Maleficent, Eris and Venus omens, hell hath no fury 2

Only 7 days now till the last exact Uranus Pluto square. It’s really important to cleanse and get ready to align yourself with these powerful energies.

my article about the 7th square Crown Chakra alignment is up at the cosmic Intelligence agency.

The last square is pre-triggered March 11 by Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries and Pluto later in the day.  ARIES CANCER LIBRA CAPRICORN with planets at 15 degrees yes smack dab in the middle get the big hit, the mid-degrees are like HIGH TIDES.

MARS in ARIES is the archetypal raping, pillaging, sniper, macho warrior. He symbolizes raw sexual energy and rage. Mars is the ON button. 

March 10 today there is a very powerful alignment of VENUS conjunct Minor Planet ERIS at 22 degrees ARIES.

Venus is the Goddess of Love and ERIS is the minor planet of Feminine DISCORD. She is the Dark side of the Feminine. Much like Kali and Lilith. Her energy needs to be integrated into both masculine and Feminine consciousness for the world to be whole. What we ignore has greater weight over us. Denial is digging one’s own grave. Ignoring her makes one vulnerable to mind-parasites.

Venus and Eris coincide in a synodic cycle about every 225 days close to a Venus cycle which is 224.7 days to make a revolution around the Sun.

ERIS was discovered in 2005, she is like Maleficent, the darkest most revengeful, nasty, evil witch plotting revenge on sweet innocent Aurora, which is another name for the Dawn Star, which is beautiful Venus.

You have to know that all the Fairy tales, myths and religions are all about the planets and stars in their cosmic paths and cycles. All of them; the story of Christ, the tribes of Israel, the Tales of King Arthur, the Hindu and Nordic mythologies, Japanese and Chinese Egyptian, Mayan, Polynesian and Maori  mythologies. Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung spoke about these so eloquently.

 I was thinking about another meaning to the Uranus Pluto squares as I wrote about the last conjunction in 65- 66 which was in Virgo with Saturn opposite in Pisces. That time was about women’s liberation coming to the forefront and the sexual revolution making headway in the culture. Those degrees will be reactivated by Jupiter later this year.

Emma Watson speaking on International Women’s Day pointed out how HUGE the gender gap still is. These seven Uranus  Pluto squares amp up the Sexual REVOLUTION to the next level.

Pluto rules Scorpio which is sexuality, power, rape- Persephone’s myth, secrets, death and rebirth. In Capricorn this is the corporate structures, hierarchies, the patriarchy itself, the entire culture. Uranus is the liberationist in Aries, the firebrand for whatever revolution it can bring its enormous energy and drive to, for  breaking down and overthrowing the old structures which Saturn, ruler of Capricorn built up. 

Venus in Aries is an Amazon warrioress herself. She is independent,the boss, knows what she wants and never asks for  permission from anyone. The recent gang rape trial in India which highlighted the callous misogynistic arrogance of one of the rapists and a documentary made about this case is now being banned on YouTube by India for fear of shaming the countries reputation.

ERIS’s name was XENA the warrior Princess before she officially was named Eris. Eris was originally the 13th Fairy in the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale who was overlooked. Because she was left out she cursed little princess Venus when all the Good fairy godmothers brought her gifts.

The modern retelling in 2014 changes the mythology from an adversarial one, to Eris taking on motherly loving characteristics to Aurora.Venus and in fact she Eris/Maleficient breaks the spell herself. This symbolizes a healing of the split between the DARK denied Feminine and the positive loving Feminine.

The actual alignment is re-appearing now to show this balancing, this rectifying of the split off Feminine who has both a positive living Venus side and a dark, death bringer Kali side which Eris symbolizes along with LILITH.

I predict that in May 2016 when Uranus crosses over the 22 degree+ Aries point that there will be a huge shift in activities to ensure women’s liberation. 

The Sabian Symbol for  the 23 degree of Aries is “A pregnant woman in a light summer dress.” Keyword Fertility or fecundity. 


EMpress #3 Tarot Tara Greene

I wrote about each of the Scorpio moon aspects today but they have disappeared so I say. OK  never mind then. Quincunxy to URANUS And PLUTO – let sleeping dogs lie and Trining Moon to Chiron and Sun. Bathe those wounds out into light. very healing.

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10 thoughts on “Maleficent, Eris and Venus omens, hell hath no fury 2

  1. Hello again Tara!!! The woman on the tarot card looks as if she’s ready ta give birth as do I. I get induced on the 18th of March 2015. My 2nd due date was March 17th. I’m still amazed at your prediction of my pregnancy in February of 2014. I’ve been feeling soooo horrible lately n this pregnancy has been a nightmare honestly. Do you see when my baby is comming? A name? How this whole situation turns out? I’m sooo scared really… Hoping you can ease my mind or get me prepared for the enviable. Love, Light, Peace, & Happiness to you & yours!!! Natalia


    • Well I got the answer to one of my questions. My son was born today March 11th 2015 @ 11:52 am weighing in @ 7 lbs 3oz & 20 inches long!!! He’s sooooo beautiful =o)


      • that was early Natalia. I am glad he came naturally. Much better than induction. Pretty powerful child to be born on such an ominous cardinal cross. He will have an incredibly strong will and a big temper. I could check out his chart.
        Blessings to you and all of your family


      • Thank you Tara!!! I would be ever so grateful to you for checking out Anikyn’s chart. I value your insights. And I am glad to have you in my life. Its funny. Sometimes when you post, I feel like you are talking to just me even though I know you are talking to everyone. I jus can’t help but feel like u were put into my life for a reason. I know I was meant to post on your 2014 predictions just as you were compelled n intrigued by what I said, to check out my chart. Anikyn’s birth details are March 11th, 2015 11:52 am in Green Bay, WI 54311.


      • i hope you and your new baby are good. I know you have been very stressed out.I need a bit of time. I am writing for other astrology sites now as well. I can only go WOW about the little diamond children that are being born now. Very high level souls to come to earth now to guide us. Your baby is your teacher always. Blessings TARA


      • You Tara are a blessing in disguise. And I thank you for everything that you do and the kindness that you share with the world.


  2. you sure are knowledgable Tara! I like your knowing that the myths & FT are all about the cosmic cycles and stars.helps me to expand on them as I am storyteller of traditional myth. Id like to add that rather than referring to dark as nasty & light as good!. one can consider..the darkness as also holding sacred creation energies , a safe protected place to reflect and restore and gestate. like a seed in winter. the Dark Womb.- as well we need to allow for the light as having qualities of drying, burning, over exposing and killing. so then there are 4 aspects. well your amazing chock full writings are quite inspiring and astounding..the amount of material in each one must take some time to write! Ireally apriceate your work Maureen ps did you like my new news letter? did oyu get it? >


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