Merck MMR vaccine created measles “outbreak” not anti-vaxxers

As a measles, mumps, chicken pox survivor myself, the current super heated ruckus and finger-pointing about this measles “scare” onto anti-vaxxers is a cleverly placed MISINFOMATION news story by the culprit of the measles outbreak themselves -MERCK the creator of the vaccine to camouflage the real issue.

The big Pharma company MERCK is the MONOPOLY HOLDER of all the measles, mumps, rubella, MMR vaccines in the United states. This is a multi- billion dollar corporation whose main aim is profits first. I have attended their meetings and know how they operate. Their vaccines have been largely ineffective and have caused all the outbreaks of measles and mumps for the last 10 years. This FACT s knowingly revealed and acknowledged. 

A current lawsuit by Merck scientists claim that the company has KNOWINGLY FALSIFIED DATA on the efficacy of its lines of MMR vaccines. A recent whistleblower, a senior scientist at the US centers for Disease control & Prevention has came forward to claim that other scientists omitted statistically significant information in a 2004 article for findings which do confirm increased risk for autism and the MMR vaccine especially to African American males. 

measles vaccine

Measles monopoly owner MERCK falsified safety information

Merck falsely claims that its vaccines are safe. The few cases of measles that have broken out at Disneyland and in Toronto came from VACCINATED individuals. YOU, the public have been totally lied to. Merck is buying up media space and whipping up public sentiment because of FEAR, their own. Blaming anti-vaxxers camouflages its own precarious situation to avoid the finger being pointed at themselves as culpable.

BUt they will soon have their day in court and may have to testify before Congress. I am praying that this happens. We will soon see if there is any real democracy left or how the Big corporations lobby and control all government proces. This may be a tipping point for revolutionary protests if individuals get it. If I were an African American I would get ready to protest Merck.

Yes measles in rare cases can lead to death. Everyone I knew in my generation before these vaccines had all of these normal childhood diseases and survived without any problems. It was considered to make your immune system stronger. There are more deaths from cancer, Aids, car accidents, pneumonia etc than measles. The public is not in an outrage about those causes or blames the perpretrators, nor are they legally held responsible.

Anti-vaxxers are generally highly intelligent people who investigate all the fine print, get all the information and decide what to do for themselves. They are not part of the herd mentality and will not be swayed by the status quo.  In an age of increasing fear of the individual, of mass control through  being under surveillance in a Big Brother mentality in the civilized world, those who truly think for themselves are suspect. The degree to which you emotionally react to this supposed “threat”  of a measles outbreak shows how easily swayed you are by the media’s intentions which is always mass propaganda. 

This is the way Big Pharma works. I have personally been in a similar situation with the pharmaceutical/medical hospital model industry even a world-famous well-intentioned one such as Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. The doctors there clearly used intimidation  tactics and tried to manipulate my husband and I into risking our 24 hour old daughter as a guinea pig, they told us this!  to test out all kinds of unnecessary tests on her. They trumped up all kinds of fear scenarious knowing that they would be pushing deep emotional buttons figuring that we would comply to their wishes against our better instincts and common sense. Most of the public would be sacred of and intimidated by these doctors and “AUTHORITIES” We were not. We know how the system works. We were shocked and appalled about their treatment and their lies, although they also told us the truth of their intentions unconsciously.  And we had midwives there with us who knew the medical lingo to back us up.  We refused to fall prey to their machinations.  We refused the tests. We were threatened that we would have our baby taken from us. We argued and we agreed to a compromise. they forced us all  to stay overnight in the hospital with our baby so they could supervise her through a broken heart moniter machine. Then they let us go, our beautiful baby was perfectly fine. It wasn’t the first time I had been through this situation.

Big Pharma is one of the largest industries in the world. While vaccines do save lives, they also come with a cost and an effect which may be deleterious in other ways. Of course the companies do not want you to know that otherwise you wont buy their products.

Anti-vaxxers have a constitutional right to choose for themselves. That is not the issue at all.

Please get full information about what’s really going on.  Anything the media tells you is always suspect and usually a false flag operation. 

We should be investigating the monopoly holders who are the culprits not scapegoating a few individuals. Ebola is more dangerous than measles right now. 

Also there are safe holistic alternatives to vaccination risks:

Homeopathy is one of the most-used forms of medicine in the world, and arguably the fastest growing. Depending on which estimate you believe, 300-500 million patients worldwide use it. Some 400,000 healthcare professionals recommend homeopathic medicines, including about 100,000 physicians who prescribe them routinely.  Homeopathy is used in over 80 countries and is integrated in India, England, Mexico, Brazil and Cuba as well as by the Royal Family.

and the 5,000 year old empirical healing system of Traditional Chinese medicine has its own methods

CHINESE MEDICINE FOR MEASLES excepted from Vitality Magazine.

From a Chinese medicine perspective, a childhood bout of diseases such as measles, mumps or chicken pox is not necessarily considered a bad thing. In TCM, these diseases are believed to be associated with fetal toxins, which are passed on to the baby at conception or developed in the womb. These toxins can be caused by the lifestyle and diet of the mother. According to TCM theory, the toxins lay dormant within a child until they are provoked by some stimulating external pathogen. Within TCM pediatrics, the idea of fetal toxins is a very important concept. Today, three provinces in China routinely prescribe a medicinal herbal formula to all babies based on the fetal toxin theory.  Modern western medicine is an experimental medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine is an empirical medicine.

In comparison to TCM, immunizations in the western world are comparatively new and we will not become aware of the long-term ramifications for several generations.

read more at:

BTW The astrology around all this is that it is another manifestation of the current Uranus-Pluto square of individual choice to think freely vs. corporate Plutocracy controls. Chiron in Pisces, the wounded healer is also now sextling Pluto and the “scapegoating” which  Pisces is so associated with is clearly showing up now. Chiron the wounded healer will bring the secret control cabals of Pluto in Capricorn out into the public. Pisces is also karma, secrets, self-undoing, addictions. Neptune in Pisces also rules drugs, viruses.


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Please share widely. 

Presented as a public awareness message. 

13 thoughts on “Merck MMR vaccine created measles “outbreak” not anti-vaxxers

  1. My son got the MMR vaccine. He has Autism. I am now trying holistic medicine to help him. It is very scary.

    On Friday, February 13, 2015, Tara Greene,Tarot, Astrology, Psychic & everything you need wrote:

    > Tara Greene posted: “As a measles, mumps, chicken > picks survivor myself the current ruckus and finger-pointing about this > measles “scare”to anti-vaxxers is a cleverly placed news story by the > culprit of the measles outbreak themselves -MERCK the creator of the > vaccine to camo”


    • HI Genevieve I a sorry that your son has autism. There are various degrees of it and I know it is scary for you. How old is he? Did you notice a reaction right away? You need to be informed and need support. There really should be a collective lawsuit against MERCK for all of the damage and suffering created because of their vaccine. Get support, get motivated, get angry. I am trying to warn parents to not by into the fear. Measles is not so terrifying. Yes our children our precious.As parents we want our children to be healthy and to protect them. Of course I am a mother too. If you were given clear risks before they vaccinated you child that there was even a 50% chanceof him getting autism versus some risk of getting measles what would you have chosen?


  2. I’ve posted your theory on the internet. For your information Tara… Diseases are not caused by vaccines they’re caused by the environment which has gotten more more polluted. depending on where you live, and yes, while the Mother is pregnant that is when the child becomes a carrier and does not show up until much later… usually around the ages of 3-5 yrs.

    Thanks to idiots like you, we now see diseases Polio is making their way back… you want your kid have Polio Tara?

    This is a hot button issue with me and millions of folks out there are sick to death of paranoia being trumpeted because people like you Tara, are in the dark.

    don;t believe everything you read either. especially Truth out. lol


    • YOu dont need to name call unless you are really feeling threatened. You just like the millions of others who feel threatened are the paranoid ones.I am not afraid of measles I am much more afraid for the millions of children who will suffer their entire lives as a result of being vaccinated for something which they dont even need. IN the 80’s Edda West started the first anti-vaccine group called Vaccine Risk Awareness Network in Toronto when my son was an infant. She is a very well respected International lecturer who was a La Leche League leader and mother of three children. The La Leche League virutally saved my son’s life when he was an infant. Edda warned by about vaccine risk as her daughter had a very adverse reaction to the Vaccine this was before there were super vaccine with more than one live disease innoculation.I intuitively knew not to vaccinate my son. He was vaccine free until his 20’s when he chose to get all of them. I also knew people who were anti- vaccine, vegans, naturalists from many years before, brave souls. I know it is a hot button. That is why I pushed it because there is too much emotion misinformation scapegoating and lying going on. THE PUBLIC is in the dark, not me. I am not paranoid at all. I have to stand up and confront all the rest of you. Truthout and my friends site give factual information that is purposely left out of the mainstream media. If you tell the truth these days, you threaten everyone else’s complacency and disrupt the false world view that these corporations are out to help you,or to keep you safe, to heal you that they care about you. Yes the original intent is to help but their methods are totally imbalanced. Chinese medicine which is 5,000 years old system is wholistic, does nothing to harm the body, has no contraindications. and

      Besides there are homeopathic remedies to treat all of these diseases which I use and give to my daughter. There are alternatives folks. Yes don;t believe anything your read in the mass media news. I agree.


  3. survive Red Measles? not so much… German Measles is worse, you can lose your hearing with this one. and if the mother is pregnant with German Measles her newborn will have all so sorts of medical problems. Red Measles, yes, you can die from this, and if the fever is high enough for too long, you can and do become mentally retarded. ever have the Mumps Tara? I did, and you are very very sick, and for at least three weeks. gotta stay in a dark room, because you could go blind.

    Tara, stop your nonsense. You’re an astrologer, not a doctor nor are you a scientist. I am absolutely angry with you right now, and I don’t care if you take me off or block me. do whatever you feel is right.

    I know your a Sagittarius, and unfortunately, they are the biggest blowhards that know everything about everything.

    I’m done with you and this blog.


    • hi MARIE,
      I will not resort to being a bully, or name calling as you have done here. I am speaking what I know to be true. I never said I was a doctor or a scientist but neither are you. You don’t need to be an authority to have an opinion. I did have mumps, measles and chicken pox and I remember being sick and having fevers. I was told when I was pregnant with my daughter that my measles vaccine wasn’t protecting me anymore. I dont think they could have given the vaccine to me or not. I asked inside myself if this would be a problem and my spirit guides told me not to worry about it at all. So I didnt. Yes of course I know the risks and dangers from these diseases.. The vaccine is the most obvious cause along with all the environmental and individual genetic factors plus pollution in water air and GMO foods I know that. Life always carries a risk of dying with everything you do. I am speaking what I fele in my heart and what I know in my soul to be the truth. I came to this earth knowing I was a teacher and a way shower.
      I am sorry that you do not appreciate Sagittarius or any other signs’ unfailing honesty. Thanks for being done with this.


  4. I love you Tara! Thank you for speaking your truth. Thank you for shining light on how we are controlled. Even if you were wrong (and I don’t believe you are) thank you for calling out the corruption in the system and yes, it does make everything suspect.


    • hi Shoshana,
      Thanks you for your support. I appreciate that. yes I am definitely feeling that I need to speak my truth these days.Especially with Saturn in Sagittarius squaring my North Node in Pisces. I must speak my intuitive truth. I know I am not wrong about this Merck business. I have always trusted my intuition totally about everything related to my children. The fear of death, especially one’s precious children and their protection is a hugely loaded trigger. I did not vaccinate either of my children.They are, thank goddess healthy and fine.I wish only the same of all people. I know how much corruption, misinformation and scapegoating there is. Most people do not look below the surface and they wholesale buy everything that they are being programmed for and I hate to see people being blind and accepting outside authority. Blessings TARA


  5. Hi Tara

    just wondering if you are still interested in hosting me to present the Qero teachings the Moon lodge and also promoting a retreat about Virgin Birth. that am hosting here at WS. in summer. I am coming to Toronto sunday and wonder if you’d like to meet up to discuss this? thanks Maureen


  6. Dear Tara: i agree wholeheartedly with ur views on measles and big pharma. I dont have any small children but feel very badly for my son and his wife who have to make these decisions and live with their aftermath. God Save Them and all others!!!


  7. Hi Tara. sorry for my poor book keeping skills but I have you marked down as paying a $100 deposit for my retreat with Marguerite. am I right? thanks Maureen >


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