Super Bowl, Inspirational wishing card

Super Bowl Sunday February 1

Happens on the major water alignment of Venus Pisces and Moon in Cancer. It will be a very patriotic theme because the U.S. is a Cancer Sun- mom and apple pie and American Sniper kind of thing.

I predict the Seattle Sea Hawks will win. I don’t watch the Super Bowl. My husband is an artist and never ever watches any sports thank goodness. My Dad loved watching Football though. My mom and I used to leave the house every Sunday afternoon while he indulged. But if you like  hundreds of millions of people enjoy it, Knock yourselves out. 

I have been meaning to check in to Katy Perry’s astrology and Bruce Jenner, so much to do.  

Katy Perry the voluptuous sexy Scorpio is getting ready to get serious in love later this year when Saturn transits her Natal Venus in Sagittarius at 6 degrees Sagittarius. She is directly under that Venus Neptune square tomorrow to her Venus. How could she miss?

Katy Perry astrology Tara Greene

KATY PERRY performing at Super Bowl 

Bruce Jenner is having his Uranus Pluto square affecting him so he is having a sex change BTW. I’ll put him on the list of charts to do.

Inspirational Card of the Day 


9 of cups Tara Greene Tarot card reader


everybody’s favorite card.

The Astrology of this card shows JUPITER in PISCES. Jupiter rules Pisces ans Sagittarius traditionally.

So the Venus Neptune conjunction with Saturn separating from a square means JUPITER in LEO Retrograde now is the dispositer of all the planets involved. 

The 9 of cups indicates that all the goodwill and wishes you put out there for others comes back to you 9 times. This is the old ancient pagan laws of 9. or 3 x 3. ( is a magical number because no matter how many times you multiply it, its root number is always 9.  

MAKE 9 wishes, for each wish you send, 9 will come back to you.

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all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 

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Wishin’ and Hopin’ – Dusty Springfield – Burt Bacharach &Hal David 

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