It’s here. Astrology of the Now.

R U ready? The 7th Uranus Pluto square occurs tonight @ 7:54 pm PDT/ 10:54 pm EDT/ March 17 @ 2:54 am. blasting open our crown chakras to the Galactic dimensions.
Do sit and do ceremony at this time. I will be meditating and doing so.

Crown chakra activation Tara Greene

Questions to ask.

Am I fulfilling my higher Self’s mission?

Where do I need to break free of old limited self-defeating patterns? 

In what areas do I need to die in order to be reborn? 

Check out which houses in your birth chart the Uranus in Aries /Pluto in Capricorn energy are pressuring you to change- Uranus in Aries and where you are holding on- Pluto, which is the shadow.
For me Uranus is in my 5th house of creativity, giving love and self- expression and Pluto is in my 2nd house of resources, the body, and tangible assets.

It’s not all over by any means though.  Of course the USA ,which has natal Saturn at 15 degrees of Libra squaring the Sun at 13 degrees of Cancer which is conjunct the star Sirius is heavily invested in this world chamge. The U.S. and all its policies for better and for worse is a spinning vortex or should we say sinkhole for this energy. It’s what needs to change from within. There are revolutionary, warring, immature, macho forces- Radical Islamic, China, and individuals within their own country pushing against the powers that be who control everything.

What was seeded in the 60’s when Uranus and Pluto were conjoined at 16 -17 Virgo is being reactivated now which steps up the evolutionary growth.

Saturn was also very important in that conjunction and the Lord of Karma was opposite in Pisces and also conjunct to as yet invisible but working on the collective unconscious level Chiron {Saturn was at 11- 22 degrees and Chiron was at 19- 26 degrees of PISCES}.

 CHIRON is exactly opposite to that 17th degree now. We are feeling wounded and vulnerable on a spiritual level, our compassion is being tested as well as the state of the earth and her resources.

Part of the test is to know we are both spiritual PISCES and physical VIRGO beings. We have never left the Great Mother, Saturn, we are only temporarily in these earth bodies in the physical plane.

The Total Solar Eclipse March 20 on the Spring Equinox is another huge awakening. It signifies the end of the last 2,160 since the age of Pisces began.

The Age of Aquarius is harkening. This is the age of Unity consciousness, co-operation,co-creation, Higher consciousness and dimensions. Technology is a tool, which we can use from a POV of using for the benefit of all.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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