Ram On! Chinese Year of Goat/ ARIES TIIME

Our beautiful skies. ASTRONOMY

Crescent MOON  VENUS {larger} and MARS all in Constellation of Aries the Ram,

We are also in a wood sheep year. RAM ON!

Gung Hay Fat Choi

astronomy Moon Venus MArs photograph

 Goats are also Capricorn symbols. Sure-footed, practical, determined, patient, climbing to the highest mountains. Sheep are placid, gentle animals. Drink more goat’s milk eat sheep’s cheese.


such an ARIES song.

“RAM ON! Give your heart to somebody soon, RIGHT AWAY! Right away!”

2 thoughts on “Ram On! Chinese Year of Goat/ ARIES TIIME

  1. Tara I really look forward to your daily column, however, why do you always comment on Robert Pattinson & his girlfriend? personally to be fare I think Kristen Stewart certainly deserves mention especially after her be win in France for best supporting actress Kristen won the Casar Award. I am a young almost 70 years old & I have followed her career for many years, and in my heart I believe Rob & Kristen are soulmates I think deep down Rob still loves her, but being the sign of the “bull” he is very stubborn. Please let us Kristen fans know what her ORA says about her future. Thank you Tara you are loved


    • hi Arlene
      thanks for your feedback. I will certainly look at whats up for Kristen. She has many fans out there. I am so glad you are a young almost 7- year old. You go girl. Yes Rob is a stubborn bull. Thanks for the love. Means so much to me. Please be patient. I have so much on my plate right now. I am writing a book and re-organizing my antique website now. I am also writing for other websites now too.
      Blessings to you,


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