The Fault in our Stars, Astrology goes mainstream

 In an online article in The Gawker February 25 2015 Rachel Monroe writes a wonderfully full bodied article about going through the research materials in the archives which Norman Mailer used for his 1979 book about murderer Gary Gillmore The Executioner’s Song, she finds  this:

Just do it Astrology Tara Greene

Gary Gilmour illustration by Jim Cooke

“And then in folder 192.6 of the Mailer archive, I found something unexpected: A 20+ page horoscope analysis of Gilmore from astrologer/numerologist Daniel Wexler, along with Wexler’s bill for $250. (That’s nearly $1000 in 2015 dollars; for comparison purposes, a personalized horoscope book from Susan Miller, the most famous contemporary astrologer, will run you $54.99.) While the horoscope that Wexler drew up never gets mentioned in The Executioner’s Song, it turns out to be a much better description of what made Gary Gilmore tick than anything found in the prison file (“Mars opposition Saturn: Aspect of bad judgment which for years may appear to get away with murder until accumulated flaws topple over the structure of your existence…Venus opposition Saturn: cold or unsympathetic treatment by one or both parents which has tended to warp the emotional nature… Are sensitive and have been hurt much too easily so that you have withdrawn into yourself and give the appearance of being detached and a little hard”). The psych reports, with their insistence on diagnosis and binary crazy/not crazy designations, are useless; the more they insist on coherence, the more they collapse in on themselves. A horoscope, however— no one expects it to make any sense. And then surprisingly, it does.”

“Frank Gilmore, Gary’s father, was a petty tyrant with a paranoid streak and an impossibly long set of rules. Inevitably, his sons fell short of his standards, and both Gary and his older brother Frank Jr. were subject to weekly belt-whippings. In one scene in Cremaster 2, Matthew Barney’s conceptual treatment of Gary Gilmore’s life, Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo sits behind a drum kit, pounding out a frantic, erratic anti-rhythm as thousands of bees swam all over him. It’s a perfect evocation of the chaos and random pain that characterized Gary’s early years. “My father was the first person I ever wanted to murder,” Gary said, shortly before his execution. “If I could have killed him and got away with it, I would have.”

“I learned later that despite his no-bullshit reputation, Mailer apparently had a “deep respect” for astrology. You can find his natal chart online, too. He and Gilmore have a shared Saturn problem, as it turns out:

“Moon square Saturn- a hectic emotional life…you may be the despair of yourself and your friends. Through excessive dependence you hurt your parents, thru erratic action your sweethearts… If the horoscope has a negative bent, then this aspect may lead to depression of spirits, dejection, and a sense of frustration…”

“I don’t know why it brought me so much comfort to find out that Mailer was into astrology— maybe it’s simply because it makes him seem a little bit silly, and it’s always fun to see a pompous man made a little bit ridiculous. But then again, I read my horoscope, too. I appreciate astrology as a kind of metaphor for the powerful or seemingly random forces that shape us — the brains we’re born with, all the sneaky or lucky tricks of fate that alter the courses of our lives.”

“Astrologically speaking, I have more in common with Mailer than I do with Gilmore. Our suns square neptune (“artist’s soul”); our suns sextile mars (very competitive). We have the same Saturn/Libra intimacy issues. An accident of stardust doesn’t make me and Norman Mailer best friends, of course. But maybe we’re not as incompatible as I had thought.”

“Your chart, with its houses and conjunctions and trines, doesn’t insist that you possess a solid, consistent self, but instead presumes that you’re a jumble of competing characteristics that sometimes work against each other. You can be a murderer and a gifted artist, a sweet boyfriend and an abuser, a bad man with bright spots.”

“In his memoir, Mikal Gilmore wonders if Gary was cursed from the moment of conception. Later, he walks this statement back a bit, placing his brother in the category of people “who had the possibility of murder jammed deep inside their hearts at an early age.” Of course, not every possibility comes true, just as every horoscope is merely a prediction, not a decree of fate. There were four Gilmore brothers who all grew up with the same family weather; only one of them ever killed anyone.”

“We still live under that same blank sky. We still spend long winter nights telling each other stories, making patterns out of infinity, looking for new angles on that something wrong. Better, I suppose, to look too long than to not look at all.”

This is fascinating that the writer uses astrology as a serious reference to karma -“cursed from the moment of conception.” and sees Norman Mailer’s and Gary Gilmore’s similar connection to her own chart. We are drawn to what we innately have in ourselves, which is witnessed in our astrology chart.

For the record you can’t compare a personal astrology report written many years ago by the astrologer Daniel Wexler to Susan Millers’ computerized astrology reports now which are mass-produced.

As for four brothers in one family,and only one murdered, well karmicaly they are all different souls on different trajectories who chose to be born to the same biological parents but who have entirely different life plans and potentials. You would have to look at each brothers charts individually.

For the astrology record here is Gary Gilmore’s  Natal chart and his execution Jan 17 1977 in Draper Utah

Astrology of a killer Tara Greene

Was Gary Gilmore, born Faye Robert Coffman,  cursed from the moment of conception? Well there are conception astrology charts but I’ll just go by his natal chart. Yes, he had a very difficult karmic pattern in his birth chart.

Saturn Retrograde conjunct Jupiter in Fixed earth sign of Taurus in the 6th, magnifies difficulties with the father, poverty, the body, physical abuse; opposite MARS – deep anger, resentment, rage, warrior, abuse; conjunct Venus in Scorpio- problems with women, love, sex, abuse, in the 12th house of self-undoing, alcoholics, sadism, mental illness, power and control issues, all squared by Pluto Retrograde in Leo in the 9th- a soul reborn to a need for stardom, fame, entitlement, immaturity, overdoing, tall tales, larceny. Gary had a wide fixed Grand cross to bare.

The Moon in cool detached Aquarius is also squares Saturn- this indicates trouble with the mother, and women, illusions, suppression of emotion. Emotionally eccentric, erratic, wild, chaotic emotions, a free spirit, an unconventional person.  Moon  squares Venus/Mars conjunction in Scorpio- deep resentment against the mother, anger at the father. The Moon is the womb and conception. Yes this is a horoscope of someone who was cursed at conception lets say. I don’t believe in labeling  it a curse. I would call it a snapshot an encapsulation of Gary Gilmore’s own soul choice. The karmic ripening of his potential, his past life baggage. His soul tests in that lifetime.You get the picture. 

Norman Mailer’s chart 

Norman Mailer astrology Tara Greene

Norman Mailer’s natal chart is quite complex.

Yes Norman also has Saturn Retrograde, but in Libra in the 7th house of  marriage in square to his Moon in Cancer in the 5th. Same aspect different elements and houses and many other things to take into account. It’s more about Mailer has his own Mars conjunct Lilith in Aries conjunct Chiron indicating a deep rage/ fascination/ repulsion with sex, women, relationships and his father.


As for Mailer and Gilmore’s connections:

I find it fascinating that Mailer had his natal Neptune- the arts, projections, at 16 degrees Leo Retrograde opposite Gilmore’s Moon.  Gilmore’s South Node- his past life karma, is at 8 Aries { a warrior, a fighter, rebel and killer} is exactly conjunct to Mailer’s Mars in Aries in his first house. Mailer’s research into Gilmore’s life fueled Mailers success. I would venture that the two had a past life connection. 

What do you think?

Read the entire article by Rachel Monroe here

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All writing is by Tara Greene except those in quotes from the article by Rachel Monroe 

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