendant. Neptune has been crossing that Ascendant during One Directions rise. Indicating that Zayn could be made into any image for the public. He can become what anyone projects onto him. He is a huge psychic sponge.” All Pisces people are this way. Zayn has Pisces on his Ascendant his persona or personality. And he has Venus in Pisces in his 1st house. He identifies with art, creativity, beauty, luxury, romance and women. He is a beautiful creative artistic and very very sensitive man. Pisces are water and emotions and the most spiritual of all the signs. They naturally are chameleons and just soak up other people’s energy. He can be made into whatever someone wants to make him into. Even though he is a hard working and creative Capricorn which he won’t really mature into until the next few years. Does that make it any clearer?


  6. some one else predicted after studying his chart that although he wanted to leave the decision to the leave at the specific time that he did was not his choice, apparently he might have been fired or this is part of a pr stunt, also there are a lot of secrets and powerful people behind the scenes controlling him and 1d, that are now using him to promote the band and he is being manipulated yet he does not realise, he easily believes in other people’s promises which will lead to him being duped. He is also vulnerable for self destructive behaviour like developing a drug addiction. However despite the dramatic year for him there will be some very pleasant times ahead for him in terms of his career, what do you think about this, does it show up in his chart that despite the hard times ahead for him he will gain big success in the near future? also what do you think about some of the recent behaviours, i.e leaving during mid tour and everything else that has happen since do you think it could be pr stunts? is someone trying to ruin his image? Thank you for your time.


    • i think 1D are successful enough to not need PR stunts. I think Zayn is going through a very difficult transformative time in his life. I think he was feeling lost in his success and fame. It is very easy for that to happen. Yes he is naive and in some ways is not a strong person and in other ways he is. Yes he is prone to addictive behaviors, drugs, alcohol, illusions, fame. He needs some space and time to figure out who he is. he is over the hardest part. Saturn crossed his Pluto last year and that was the end. He is rebuilding. He is not supposed to break a contract and he did. But life gets messy sometimes. The others may be feeling abandoned and threatened by his leaving. If he is working with other producers then he is now competing with his old group they may not like it.


  7. How would a sun-Eros conjunction along with a Moon-Lilith conjunction play out in a person? Like how would they show in their personality?


  8. “Pisces is the sign of ‘self-undoing’ – basically he will be his own worst enemy and there could be some self destructive ways as a result of that. He has been seen allegedly taking drugs before, so perhaps he still is. I can’t comment on the suicidal thoughts, but he will be prone to depression.” is this true? 😦


  9. Hi so Whats gonna happen in general? Whats should we expect for this year and when exactly? like the break up, the name change etc can you fill me in on this year please


  10. This is intriguing,. Forget MBA,.um studying astrology!., I am worried about zayn but that’s part of lyf though,.! The Lilith thing sounds so strong I think I might have an idea


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