SUPER Positive Grand Fire Trine

MARCH 2. Moon is in fabulous creative Leo and makes positive lucky aspects in a huge GRAND FIRE TRINE today. Yes buy a lottery ticket. 

Fire Trine Astrology Tara Greene

The Moon is the emotional tone of the people. The heart pulse. It will be racing.

GRAND TRINES are pyramid forms of cosmic geometry. A  trine is the triangle and one half of a holy Merkhaba. the Trinity, the “Holiest” and best aspect. In order of appearance. We’re 3 on 3. 

This Fire Trine also involves serious relationships and unexpected changes.

Moon TRINES in order of appearance:

1.Saturn in Sagittarius –

this brings bold new adventures, solid, fun, positive energy, humour, Lotsa laughs for mature comedy.

2.Mars in Aries –

Very new impulsive beginnings of the Male kind, independence, defending your hearts vows, leadership, courage, daring.

3. Venus in Aries-

Get a make-over, beauty, strength, power, passionate lover, or impulsively throw out your old lover you don’t need him or her anymore.

4. Uranus in Aries-

opening to the new freedom, courage to trust your heart, freeing your heart.

Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Leo-

Big over the top drama, upstaging, partying to the max.

Jupiter Trines Uranus in Aries

When two planets aspect each other that is very powerful. Jupiter in Leo still Retrograde is oomphing up the firepower to Uranus’s explosive revolutionary party. It comes in a nice package but it could be explosive. Jupiter can always be too much of a good thing.
The flame is lit to ignite massive higher consciousness. That  is a good thing.

FIRE TRINE MANTRA for Manifesting


I am a leader in lighting up every situation.
My heart is a star from which only love shines.

There’s so much more this week. I’ll write shorter bursts.

March 4 -I’ll take everything!


VENUS TRINES JUPITER- this is the luckiest Yes if you didn’t do this on the 2nd buy a lottery ticket. 

VENUS CARDINAL CROSS to Uranus and Pluto whilst Virgo Moon squares Saturn. Moon also opposes Neptune.Then Sun quincunx Jupiter -WTF!!!! watch out for too much ego.

I thought I’d repost a little video I shot last year about Venus in Aries. She was in the Grand Cardinal Cross last year too.

ALSo I am praying that the Grand Fire Trine SENDS  A HEAT WAVE up to us all in the North East of North America. -26 Celsius with the windchill tonight again. Break this polar vortex. 

Full Moon in Virgo on the 5th with Mars exactly conjunct the South Node at 10= degrees Aries.

will write more in short burst.

Please share widely

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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