cats, trinity, crazy, high weirdness day

I am really sick with a head cold and a weird left eye weeping too. If i haven’t responded to emails it is because i am under the weather. It happens.

So I’ll keep it really short. 

Moon is still all LEO and passionately roaring away.

Moon quirky stuff with Pluto in Capricorn-

a head rolling day from the top down

Leo Moon opposes Mercury in Aquarius  3:48 am EST 

a cool detached less ego-perspective balances things out

Moon goes Void of course  until March 4 @ 6:58 am EST

Moon quincunx to Chiron in Pisces

Pride comes before the fall.


LEO Moon Tara Greene astrology

rPanthera Leo by delun leo coxa devian art

early in the morning. The Moon is void of course all day.

Jupiter in Leo energy can also be too much and Uranus is uranium and fire. Something maybe exploding on the radioactive level?

a great day to open your Leo ruled HEART and WILL 

and roar out your passion using the Higher consciousness of Uranus to

get out of your own way, get your ego out of the way, get yourself way out there.

Open up those neural pathways. Leo is also a black panther energy. the most mystical powerful magical animal in the Amazon. My friend says they dont even totally appear in the physical plane. 

Black Cat fortune teller Tara Greene

Expect unexpected quirky, unusual, out of the box, weird, off-kilter, random acts of kindness things as the Moon is wild and unaspected. Stay totally open to synchronicity. 

This could be one of the best days of your life. 

Be audacious and ask for what you really want,but from your heart not your ego.

Pride is a false emotion.  There is true joy from doing something well. Pride is arrogance and ego.

I gotta go, Send my some healing energy please.

I am going to do one heck of a Full Moon ceremony on the 5th.

Blessings TARA

Please share widely 

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

I found this video totally by synchonicity and the black cat image too

get a reading with Tara

Brian Auger and the Trinity- Black Cat 1968 

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