Valentine’s astrology, 5 ways to shmooze

Valentine’s day, the most romantic sexy day of the year.

VENUS rules LOVE and romance and relating and she is conjunct to MARS her paramour. 

This is almost as sexy as it gets folks. It’s all moist.

It’s also Eve Ensler’s V- Day. 

The planets are already copulating! in PISCES this is wet, intermeshed, drowning in each other. 

The Mood has been building up with a casual, honest SAGITTARIUS Moon energy all day and since the 12th . 

V DAy 

The Moon has squared VENUS and MARS in the wee hours so there is some tension, some frisson in the air. 

Its exciting.

It should be feeling quite wild, casual, full of laughs, waxing philosophical going into V day.

The Moon is VOID OF COURSE as of 7:15 am PST/ 10:15 am EST so you may be running around last minute of course trying to find a present, a reservation, flowers, chocolates, or a 50 shades of grey ticket. 

The MOOD changes to sober, conservative, fine dining with 8 pieces of silver ware as the Moon enters – what me emotional? 10th sign of Capricorn the GOAT later in the day. It could be very unconservative. 


Capricorn is the sign of the DEVIL in the TAROT. Trump #15      


Devil Astrology Tara Greene

Tarot Illumininati      Pan sexual Valentine’s day

Capricorn Valentine Tara Greene

Jean François de Troy – Pan and Syrinx, 1722-24

Don’t PANic.  Be carefull that the Devil doesn’t put a spell on you. Very susceptible with Venus and Mars in PISCES 

Yes I know we will enter the auspicious year of the Goat in the Chinese calendar next week.

What to do to shmooze the ROMANTIC Capricorn mood? Stay grounded and earthy.

1. go on a romantic mountain climbing picnic or walk up a steep incline at least

2. smother each other in goat cheese and eat anything you want 

3. Pretend you are a billionaire business person and meet at the office after hours…

4. buy your lover some good financial advice, a stock portfolio and some sensible shoes

5. Goats are the god PAN- very horny devils,ancient pagan masculine energy.

Pan sexual could be the romantic mood, open your mind. 

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all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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Take me to church/ I put a spell on you Annie Lennox/Hosier 

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